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Full text of "Bullinger, Henry. A hundred sermons Upon the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ, revealed by the angel of the Lord: but seen or received and written by the holy Apostle and Evangelist S. John (1561)"

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Sermons vpo the 

Spocaltpssof JicfuCljriffe, rcueileft in 

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trtepucb ant) terittrn fap tt)epo(Hr«n& gitange 

lilt.^.^olin: CampileO by tbcfamoiiBanB 

goftlp Icaritco man , Henry Bidlingrr, djief 

patto? of tbc Gongreffation of 


CJleroty ftt fojrl) anD allowed, ac* 

cording to trje oilier appopntco tn 

theQurcncsmaicrtira J munitions. 

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Ome.nn&bfcofrfjiaUitHfce, r&ou rnalrfynft 

mtbf Jdrrfiicfi 3fnn-iBbirf»tbou baft a matter- 

act % able tofeoac thecinw all tlje pn'nru 

pall mailers cononuwn tlirrfn. 

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f takrpursfurc, Iicaccbfrn. 

Anno. 156 1. 




&LJ*mfto- ' 

«T Ett #2 


notable Syr Thomas Wenmorth kpkht 

Lordc VVcncworth LordeLifctcnauntottne 

Qucncs Maicihcs Couniicof Suffolk .&c, 

Hys Angular good Lorde and Mailer* 

John Daus his obedient ScruaunE vif* 

llieth health and peace in the Lordc 

vich thincreafc ofhonorand 


F ve vait^h and coofideral- 

wcll this picftnt pece of Scripture in- 
ticlcd dieRcucIati6,AJoJroehc whole 
body of the bote (Ryghic honorable 
and my lingular Lordc) wc fliall fvndc 
that the mwc Churchc of Chiyft hath 
ben eucr from the firft creation of the 
worlds is oow, and fttllftiall be 10 die 
tfsofnmattoo thcrof, fubiem to grate 
aducTfirict .pcrfecuuoos .and troubles, 
out of the which notwithftanding [he 
_ f # oidwhcnhercnhitgooddcliticreth 
tjdprcftrncrhthe fame, and fuffcrethhernotto peryflv Whcrupon 
the Romuli hiac a trcw faying, that Peters fliip may with billowts 
and wiues of tcmpcftuoifi ftortiiei be oncTwhelmcd, butcan neiicr 
be drowned , which Gying is doubtlcfic moll true.afckouphthcj the 
ieluct isyXc not rhcTcin.btu rather ftltc eo dround rhc fame by oner- 
ftughung her with the heauy btmhcnof mem uadiiiom.For ccrtf * 
lv the tfuppcof Peter whichen the figure of Chryftcs Churchc is in 
dedcotte tolHrd and riiflrmoy led with onrngious ftormciand tern- 
pcfttf .butcan ncuer be drenched of fwaliowcd vp of the fame. For 
Chrirtbothe Miftcrmd owner thcrof.can and wyll t for his mercy cV 
truth*? fake 3ppeace all rages at his plcafurc. Ileiin bnrh the Papiflci 
and GofpcDcn do agree But whether of them arc the t tcwe Church- 
thes manrriT y^rin controuer(ic5: hanpeth before thcludg, wh:Ci 
ihn [ucfent wnrfce lhatl dilccrnc and pur out of all doubt. And to en- 
ret a fttle into the matter as it were with a ccircn preaniblc,the mic 
Cbuichcof Chryftc is not called the ftony temple whenn wc aflcou 
blerohcaicGocIs wordc> rcccyucthe SacramcntM, and to pnytitK 
for fuche ate buildcd with handes, and with handci arc dvflrovcd a- 
g^QCjAuhcryctij If tailed (he congregation of ccifco Bvihops ofal 

AiA up. 


Jiirinni llTiTr.hlcd magcncrall Counlcll, fortify all though in die 
firlYe liwfaH and godly connftllc^wcre mmy good men aud en 
IqirmcKcxjofCbiiita Churdt, yet were they nor the wbo!c dun 
whidicouldiKMcncjand the which ludauiiinnuc' 
tides of thefaiUi.bat the Church u tilled the whole (btivnc 
pic that acknowledge thcCofpcIl ofChriftc aud bvlcucin b; 
this Churche not to be of one time only but of all r, 
Adam with Euc hy» wifc t hi* Inn Abd cV his familic wis the chur i 
Noah wnhhif famihe-was thechufchc, Melduzcdcc w: 
lie wa* the Churche f Abrahamalfo with his familic. Lik 
Iacab b Pauld, die Prophcccs and ApolUct with 'Jicyj Atid::ou:v thj : 
bdeued iq the C sfpell of Chuft were the churche* and where foeiic : 
It this dayc the G*»lucl o( Chnil n teecyucd and bcUucd there n alto 
ihcdiuicaofChnft which by a figurauuc ipc;chc nuy he jp: 
led the Ship ol Peter or Arckc of Not* Now let vs can fid ex the i\ 
of the churche voder Adam, wherofrhc I 
ouj Abtl,but him doth his brother Cain pcticcutt for Religion and 
flaycihhym Aud tint was* the beginning ot" the tempeft thai -■ 
igamft the Ship of Peter r the beginning I mcane, of the pctfccui 
oi the church which ihilhflio thcwotldcs cndc« Lykewvfe dydthc 
churche vndcr Abraham fuficr pciiccution by Ifmadl, vudcrlfoachy 
Efju ( vnder Mofcs of Pharao^odcrEl; tl^c Jul^Ij Pncil the Arke of the 
Lorde was taken by thePhibfhnct,aiid rhen it was thought cha: tKe 
, church Jhulde hauc ouvtc penfhed vndcr Acbab and wicked IczoJkI, 
the Churche was not onlyc afflicted and lore opprcflcd, but dfo in a 
miner cxringu:ilitd\^hcic thc-Piophct Hcha\ c^mpla\ned that he 
was Icftc alone, Vndcr Icjxmic,the Otic of Jerusalem was defiroyed 
of the Bjbylonians.and the duuch&was not K lie then 10 pcri]jVb<l£ 
; rather vtcerly loft already, when Chnft the head of the Chuichc.v 
.Crurified t ir wat judged that the churche hid then ben clcanc dcftioi- 
cd.Vc had rhought (fay thev) (hat he ihoutdc hanc redemed Uracil, 
what tymc king Pharao with hu holt had jndofed the IliacltW - .that 
is to wittc.the churche be: wene the mountain u and the Red Sea, it 
wai lykc that the churche fhujdc haue peiiJlicd, but Mote* prayed & 
the Lorde minculaufly deli tiered them dgainc,ihc churche irmed to 
be in extreme daungcr when Sennacherib fpoylcd the kvngdomc of 
luch.and njent to deftroy Iciuftlctn, hut thcougc the .payer of Ezc- 
^phias the JCyn^Cod Tent his Ajigdi^jjididiftjoycd thoheft of the Af- 
fynan* 4 Thc church limed toteadc:?dto rune,.wbcn Uctod lud ! 
kd fames wirh the Jwca/d,jnd curded alio Pctcr,!mt the confpc 
rionconryncwyng in prayer, the jpOtdc fuirhi^ Angel to dchuer Pe* 
rer.And to be ihort in tltofe ten grcQoui pczJecutiom wh:ch fullow- 
^•iimnicdiady after Uic Afofrlu nmc^thechurcliniapy timn ferueil 



breaght nin mcr decrt ,but ilwayra when Cod faw it good it W« 
Jtd.jndai it were reficilicd agaynt- Vcotlhuld I redtc the per- 
fecittioni of the churche in the rime of Arhanafjujwhenn the Aniac 
BjOifippesfopreoayled that the Emperour and his whole Armye fo 
pcrfcciited Atnicumi! ,that the good Biftiop was&ynetolye hydin 
an holle f where h: Gw no funnc by the fpaot of file ycarci.Aad who 
wold then haue thought thar eqcr the rrcwchuiche of Chnftfhuidc 
hauc flounihed igaync? I ncde not hcic to reherfc the cruell perfecu- 
noni of the churai voder the Romilh antichnft which aeucnhciciTe 
hiucbcnandbcyet ftvll moil tyraniallandblouddye. For that the 
fame Ihalt in this prdem workc more derely appcrc^then thai I ncde 
to make any difcourfe thcrof t onV I woldc/Ke^vc, briefdy asdothe 
my Author^ar large, that Chnllcs trcwe churche, jiaJwaycs fubiect 
to pcrfccucions To chintcne theribrc to paflc oucr many thyngci vn* 
touchcd^ndrocomeocrcrour&thersraemoryepin the tymc of the 
icrourcSigifmundc, there was holdcn aeounfdlat Confiaunce, 
whnnn, the Bjfhop* Co extingutfti Chri lies vcritic, that 
eontraiy to thaunctent (ibeitie o£arrec and general Cotinfd,and c6- 
trary to die Emperoun fauicondutt.they not only burned thcie Iohn 
Hufie and Hicromc of Prage f profcflburs oFChiyfies Gofpcll.but de- 
creed il(o 3 thar the boncj of Iohn Tjcklctfe, fumttmc Pwfon of Lut- 
terwonh, here in Englande; lliuld be taken vp and brent, whofc be* 
(ball xnidtic, of raging againft dead mcn,our popi/he preladc of late 
dayes, rightly Iminrynge, ai the children of one lather, that wa* a 
munherer ft*j the bej*mmng t practyfcd Ivke tyranny with the bones 
otMartin Bucetand Paulus Fagiui at Cambridge. Such ngingfiugca 
efUtedayeididbeatcagiinft the Ship of Peter Blcflcdbc the Lorde 
IcftHttlut bath fern vragoodly caulmc.accordynpto the laying of 
the Prophet Dauid. The luftclnaO fuller muchc aibuiouon, bur tl»c 
Z^ide dely ocreth ihem out of all. And thi J ii merely the ** gument £c 
fum of thti boke t that Chryfte^ churche (hall fuffcrgrcuouj perfecu- 
lion.but rtiallncueTbcIcftdeftirutc. Forwhctc the dragon fighteth 
on thefand.tlieLambcChryftlikeaeonejncrour.ftandcthon Mount 
5ion,ngbt hable to fUceourall hiy. to the great comfort and confola- 
tion of 1m chofoi^whicheof neectlitic* rauflc fuffer with Chryft, yf 
rrich him.wc will bcgloriryed:And as Chrjft him felfe.whcn he wai 
ray led vpon.gaue no euil woids again.So h the nuc church of Chrift 
koowen in t!m t that u Ibffcrcth pcTrccuaon.and doeth not pcifecute 
agavne. Vhcrfore lykc as wife kingc Salomon ludged her, to be the 
true mother of the childe.which hod luche compaHion on /he 
had rather forgo the whole, then hauc itdinidedand difmembred,^: 
the other to/oc the harlot, that had oucrlayue her childc whichc had 
lift wafcaved toihcdca(liQf ihodierrRight fomaye we dtfccrncc* 

A, ui* uidc»lj 

■etdently tbc w4i orilh churche of Anticorift by Ker bluddy perfetur i * 
001 from the true church e and rpoufcof Chr) ft, the one wild fwtzsi 
and lyre fckah alwayej to quench* the trcuth ,the other through if;c 
fpente of le nine, to mnne men to the lame, the one by compulfioa 
if:-,, violent tipprcflion.thotbcrby paAvifion: and mckc jntcrccflio, 
the one by the fvvonhjclic other W the wotde, the one gouh abourc 
to pcnictr and dcpr&ue, the other ftketh all meaner, to conuerce and 
Jau^BiuIcftlfhuldtCllCcdehcre ihz m^c mealurc of au Epiftle^and 
t.irctt^K piol'iincfcc to vour honour icdioufe .which cl (as thcoro- 
tin be Mycthjifccrne a Lion by hit dawes .1 will brcakc of the tared 
of my dif:oiirfc,notwithftading,chat the miner is fo ample & large, 
tb^r it wold require an other workc.wbcrin icw harder tofyndca* 
ende.rhcn it war a beginning, contented by rhefc fewe examples &F 
Ion-dry cymci . to hauc lignified not to your Lordfhip, which jenowe 
taern much better then I:And hauc red this prefent work in Laan aj 
yoa do all othen Tight diligently. Bat through your icntil patience, 
to the pUine Engluh Reader t that the true church^of Cltryft hath ben 
in all ages persecuted, and chat this preicnt workc, written rpon the 
Rctidirion of6.Iohn,& into an hundred ScnnonidiRellcd^ecUmh 
Do leHc,aiid is as it were an Ectltliaftical History of the trouble* and 
pexfetauocToftheChurchccTpccially (root the Apofiles tymc.vntill 
-thelaflday, wherMChryfl,theheadof the (am* ftill tome A hghK- 
ons f udgcro condemn Anticbnft, and all Anttchnftian hjpocritCF 3c 
bluddy pcrfccutour^But to rcccyuehii clcctc people and tociownc 
them with glory: And fliall debuer vp hi* kingdomc, to his Father ,& 
God fbill be all in all. Vhich workc rndcrftandine light well, that u 
thuld to your honour be acceptable.! dedicate and cunfecrate to vour 
name.asynubeflKauedcfcrncd, Vhichiuthuaml other like enter- 
pri les . naue ben to mc,a golden fpun^hat by you all othen may 
rcccvue eommoditic U*crof t to the gloTy of God and £diuiiuii 
©Fthcyrownefoulct. ThcLordelefos with his princi- 
pal! rpirirc, ftrcngthen and confirme youre goo4 
Lordelbyp in all youre Godly dcfirei. 
From lprcwieh the kalcndci of 
Maich. Anno.Do i$6i. 

jfStxaitt tmclfa* the contentes of 


Z^fto nil to monc biff Upptf , 
ana bacon lofce ant rcoc: 
?nd)ps SpoMlpupca* 

»tMtSruleM*ftrffi0 f 
trltf.atia tohcrc licDOtb 6will: 
SnoUidLfcuJcntuuimaiff; - . 
from tljt be pc putt o( \)&U 

CK IPwgon ana the b<n% 
fisathun that *>crpcntol&c 
In ptpnri foal ape btn IjalOf * 

from iBamctiuicklp otpart: 
of ptagtt^ r m ua fyui c (H rt*« 

^rhtnfeljfttistljolot&trptn^ CbpoboofctlbAUcUtbtclare, 

OjrOjagoiiGnbEljtrflt: ©fsfcunw^anrfln&ofllarrtiB 

3tnn dlfo \rftat is mm;, 4TtinDtifltcbr0.iulnU rtj*p arc, 

bprtjc Jmagcofl^ebccft* ofbatcciUnDofwarrtSt 

fiChai Cvcomc 13 Oabplon, 
the braftcjo t»ul) ha btdBcfi all: 
Ihtiutjojc fitting tbcron t 
w pope tljat Wurnc fijall fall* 

X01)lchc 3nttct»pH fball menr, 
KUwCMtef cbnTci)to figijr: 
3nD tifoU xW SdiII bcltuc. 

In f i^ift, to Dtatt] tot ll tight* 


ChctbKcfotilcfpjrtBlibefrosfl, »nt«l»pfl on felon Q9ou«c» 

ircfcegqtrucfjqrfj'Dc; thtlUtniiftalUrcp^ca^Lc; 

3n&fbE\lbfliiepartciritt603s«, s®njifftaaSrtl)at€omptr» 
iljougljnotop^UUflfilpjtbr. anDtrUlthtmnnurfapIc* 

CI)f Loca(lt0 to declare, 
no fluGln jfeummtrrpfe: 
*Chc I?Dpirtj clcrQitarc, 
a people foil o r (Irpfe* 

3 tt oihcr0 arc i c:ar, 
ajio contemned Q?allbr« 

Chrpirongtt£inoti;lnsel0, djciK^ntbowmibtohitccIoiibt. 

bnt altouptff cmcc, co^ ; and tnamcl0 ntanp one: 

ftolp church boluttaOc, boll bcllfl, tbflungtiflCTUfllouftr^ 
l]olpb»aD,l)OlroF^ibo>ptoapc* blclTcDbc^oOinuont^ 

rbeproap boilibp.inb lell: 
SnOaa ifacp Ta^c at lend, 
rtficm i fo ulu out of bcS» 

«bcp»foap;Hpt:t ftaUDetapc, 



tbtir ofl^topnrnnD (rnc flourr, 

3nblE^mtnSatttratonfbf coft, 
gnu b t otont a in flic btpc: 
If tt niAtcbauntfi then at I jQy 

ttftOcrtfflnC) leedfitc hum 

the ricrt fcutJj goob Intent, 
P^rcomc Lo:dc Jcfucomn: 
» labgc bo tb all anb riutinic* 

rtEbtptlwt ftpe tn Ibcll MM. 

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^bttrounpsfljatTCngrte frutrt* Ch*ntcrclkr'_Ualtm, 
•nft MpUffl ct(£vba trr: c! C tyxyQ t »jc fptnifc fo porn 

IDetlaVr JFrti to f jttfotniM, fflje cburdjeotfatttlfrUniM, 

ftdf *■ mip fir. ffce; 
C>)&t£*.:irf0 ''ipnfsw 

no £mit**c ::* tnone at all: 
tnV(_tDi& mi mall. 

JOr&'canrttiKvftljfiirtie, Cbcn^caflcrbptbrsboii, 
^ :^iterrc0cSci:ofcncob:pflI}t; tbonftalttbet not repent: 
Street trdji^am hcrfuunc, pfthmitoUcbcronluUc, 
Jurj5fUMut £|j;ifl atflrt** no^ monp better fpent* 



rrrE-T*%EPACE of 

Henry ^uWn^erypotbfjfyocalipsoffefu Chrtft 

fctforth by the rtpoltlcandEuangchft f.Iohn,vn- 

to al l thcxilcs for the name of Chnft in Germany 

and Svy ferland, of Fraunce, Enelandjtaly and of 

other Regimes or nations^ and generally to ail 

thefatthfull where iocuct they be,abtding 

-andlofcyngforthe comyngofChriftc 

cure Lorde and ludge. 

ii^actlit^ afppcalipaf 

traercurtfbof jlrfuo cbnft 
hing of hinges anbbujbi&u 
!niop,ourlo>ofrcm tip right 
fenaoMlfjf atljtr, anDfct* 

fojrb bp ttjapoftoltreirptrttc, 
fo;ttbeGtfuattfofat fcuhfutl 
ittjicBpcof tt^afe that (bail be 
Uft tubgmcnt,bottj tl>c mat* 
tcr tt ftHr T wIjic1je (0 treateb, 
right ntecflarp to befcnowc. 
anfiaUbtbtfimpltmancr * 
meant , u?b tiby it 10 hanDlcB 
bhngculbmtan^plainc^fc! % 
ftjirrtb-3l»U!fpcahtf offfhtrb:ieap t CcIlfcrfngthofcthingeponlp. 
fel)tchfcmerobtmo?cp;ofitaWc*!n?mo;rnfCffrarv^f)Cl-ojDchflC r-l- v-y^ 
fcpbtntlK^ofpcU.boirhctroIbfl&fnbcinioljfauni, anfcfrfi tbente ' 
trolblmb toblB3pofiicfi rtjc bob i5oft. the comfoitcr, tebicb Ilmftc 
leabr tbrm two n\\ miliaria fbrto them rbc tbingr that ar to coine* 
2Int> that fabicb be fapb be toolbe bo in froianj ,tljc fame toerctp h** 
tito S pottle a .which itiDiiccD tbrm into nil trmhMnd oprncb to tljtm 
from rbc rpgbt ImiD olthc JFatbn\bp the miftcrrof on Sugd r tnt^c 
talp©on 4 tpb»aIfobpCbip^bifiwmmaimtJfiitttit,ron»inlttcb (fee 
ftrmf fow;?rtn^.Cbcri»nirnraiTtirnbe of rfytfeilitcb ivjpting igtbis: Chtfuftimzc 
'Cbar<Tb:Wl ^rruootirlLoiii^ilneucrfflvleljvo churebe tn earth, cnbioftbcJt 
truttolllgcarrnt irtrUhbtCfptrucnnb^JOitic, through tbrttlefmflu potMwlc* 
nil inImllCTT*»m that ibrdjurclMffflf u'bilcftitremaWrthmiljIff 
fcDjirr G?ntl tuScr mam- r;jttigrff 4 an& tijatto; tftypfi a;U>rtc truthe 




wmnionCfUflmiucfl.ftOiuaTTt^lJtgcfampnt nriDTudie wljtrlrbc, 
XDl>nr it D)fl!l p}tiur<Ip fnffcr of tlf c ialft bjrtbnitv ibiouBb btnuctf, 
frtifinfBetr.ftBrruQUffftrtftajnnnudilQrplrccontraetonoff tojrnptl* 
(WJinthcmamrofitriewm^LmiUpljoirtcrribipitfbuiWbc b«tb 
bp tbe inoft cruel! ptrfetuutna ol rtjoioc (Somatic Cmpuc, Sub laftc 
ttUigcLflpptrtcpactoi^tnacthatolubttliorcubting fuffMcmlp 
irarKtDbtiojc.anapjDUi&ro.maUiiBtBtDbilriltbmtoo^bc DibUui- 
burr, map a*ltlj true hHb£lDst,clcauetaiUBCI»ift our rrbrmrr,fcing 
anb higlj pjtefle.onlp anb ctcrnaiunbmap purrlp anb fpnecrcip p;o* 
h ffc! upon Ijtm 4 tn tb* tnnocencle of Ipfr p fcrut |0iit» anb patt* 
anHpattcnb alter btm,commpng to JubQtmtnte anbtobclputrflnb 
faue tlj: goblp : ISur comrarpfeptft, that rtjcp tifyift all ftiptrftttiona 
^ ano the iio;LDc tc ft lie fcntlj rtjoft bio fonbipr religions, frltmirjj ana 

pIeafureo:a*iD btwar ol ol tongoblmefl. Snb tbicflp rtjat thev Art 3ru 
iKb:i!l ortjlflj frail com ro tbcnbt of the fao;lbr, bfurpinft to tjtmfctfc 
moftbmulllp tbe bingcom anb p^rtfciDofChtfft, anogrcucuflrc 
fhctobicheiijibf lAflchiivitijaii bus abbcrfntc0, CfaaUbc tbjotoni 
bo&ntbtblongcinto 6jcU. 

3nb.&/Jobnbtgmnal) tbi0b©Ubmtinatteti>f CbipQebpnu 
W%t FpjS t Mft ,1Loibe t Kmg anb Ijtglj ififhop.fcjhofe ir out; rfitl anb moft &oob« 
baptrroftbf lpbtfcnptLOn.aitrril)c&|«floIirhcinancr,l)Gpliicrlbtiitl)eDctp be* 
pocaltp** ffrnnrr.g.jsclrcfounbartonorEhe txtholca?oj(ir«jC^cramc bcfcriptiS 

bboctb fo tlaccipff tfoojtbc t be to;bc , tfcat all rije c biirtbcntap eafeip 
)battl)tngc0 hfiom,&ifpct(tDt^ougbouttbttoboUtoojlbC,mCh?vftctu:cio;&« 

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tjfttojbrr, banbofbiafatber, into all celt ftttUgtoi^potocrnnbmWtflu.itbcrt 


bpgb5>pGiop.;fcamour gourraour,Lo;btanbB fnfrfl ' ltc ' cnW, " rt « 

tbcCatbotpchccburchc.jroj blffirb*^. jobn ncc oidy faro btinfucfe 

bun fclfc, but alfo exhibited) bun (art, to befme of bo all in rtjpfl bP« 

felpunefogoblp t bf amollb»pghranbgooblpi]ifion.Snbmo;cowcf 

to ttaintcnt it inpgtjt be Unorone to bfl ail, in a>bat fo;tc our JLojft j e* 

faofb^ft.litngaiibpr.ed fi;Tingoia?0)bingtnC}cauniciitbcngl}C 

banbeof^wfarbfr, ijoneucTtlirtelTeintbetnibbtfioItbt catbolptb* 

church S»bnofbfb^bftImtbfuilcare,hMrlomnglpanbhmp bepje* 

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•|w»w)«* <CbatUrtofeute.i!0ca[iaeT0 ( mlnUlrri(anbpanourff t Jro*tl)tJtoin 

W* fborebiiiobimrclfrfenrnfttnoulcrtiiiicbea injfifl, tout: tuljani l>C 



fcttr»««ir Mjtcb be batb prrprtusllp (nail djttrtfccO tftiougboutt 
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TJ?e Preface. '^^^ 

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Tie Preface. 

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Ije rojote .fapctb, b^e, rb^e Jlpocalppfe , w^c cejleb upon rb>c 

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<f The ftrft Sermon 

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fpeahpng of paptao,tbe fitft autbouc of tlj e f*i tUnurice. 
lar thought, fairtWc, that after ttu rrfurrrrtion <Cfoifh 
fiioulb rrignc here co;po;allp mill; bio a rfjoufunb peart* 
in rarrb . Itf bicljc J fuppofc be tljougbt fo; that Ijc onon> 

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tr^e ffo;p aub <?pi(1tc be fo Dmerfe, tfjat neptber tbep two be 
l^he. mo tlje argumnn ofrbeboohe of fieuclarionmofie 
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ttb not wttl) t Iiem in all tbpngro^ 

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Ipulng in the tpmr of gecat Coiiframine the <rmprtour, c *' 6 '"** 
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fuppofciu&cmimmmgtl)cautbo;ttte of ttjia botic tofauour 
f^cm.rpgiK tloquentip m rtjc etgbtctb £baprrr of tbe tljiro 
faooheofbio fiojy. tauntong tbe ?pjannp of ©omitian, 
»Xc u elation. 

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be rhcni!b bmigfo: tb I;io opinion tourljing tbe Canon of toe 
tirm ?tframrnc in rtie.rTo.jrbapter. Deiopnrth tlje apoea* 
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at (H ill an, accoinp tctli tbem fo; Ijrreticht o . that rcirctr ibe 
?t potalppfc of >obn , anb fape that it io not of >obn the M« 
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hpmfrlfealleooettHitbiobokco tcfrimomce of the Hpou> 
J iipir.uubtr the name of .& . *l otjn tlje ?t pofr If . 

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that fo;tc , > fpeahcnothpng , fpnee his opinion ia hnorom 
toall men. anb;caoalfo6pujopof*Cefaria,n«otc»pon 
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opinion ? Dedarrb bcfo;e. 

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fame feme tb fhrongcfi of all , that the tbmge it felfe , ant) the 
Ijantilpnn tljceof p;oueth , that it BiQ pjotebe from the Hpo* 
file. Itf Ijichr thpugnie fhailp;oucm the treatifc it felfr. 
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the Jlpocaljipfe to tljep; cburcheo, rubp Qioulb it net be lata* 
full fo; no alfo in oue rrpounbeit to out men, mlntto 
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of ?lnnch:ifrf , to the intent he wpgbt rtpgne mo;e care* 
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euiOent figure to brfcnf.^o; be fecrb Jcfus tbe hpgb pneft, °t 4 bplt 
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out of tbe fp;e,to fuffrr mutljr toutrabietion of tbe &eupll: 
bp anbbp tlje fame to banc put of tbe ople t iothvug e , an!) 
put on robP« garmentes , to be glojificb , anb p;octamcfl 
Hpng anb pnefi anb Samoui of all. : 

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3p ttj.K 

j8 Tfo&vJ Sermon 

ar.- roioc uScMicti fl»l tome to pafff at ^B* W'« "W 
mD'iDt t'irp bciono to eurtp ont of uo . fo» rtjrp bc»,? 
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piofuable thmjjr* , aiibabmoiu(bm0 rpnw enough, anoia 


bo'ac, ana tlje ilpoftleo falutation: tubrrm ateut* 

dar« the miacttCBrtitap of «Mft*coo6l» 

ot'cuiuticir faith • itixmplion. 

The third Sermon. 

^5"4>fm to tf>e ftuen cogregariCs fn 

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~fromI}imti)feicfcets,anD toftiefie 

^tDas^tD&fcfceisto come, anD frS 

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fent befoie bi 3 tbione. 3Enb fro 3jctus Cteiff, 
auljicfi is a faitbful ttftnejs, anD fwft begot* 
. oftfteDcaD: anDfcojQoucrtbcfunge* oftt?e 

earti?.®nto f?ym tijat loueD b& anD ttafQjrt 
fts from finnes in fjis oton blonD : 3nD mafit 
fcc ftpnges anD pjietles, bnto <35oD fjis fattier, 
begtojp an& Dominion fo? cKermo;e.3nien. 
2&cliclD He cometl) teitli cloirtcs: 3nD al ere* 
tyai ft bim:3nD ttjei alfo totjictj pearfeo Dim, 
9 al BinrcDes of { eaatb dial toatfe ouerfcim. 
€ucufo.a : mc.3am3Ipbaafi>mcsa,t6ebE» 
ginning $ tbenDing, raitbglojD almighty 
\Dbic!) is, g tubi'di \nas, 8 toljiclj tS to come. 

Cbfbtflia flrwti)K:pi«ofrrjfftrf?pattofeiji0Uolif,romfmeti)rtK 
mn«cjrirbf0jnniii0O!pjffacf, m(jm'ni»t^c?tpof!le0fafunirion,tti 

* ** ,, - ' " conttly 


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fomc of faiutarton: IWeb tbfno in Paulco ^ptfrfes 10 rue 
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tintruolrncc anbattentweneflofalmcn. 

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ttjc pat rtacliro ujiflicQ oC-^oo to rbnr f IjilOjeit al maucr of tmatisa* 
goob rfmiflto.botb, of bobpt foul.Ud bieb omlp in •©mrfia ■ 
t ocfrcibt at Urgc.Hiib alfo ttjc Ijiglj pjiefl L)aD tomaunDc- 
mf ntgnim to blcffctljc people: JlorocrcaDrm^firt of 03- 
b:f3 ( eipcrialUilictoininaunoctb roputbiaitame upon tlje 
proplcdjetfoj* rttfl afuprtfhcton to fap <Soo oerelp, from M 
itibomr rurtp gooO rjiftc befrrnbrth fco abour, bleffetb, tlfat 
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ttjfrfo;ftoDoubt,butf «6oD mil ntauttooo alfo tljapof?oti» 
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fal tt)uceb of <ff biifl tbjougljout al f motfo, ,1 tnall timeo <ra* ( b«o teoae 
gc o.H3breiipo tt Ueloocfij to all uo alfo as manp ao beof do a Pf" I: ** 
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maiiw ? ^dlar^. pet followed it not ttjerfoje, f tljep be not 

33.ii. ouro.nniJ 

20 The tftriSermM 

Mnb \)t mpt* $ WffdP to the cfcurrbea of 3f to rioftt tfc 
rburebeoofWrtufalemoiteroetp: tbatUcrmgotfolnentf, 
tfjattuc hingbomeof commnlfo alrcaDp to fljefl* 

tilf0.?tiibflO'6oOfro>nt^cljccTi»»i"O'I)orf7f" f "'' nte| I 

wealth: ft ttflf- beginning of y ncro 7ffTamft,hcrijof« ibeft 

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Cfcf (Itn roo;lb.«&ut in cafe tVomc haO brn fct in p fir(l plate 

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tljnr fup;emane. 

CfieA>nt Wubtbemanctof the Hpoftfra faulting nmfhctljfjtar* $ 

r f iir apo peace . •© r.icc 10 tljr fauouc of cli e firirir , nub trjr rcconrilr* 

aifo bec meut.robctbp <6o0 rtjefarbtt fo;»Ctj;ifT bio faHe io mabc at 

•"8- one nmlj oo.our finnro parOonco,,; toeaboptcD fojbio cbil* 

b;cn.Zl)reofamrctl) tbe peace anb tcauqiullitif of mpnan, 

anb tbc befiee of conco;Qc tuitb all men. 

Hub licet he fhcroctb nbounbantip.robo genera ?• cburthe 

^iobleffmg.trjariotomine, grace, reconcilement, (i pram 

4ftob,anb <&ob Hue in ptrlbnctbe farber.the foime ,aub tfie 

liolpgljofl, one-Cob in rlftntc. <&utbrceljcbifceniftlHbe 

perfoneo ocrp well, ^rom tyim tljat io, to roittc, the father: 

JluO from the fcue" fpicitre f ta.fromf tjolp rt off: ?!uo from 

jrfu ^i:ifI,t't|io tef oiucrfirie of pcrfono. ?lnb tbc (igmfu* 


clar r D .' j e a&Dcth: J am Hfpba (I omega.,«.»lnb ttjat ttje bo!> 
0ljoft io frtijerc 111 ttjc huljCjco. it Gifo;Orrrtlj not tt;rinif?rr^ 

of tbc c emirie but apprarctb to be an argument tljat be io 
rijcfpinteao of tbcfonnc, onb re>ott)c 

p;octDeth from uotlj. Ho it 10 alfo p;oucb bp etjc rooj&eo of 

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Cfterin>ct boro tculp fome men fap, tfjat tljio bone, eontrarp to tbc tu» 

ttttfthe 10 ftomcofrhapoftleo.mahrrfjlidemcnttoof CbnfftfoffairW 

toiHtf) aas 5f) c fattier ao fountain ,: original , of roljom tbc fon io ni» 

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goB (o pl« 

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s.anb robitli to to come . Zbofr rooi&co tthr To 1 !" «»* °f 


tfflimoineoof-effap.nnbbrfaitlniotbmg.bnttbat Soothe 
father 13 an etcruall rnfeuer, robielj cofiftct'j bp anb of it felt, 
Mb 10 anb gcuctb life to ail , anb mail pjeferuccb rijr fame. 
Una mat tilts rffencc 10 fiirhc, that if i;att> bcncalronne tuicii 
out be ginning. i z o; f bio is it.tbat bciopncrl; to being, 0; et* 
ifliug, mac . Tic abbrtb, ana b' tt)at foal! tome ( if/cfittcc) 
L)'Tingnroroui)o ut cnb.^bc <5rc!iC6 bettuc 2kt Sho th 3«h 
of nun ting, fo; that conning anb tunmug , be mcblc tlj tuitb 
all mattero:io euerp robere p;efcnr,b;mmng l|e lp 1 tbc goD- 
Ip.oj tcflrruniig anb piuuthmg t'l* nipclicb. 

Jtna tijr holp gbo(Tmbere bcio but our, to; tfte feuenfolbc ftf am fpt m all maucr of grace mil gifrro bcrc rallrb, c<»o, 
flo^imapf.ip, Srprcnaneo; oftbcfcucutbnuiubjr: ttnb 
from tbc feu cnfpitueBfaptb^obn,tbat to from tbatfpiritr, 
uibieljriGiutlnuci) m;tljtljc feucnfolOr grace. <4ljofc bluer |"c 
giftro are after afoitcQrcIarcfi of 4rfap in tljtti, ClMp:.anJ 
rlo nibrmnt^efcriptutcoAie is fapb to be in tljefigljt oftbc 
tb;onc tljat io bef ojc rtje tb;ont of M&ob.iopneb uccelp in go 
umicmrut roitli tbc fatber anb die fonne . i : o: tbc ib;one io 
inanp tpmcoofurpcb fo; tl)c hiug3 oiu.< tr liolu gbo ft tbct> 
foje 10 of tf;c fame g(o;p,porocr,anb uuicft ic ivi tlj «i5 . 

I >aii) io be commen to *Cb:ift,nibom bp bio u; opertico be £[ if tttctt 
befcttbetb mofic abounbantip. PouHnoro.tbat >cfuo 10 tbc ptio n oe 
p;oper name of €bnfi:robirJ| iRartbrro ctpouuOctb, fl.tia» £ buft. 
uiour,£i}:ift ia tbc fucnaiiicof bio office and blgiuticao pent 
tooulO fap, at mop utcb.t bat io,Unniop anb lipng. 

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of ttic fat bee to tbc iuo;lb out of bcaiirn, an Jlpoftle, tuijiclic uunrs. 
rtioulb tcfiifie tijc roil of >6oO, roll at l|c roolb banc Done roirl; 
mcn.Zo roitte tljat be rooulb fauc tbcroo;IOr bp bio fonne, <r « ri h 1 e \ 
Up faitb m bun,robici| io obcbitut to the taro of «® ob.)Fo; he 1 pr it. j 
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neo,rbat 19 fucccouftaum anb ttcrot: -Of robofc Ootrancno S9«tb-7. 1 
man jgbt to Qoubt . 0a in.ui Ijatl; feenc <6obat aim tpme: 

9.W, IjAttytPtt.a 

Jl TheTttr±9t9m* — 


tour of tbe cljutrtj. lOijo jo eurt toffent from \)i\n,axt to be 


CtmOUp * iKtotbrfrcftbcgottrnoftbcbrab. /=o;beoie&fo;ouc 

6:i frmts (innce Drrrlp.'anb rofeagam from tbe Drub , <i roae maor the 

of tit t i)a: fjtft begotten of the brab , lojoc it conqucrour of bratrj ; )n 

«rft- rofyon t me fr tbat roe wall alfo epfc again, (?iurobatfo;tr.<\( 

roijom ti)c firfl of tbe «Co;iutb .vu. Hub line ao in tbe firfi p;o> 

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taugbt alfo bio britic,iu rtjac l;e roao tbe fmrbfull , true, ji 

tbohnue bpOjop.anb iopttat ti;io bap:,§o in tbe fKonb,rl)r 

actitlce of our belcfc conrcrnmg tl)r brat!) of »Cb:tp\ auO bio 

rrfutrcr tiou arc confirmrb . 5To tfjffe alfo map be aOOcb tlje 

article of tl(c rrfurrcrtion of tije brab. 

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Pm"(c of Dctclp.mibXojb of all micro : UtMueljr batb tahm a namra* 

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rollout at thnifja bf fubictt -'Ho t Ij apofile c rpoiior t!;. vToloCi 

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rocrafalrimigombeaueuan&tartb.yr'pbc. i.Hrt. a. 
Cfr?ii> lei 4 t£lmft batb lour -j do ivirlj incdparablc lour. )"o; br him 
nco ob. ftif fafttj : greater lour batb no man , tban tl;at a man fliouin 
in tljcfift to tbr ftomamo.ttnb it roao rrxr aOiug great Ic 
inourO Cly.ift ro come Ooronr from Ijraurn ano be mcartur, 
anO to rcOrmr-BB up (jio Dcatl; . lOittj a frrc lone Ijr louto 
uc : p;ouoiicO bpno Ocfcrt of Qurs.; : o: ,10 tbie fame! olm 111 


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rrnJI. not mourb tbrrrto tb;ougb our lour, robrreroitbrtfc 
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0; rlrfrtb v faitlifui: : ttjat mof: full !>. \ \ c; partlp. lie altubrb 
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faltr aotbe panic. Ijc clrufctboe from our (inneo, not from ciiMft tot 
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tcfJimoiucoj again in tbcfnfl,tfctonb^pifiir of ,&.^obn. fr""** 
tafi.tbr maner alfo of punfipng w frt fo;rb,bp b ton b . jro; 
fo;e ib:ougb tlicmrOunonofOca*!} ani UloiiOihcOing thnr jv^c^ilt 
tbit b:mg foftl; aup otber maner of fojgruenco ^rbv » 
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not liingro but Sa»iX;ia*,tI)at 10 bpugOomc: ttyt nibitb 10 not fuii. 
rcb anwJe.JPoj roe be f king&o of ^ob, foi bicaufc«$oO bp 
bto fpint.notibe flefli no; tberoo- f IOe,oiiflbt toreigucm ue: 

©.mi. hir.gbomc 

The third StmaL 


24 ihctbudfwmm^^P 

hiiig&oof^6oli:3!]etuI)ic^t!)(n3&.pflUl^anMcft'fl*r(tt , flr}' aomaina.fnajcoucr roe btmaarhingfl, 

aft be tun tbat iofcrc,bp €b>< fl.ttMt mr flioulb not finir ttjc bruill, th* 

flcfli,an& ti)t vuo;lD, atcojbuip to faping of ^acbaric, r 

being Btliucrco from the bnuOe of our f nf mteo , me migw 

ferur.himroitboutfcarrm ftolinro anbrig1jtuoiifnrobrfo;e 

a»f be bpmalrtjf baieoofourlife.Jtna^lwfleljattjtonfrerarraoa 

pjicfta. piir(if mttlj Inofpinteaub bloub.tljat roc flioulb offer op fa 

^ob fpintuall faeeifiece, out frlure pure, pjapcrs anb pjaju 

1 15c:. 1 fro, anb almafbtaco. t^o: tbattbeff bcfpintuall oblations, if. j&eteranOPaulQotepifie.Jtnbtliefetbingrstohe.&.^oljn 

phmp. 4. out of <?robuo : J^oiroe oftlje •Jftcnrfla tbatljauebe !e.: 

S » r * baurfuttrucOiucljepIaerof tljeproplcof Jfcatll rrirtrimji 
c™. 19 ^.^ tjjjongi, mercbulttic . Snb tljcfctbingco gruc a Ipg^c 

to tfyat article oftlje <CteOc,l! Ueicue y Ijoip utholicu rijuctb, 

tbt communion offaineteo.^ojnKbcaomaup of UBaobr* 

leue.f frllaroOiip of »6obo pe oplcfancttfieb tb;otigb €bji(f, 

rottiefrruitr of^»oQ.Ofmbon;ebctl|efetlimgefil)itbf«o. 

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glo;p anO rule to Of roc onto *6oO alone tfaougtj Cluifi 

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J'^^'fTOcafcribeto^ie goobnee our faluntioii , ano all gaobnre, 

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nto;lipng up hpm frlfcuot bp tlir f.uiirreo in Ijf aur n,to rot|9 

be hath gtaiintcb power: Oor Up tlje popedom hebatb, 

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Cftjia taili tflwfl onto iuDgemet,aiib the mnncr of bis eomming. fat 

torn to mo fla a doubt toKcbimop fromtbc epro of rtjtHpofilto, men 

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frtb at large . ffto;roure lefianp map OioulO boubt of rtjofe 
tljiiigrotli.itaccfpohcnoftlieiuOgrinent, anOof tbclamrn* «-,.__, 
ta!ioHoftbttDpcKcb(ao,S. peter faib.tbeEontrmntro anb j£ eh >J of a 
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w.that ^00 10 tbe beginning anb enbe, tbat is, eternall, on* 



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ana almigljfp.^o w^om 


a 6 The fourth Sermon 

CMOe Narration of tW bofcctofccw 

alfoiabifeoucfcbofrheplacc anDtpmc,aMQOfth« 
autbour of ttyifi Gruct anon. 

Tlrcfcunh Sermon, 

fssffsfc i%o%n your bjotljcr anb companti 

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^majn'ntnc 3lc of patljutosfo;? 
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anD nearo bcbinD me a great botce , asit iia'a 
fcenc ofatrompc,fapuig:'i amSIpnaanDiD 
tttcga,tbc firft anD ttic lad . CUat ttiou fcett 
tontr in a bone- anD fenD it to tlic congrega- 
tions toniclje are in 3fta,bnto cpijcfua,ana 
into $mr2ha,ann onto $t rgamoMSftr* 
tire, anD bnto§=>arDis, anD bnto pijilaDcfc 
plu'a.anD bnto £ a omcix 

fiaitatton **&* latf place of rhefirft (hnue thmito us a b;ir f iwruno, 
fn it die Minr to rij r frucn rburrbeo in ?l fia. 

Hno againcnoro £ dnro tune 10 the name of 7ohurrhttt* 
fc&.Urf.wcfuiiaoulJtcO^tljardicrctuouIDbffoincnitii 1 
ro the ciibrtbcp might rahc away the ufr r.nD fruit* of tbu 
bohr.nmlD Doubt oftbeautbounflgauifir^iom ' Tcpctrrtt 
anD re itrrat cth Ijio name fc oft.lttft roc fboulb Doubt .; Uthr 
rhr great rommobitie of fo rooithp a boiic. 
'jfe.jotui l9caDarth«l)ioiwnwcc«ciitl)maro,nj&irbctH/?nKtci 
ib (he b)£ touching the (late of tbc ?(pof tic, ant) ecttcn p;ofitabici 
*J" *|J tfic ters. ttrf? bccailctlj him fdfalijotijcr , iiainrlp of tbofefrut 
nitoni. cburrhco,aiiQofalouro:rlomliccc"ii)aiifa6niQni[lira)iou, 

that in the fhient h nuinbrr arcf ompnfcD ali churches of 


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ttmourDtmutiriefo great. Ictus onrs be athamrb of our apart), tj 
mifJjcOto. leaf? our mrmojp bf put out of this inofte noble 
aiibefltfiiall famine. TtioalbamethetycrhrrofOMftof 
$. lobna all the Spoftlcs moulo Degenerate. ?c. <&ut uih)> 
cjaiirnotthrpfoinfjanttp urgcD tl]is b;otbcthooD, as the 
fnuuhfohAic beaten m tbnr fo;gcD fraternines, the flo* 
fanes of thrmrgm friarpnnbof gametes:' ifcpeaufctbat 
uuo (re,.; cofi nothing: ^utrhriTSonbcofcIlctheirs Drrr. 
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fion onb be cijac mas cucn now bamuOicO bp 
n>£inpcrour&oimttaji,aubhucbiurrilr. ?i 11D hr ;o pneth 
together ouo not frparatcth him frlfr in trje mill; Sbat is tfi* 
moit to all the faithfull b;cthicn.?lnD ucrelp it 16 oncanD tbf ^ hr p(ric . 
fame pcrff tutionjthaf ucrcb the Hpofilrs, aiio toucmcntctl) caM a [ ' 
»aat thio Diip.lrrno tlnrfojcrnoiifcrijat tof hautthc Spo- joiin ano 
f\to anil all the fRarrp;9 of Chnfl fcllorocs of our trouble of S vohoie 
au&a|fiution ( tbattuebcb;oHntait6b;mfrti imdi tijehraun ctmuiic 
bucth en of euilo.let 00 1 lictfo : c b c patirt a no long fuffring. 
^0; it 10 not enough to bcaftiictcD.auDucrxbnntl; all Uinbc 
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moflc nrruous paint s.)6ut it betoinfti; do alfo to be pattct 
tit aOufrfme.*l;ctfo;c ,&. 1 olju at thio pjefent iopne tb txuth 

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rtcro.anb not out own or frrtc. 
Cbtftate irtoobrrcnofcalfo, what anb home r^cathatbbrnft&e 
©t Qiimiu< b.unrilttiroftpr gtcatrfi anb mojtie Stpofflr of <&ob, wbat 
'n of tije: jjj^ |,j patriot plrfaunt.but b.itOf , prf in the patience of 

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pjior.arc abbict c to filtbtcplcafurro^ Wljidft J marnc,ttj at 

tor flee from from Jlpoftatato. 

Vhr plate Mnb now bemewrtb the plate, whcrcthiobhiinerturto< 

loijt nu thr t ion mabr Iiim , where alfo be wao toituunotb of »#oD 

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of «6o0 , callcb of 'John bp a fmgular p;op;ictie of fpcatbr, 


tbe tuojbcojfCTmon of *ob,ao appeared! tbr firfl of ToH 

^rfiio tcfiifitb, anb tbr wbicbc Ino bifnpleo haut trflifito oj 

Jefu. £hrrfo;c fo; tbe confrffion anil pitatljmg of *irfu 

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frmr anb be t alleb a«6ob,br ingflaine of tjta own mrn,aftct 
manp rmirrbrra (i cruel aette.bieo bimfelf afliamtful Dearth of^ifl mgnc.^brauttjourfl bertofarr.^uero- 

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to fap tbr fitft bap in tbe roehe, nbrrin *ffb;t(t rofe again fro Mp * 
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M r>olp m tbe rrintb;autc of the lo;bro refurtr eti5 , wbrrm 
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tbatrtus bap was folcmnifebano tofeiratrb fo; afTtnibireo 
in tl;c roiigrfganon of *Se;mtfjt, appcrrrb mapifefilp hi t^e 
jul.Cbapterof tbr firfl^rrnfile to tbrCounrbiario, where 
tbcMpofilc r oininaunQnb to lap a part rbdr rollrrtiono in 
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ti;r Kratbrn tbe is to be oiibcrftan&r ttjat 9c tror* 
rorb ratbrr tbe ni^ome of tbe 3pof?lco jt eati;obquc (buret), 
rfaantobaucnrwlpinflitutro tbr fame. Hub freln of tljnr 
not that it wao anp \v\}cxr commauuotb.?lnb tbr rongrrga- 
tio no fame l;ow it wao altogrtbet nrceffarp that there fhtilb 
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come togrttuT.^epetu)fetbfrro;etbt bap oftbrrtfurret* 
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afitnoarb.Jfnb atrijio bapbtrrtp.y uwrrfhciouaholp bapa 
being jb;ogatt b, it to better to obferue certain anb moo ccat 
fiatrjjdns to hrpc peace ano qwetneo ui t^t tbutcVf. 




bap eusbt MnOaotiemaatbuBmtlKfpiritcanbromemplanonof mar 

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time lie fuffcrr b prrfrcution of 6auUamrntrtb. tbf efly, tbat 

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Brrelp tljr eternal. «&ob,'.uliicb callrilj bom felfe Wpb.uuo 

Omega.rijat is rfjr beginning anb rbe niOr: «ft; as it 10 fipft- 

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par loitB.anQ Drcrlp to all tbe cburcbeo of me tobolctoo;i3 m 
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fjjat <&Qb millet b right well to ttjt congrrgaiiono , onD men 
to rucrp one of oo.ietus urmareanb tahc bebtf. (bat tur put 
not from bB unroo;tIj tip fc great beitrfitro of cfi»&D, 10 wljo 


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The fifth Sermon* 

i5& g toumeo rac , tljat 3 mflj&t fce 

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fioiocn canDcmtcfec3:3:n& in t&e mi&- 

&eg oft^e fcucn canOeiakRc^onc lific t»nto? 

fonne of man t!ot&c& tcicfjalinnen gannec 

cotDnc to clje grouuDe , anogp^e aboutthe 

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fcent fo a four siacc:anD btss faoice as? found 

ofmanptoatew, 3na^efta&in fete r^^t 


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faCC fl)One CUtn as tfcC £nTne in ty$ tttcngtU, rice of cbe Kmgbom of <6ot), fo: be giaolp rmealetb l)im frif " » <°» 

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1 4 Tl>e fifth Sermon 

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5 6 Tl?e fifth Sermon 

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?8 Tfje fifth StrmnH 

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4* TJ.-e fixth Strmon 

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chapter. Ctjie figbtrth againfl the licteticttcs, robirb at rljat 

rime alfo, ao at tbio bapt tlje &cructanco , benic rt^cctrinjll 

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of os atHnornclrbgcb anb beleucb , be mapr be foj our §al« £bn(te be not ucrp -6o0, be is not our faluariau, 

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no *6oo ,no Valuation. 

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fee ftgmftctb that be touc the true humane nature . 3Tljc rulji' 
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of ehf fame efface toith hio father m tjcitie, ao brio alfo of tt/e 
fame fubftaunte vmrhuo intjumaiiKie, lihe onto 00 m is 
thing ra, fuuif rrtrpttb . f o;fjrtolir not the nature of ?i 
gdUe,buttbtfcQrtrf?tb!al)am. nubtt btTfoueainOcortiut 
the forme of man fhulb be incarnate- , that botbr be mttrbr Di 
tftfy.y . $ fhcoe bloub. fo; the c rframr nt in iljc ocao 10 finally rati' 
ficoueirhcris there aim rrmiffioiimaOewitbout bloufiflif 
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be might gcucfull rcmiffio of finnco.aiiD t oiifirmc rtje new 
chuff (haf * c P am ct.Pet euen he trjat roao thought to be Deao, non> 
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Oial not eh ir a nee bim.<&ut rather he 10 thr life of al tjio fatrij 
fuli.robo in rifmj agatnr, b;ougbtag<ipneIife ; arto that lift 
t»{ tl&fiinfp, mOimiuje> faptxoot loerouhont enbe . *s 0/ 



tbdpoftlr to the floM.4. i.Conntb.i^. dndz.Timoth.i. 

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meth,that he faicb.bp an otbcanb fapetb.&men.?U thoug&j 

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bingIp,auberp»effethhiopotDet:aiKibetlarethhonje great or6cat % 4 
he lo.antj roljat me banc of him. liar mu|t me fpealie bp the 
maic of tfae acpe.She ojtnnarp glofefaieth oerp roel: be that 
hath theltepeo of any houfe , fapetb be .lett etlj in robome he 
ttrii.anb hrpetl) bathe rohom he mill from entring in . Z^tv 
Ueiuill,hfbeliuercth from perpetual cobeimwtion of Beatli: 
MnQ rohom he coil, he fuflcrerb ro remaiueuipelp m rhefame .l, Ww ^ 
Oaungee of Danmactou.Sno nerelp tfaye m the i-'.fpe ailing 
courtc of ^jcci]iao:Ti mil tap r fapeth he the hepe of tl; c houfe 
cf ©auib upon bio thulbcr ;ruljtctac Dul op en, anb no mannc 
rhall rhutte.ftiall [huttc.anbno raanrnal open . Xhfffencarc 
the hepes put m the dcripture fo; the charge anb gouernt- "* 
mcntoftbehoufe.'fliaclumDiallflouemc allthmgein the 
•Courte of -^cdjiao op;ightlp. foeuer He (hall bctet* 

no mannc tlwll ref?o;e . «Chiif]e tberfoje, a figure of rohontt 
•f liachim rrpjefent cb , Oral him fdfehauc alfo the cbtefe g» 
uernementin the houfe o;tiingDomcof«4pob:fo that ruboiu 
h«tuili f hemapf|uiche,aitbplucbcbacHcfromheI anb from 
Daniiuin'o 11: a 11D againe uiljom he liff c to ronb cmne.hc map 
oiffcoiebp Ins nific iubgcment.^Foj he hath mop ftil porott 
OHerbeatbani)hclI|ro;bothctroohart(he oiiercomcn anb £>a ^,2 ' 
tnaDemca^SubthcfetbingeocomfoHtthefatthrullmofte , couit 
(trongrip, anb retrpne them m alt i©ob!pbuflrt.?tritl that ' 
hepco, o;than hauc, but J tyrnc, fapeth he, 1 Ijauc y fapt. 
15c gaue not hto porocr to etc ^lOioppe of flome , but battj 
\t Ijim fclfc, anb mm Hepe it fhll fo? twt . 3nO br oaue . 



44 Tkefixth Stmox 


C1« ki je ■ bamnarion.anbfo uturmrb Ijtm ftlfr; but be gaiir the Urpra 

•f b«ur b of opening anb (hutting it rorre to ftio flitutftrra 

oea« 10 nje d feruitoura.bp tbe pit aching of rfje *6ofpe II: bp rfjf robirfje 

Jpoiiici . t Ir pjtmifrb life to all that beleueb , <£bnfl blm felfe OioiHOe 

geue that life fo; rfje truth, of ttjr p;omi(e: To robomfo rurr 

tljcp Oioutb threaten a amnatioii , <Ctyi{l bim fc Iff OiulO ton. 

bemnefojtbetruttj of bio ruoo;&r.tUc(«rtjcrfo:r tijatthr 

I o;b hep eta fhl ,i rrtrcifrth tbr poroer.anb tn'o miniftcra rtji 

minifteric (bp pjearrnng, not by abfolutf poroer.) ibrrfo:* 

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of 6 biifjop tijio full porurr ant) auction nr in tit aucn anb in tf artb, anD 

sfiaotnr. mtbtnuDoro of tljr earth alfo, ojbrpDrtbc all the rattt) , tn 

fljofeonfaitmutfllanbca.? meant purgjto;p.#pfrui)ltl? 

trafrte beuife Ije Ijafh fubtillp emptirb the purfea , tfoffrea, 

■poc.13. g«ueittanbromecrilere,offooliui people that froarueftom 

tbr article of ti) tit beliefr , to wit "1 beltuf the fomrurnra of 

fnmco,rrg e re furee ct 1011 of tbr flethr , (i life euerlaflmg .tyat 

Carter. 7. bcafte bare ofurpe tlje two bo;nro of the tambe .uarneln die 


oubet Ijio triple ^colour : cliateumbptljefr ttrmcaallKjt 
roojlb mape percepuc, tbatt^io ioocrp l»r, roljierje, ijmrinn 
fubburbrlj}eehingesot tjojmo, iotropr up,{ictia(eiigcttat8 
fcheo.JSnOfurflptb,cbIinOneo of ourttmeieroonbrrful aiiD 

/ ao be roiff .rtmebrr, that «Cb;ific batb pet tbe Kept* of crab, 

cub ttrll.tjio mimflrro tbe brnountpng of life anb bulb. 
John Uc6 3uO uotoe when be bab Ore lareb tl|cfe grrateauo mo/Te 
mtun&eo I) olrfomc matter*, anO bao comf o;t eb tl;e minor of 
toxowt. «OOetbtl)ecomm4unOcment:iojitetbeDifionerb.ibitfD,h' 
after tbio.WeplacrttjinrtjcmiaDfO, aubrtjorrthfltbeitbat 
ra.robicbe arr 1 n OrOr.anb terror, ano be not falfr. Unit theft 
f«iptuce,rob"be i» reuealebroitb liHe trurtj of the felfrfamt 
fo are ice eomauuQcb to p;cacbc ,1 publtflj tl;cfame bolDls, 

\htm the jfpocxlijfel '4.5 

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fapettj : t\jc mifiertr of ttjc fcurn ftartfo,i:e.Hjf rrafonfe* 
mrTbalmoftouprtfir.Thrrfac mufcerocpHbrrfranocrfjfB 
(0 tbr mifltrp oj fatramrut of tijr fruen <5farrro anb tf an* * at ,.p, r( ; 
fir Ifi ithro: t Ijat it tnape beao it tuerr a pjopofifion, anb that 
rtir rrpofition flioulbe foloro iimnebiailp : rbefeuen franc*, 
are frunt fRrfffngrrcjr. H 116 bp l 6arrAmrntsnDrrftau&t 
afrcrrtmi/Trrii, anb tl;corrp rrpofitton of the nuflerp.Jtfl 
pf pou rooulor fajie berr is to be uorrb tbe goobnro of Ml* 
mtgbrir <©ob , robifljf ortl.irrtl) ro uo.'jwn jrlfc tlje barbcf? dwfcrlp; 

plateo of tbe,6mpture. Habere bctljcpeberfojctbataccufe ta " J'J 
tlir Scnpturc of obfrureuca, anb ronrfiiberi^at it tan not be P° unD(D * 
bpngoftl)ru)bolefnriprure:reuenfiarrfo,bcffucnffirffrn» •J* . 
gr rorZljc feuru ligbteo, aw fruen «Cburt Ijrs. fo; fignea rt* ffijv!, J, 
crpue rb cnainta of the tljiugeB.alrljougb tbrp be,? cetnaint ' 
in tbcn; omnc lubftauuer , aub bee not rEjaungrO into an- 
otljrr . Zljio tljc occp eomrntioufr perfono bo graunte alio, 
mfncljr in rife tooojbeo of rije fupper , tljto m mp Uoflp , tuill 
arhnorolrbgc 110 figuratiue fprarbe at ail . 

,6tarrrc be cille Muugrlleo . Mungrlleo be <$aba ffitf* 
fnigtrG,pa(Iouro of tljurtljco, fo ralleb in tbt ii.(i ifi. ebaptec 
to rljc people , anb witlcrb tb«n to be rjearbe m hue eafc as 
r)imrrlfr.lube.r.>obu.nU.\etno man rtjrrfojetarp till tbe 
Ho;b turn feife come borone front heauen agamc ,aub p;earl| 
tjute uo.'tf uch nctu Ij r p;rae h relj to 00 bp bio |h nTrugeru. 
tubichepjearbe: bio , that 10 to fape rt)c rooojOc of CbMfr » Pf 
pou toufemiictbcm.pou fontcinne-Cb;Ii?.p;fatbero b« 
enllrDJi'irrca.bpreafoHof tljrp;b;igl)t anO Wrauenlpbot# 
trine , anb fo; their purenca of life . &croare tberrfcje pou t . *tu t ,£ 
Bjeatbero , tbatpou be not roanbering piancttea , Icrfipe jutn.i. ' 
rjaiicnoligljtatall.ufpttjcr m boctnne, nojeouuerfation of 
life, f 0; than pe (hall be hhrueb to ftarrro that fall borone 
out of Ojall Ijappeu here after in this boHe to the 

6urtbofeftarrroarenotmtbcheab ( o;inthefete,o;ou*" hf 7!* 
tljebarhe 01 fioco:but tn the right hanbe of €hii(t. UPijictjc „*„, m f 
tbmg^atbinbcbea great toufotattoii fbitye pafloueo be ot^ijua. 

46 Sermtd 

<«tl((:t(flljtl)antif of •&ob,f«^oDopiotrtrioli 1 MritIjfr flirt 
anp man cake fDcm out afljio 1)aitbr .#ob him frtfc alfogt* 


rp bio. lOtjcrcfoje ttjc^tpofttr fauetb alfo : Ije tljantiatccetlj 

ana piimcrlj ioi'.otljmg,but«6ob tb.itgmctl) fnctrafr. 

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ranDclfiichrflare oftftolbr.^ijc mi|Utp whereof Arttti tu 

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ligtjt. j&o of ooamfetb nought, but oarHcnco.^ut mrafc 
ttutlicrtjt raetlaftmg.fct aliflljt m tljc eanarlftt'cKf, tl)c |iQ$e 
wtic, tljan faith; fljctoctU roojtlj lire fdfc m open canfrffjoit, 
linljffljine ?c. Jlnb tljc apoftlc in tbc il to the PhtUpp. "i n -Mt 
imODcoofafcoroarOfaiiDao'iitDiiatioQjiuclilic liQijccotn 

HnbbitrjcctonicbauclMiiblcb tljcroiifolation of*W. 

ttcbauelcarncb rbf inifterfto of tljc fattij of Cifufi auQ 



ana applipug al rtjmgcc to tljc faluation 

of big faptljfiill. QTbat Ik fenced; 

pjcaehero, teacijetb bp tbcm, 

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ihem. coljtmbc 

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&ttftt <5pi(Hes micafeo out of tfie tfcone 

of <$8bfrom *Cb:tff bp ail Hungclf , aitO rrtctucO and 
1'cnt oOobtt.iUbcrcilfoapactcof rfjc <epi(Rtto rlje 
•tptjefiane to rrpounijeb. 

Thcfeusnth Sermon* 

JSto tfrc ^effenger of tfic congrc* 

' gation of (fpuefus fcm'te :Chcfe 

things faiet& ijc tfjat I?olDet(r tlje 

E fcuni Starves in fji'3 hgljtljanD, 
i ***^ N anD tnalftctn in tlje miCDcs of tfyt 
jjcucn golDcn canDelfticftess . % ftnotoe tljp 
oojfie&anD tuy labour anD tfjp patf ecc , ano 
■ oto tliou canneQ not fo?ucnre rlimx urtiicnc 
re cuif:3nt> craimneff tijem tonic!) fate tljef 
xz 3po(lle$ , an& arc not : 3nD ijaffe founOe 
fjcm liars:* &aff fuficrtb, aub Jjaff patience: 
11D fozmvnamejs fafic Ijaffe IaboureD>anrj 
laftcnotfaiuteO.ficuertlKlcffe gipauefome 
unat agat'nfte tljcc , becaufe tijou ^affe lefte 

poucrljarmcbatb. fcitcaccrtnt^mafffof rtjcIcj&fbjifT, Clnilh M 
lijoiuljcnglKbauocof cljcfatljcrmgloipc: pctfo.ttjat ?**'«« °f 
it no mtfc fjc cptbec fo:faiictIj o; ncglcttftb bio «Cburc^f . 6 ^ uttl i' 
■>oiD folloiuctbitmojcfuNp anO piamclp fjomc our ,6AUt'< 

■ur>Cbpfie in iiedumrrrcutrtljtbr office of t^cbt0fjrtfaif' 
Ijop.anb tcattjctlj tljerobolc tij urcljcbp bio iniiuflcro.crbu* 
ict^,coiiifo;te([j,nnbrctcpnrdjitbibcrIiuttc:jr : uiaUptour' 
icrfj olniapra aroapc thingco Ijurtcftill , ana .luauncetb it to 
3reatcr tljiiigeQ.jro;ljcrcfoIlorofciicn<rpif?lco, to cijrfcufl 
Coiigrcgattono:rtjnt iotoroittr,DntoaIltI)ecburtb.eointbf • ( wn €* 
i)l»oIcmo;l£ir. j : ojtIjioino/7famp(canb^QlfomeOoctnncP ,fllfo * 

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amucrfall. c**atoj£ : 

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tfMcalca cp,u,t *? 

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rcucatcb from the tfcone of 4»oQ , bp f Ijf fotmr of <$A, 
fpraningbpanHungcH. rul)irtjep;efcnbcth iDljatiotobce 
rojittcti m tljofr <£pi(tlco: &."lohn tree inert) fluo to;itrc^ rtjf 
fame ,tb;ougl}<&bjf ft hio eomannocmcnt, ano fen&etb rirctn 
to i Ik fmcn congregations : ILvXl ocrrlp tijn* aprrtrpur no. 
IcffcDnto oo.than if notw tbcbcarrr cutting into ttjc thurcl;, 
fit outi) Orluict tlirfc latere unto do. 
|Ro;couct mtgefefcueu Omrcbro fo figutrb Ditto on, 
Ctjf rp<; HjctiatutCjinanrto.Dicco, mfditiiieo.tfbubrOjpfapfceofalJ 

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nturtCall. aboutctljem.^tjrnbprramplrQ of niofir rrttllninn 

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Dotljr ruibettp inftntctc,rcp:ouc,trbulif, ana blame, p 
piomifctb tbcmalfo lopfull Shio is no light not 
ronton trample ,but of tbefonne of <& oo, the Ijigi) auO mofi 
blcffca fiidiop: tracljing uo.Ijoidc roc Iboulb bcalt with nil 
congrroattonoaftrrti)fcapafinciiDifporitioHofrurcp one. 
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fitfunb^bitcb.anO trout thenrctbcproereDifperfeDinto o> 

Set Dp bio -4 Inane in !tfia,auo there triguca in men tljiougfj 
') ( is hiiotocn tuljat the apofilcnuotc ro tbr epbefiao in ttir 
iui.anO D.rbaptcr.5brrfo;r wolb our dauiout €b;ifi on* 
tbjorot tbat 3Tii;ouc of the Druill, and U t op tl),it Ino < bjaiit 
of righruoufneffe and Ijoliuco . Xhcrcfoje gorth tjc fitfw 
and chit ftp to tbrm of Mfia, t&at bp their crainplc tlje rabolc 
roo : lot might be cojrcctcO ano amnio rt>. 
Cpbf fu«. Hub amongro other citiro of ?i fi.t anD "f ouia , <?phrfu9 
JliiQ amongte tbc rii. citico of } ouia accamprcD rtje pjui 
<rht (*n|-P ,1 "*^ c P t ^ ren,dot 0n'f anpo tljcreuljcro; mo;r beauti 
of Diana ^""kfrneanprohttcinJirKMbau ibctcmplcof33iiihi.n 
^pbcfuo.JrflobcintbcmiOarooftljcntic, agrrarrooiiDn 
oftbc<£tchemagmfitcncc,ao ru;itetl) phnic. £hio temple 
ic Japed to banc Urn two bmiCictlj and rrucntif octce in m* 


king of al *fa : JCnO f'ct in a f rmip fftotutb, tfw t ft Ci oulo frie 

of no rartb quanta noj opening of tbc earthe. Zbc length of 

it roae.cccrrrB.footc, tlje UKadtb.crrr. "ft (J*o pillrro an bo> 

6:rtb rrucntirmib frucn,9cDicarcb of rohtanp Uin^ce-Srito 

tbc erj?e cure of rbc epitome of the famoufe D. htuh'm V» 

diane. Cbr apoffic S. /Wfirffr illumined ttjia cttic itii:!i riie 

bcainc of tbr<6ofpcUt£bofccpif?lrroti;rfamrtiftf remap* 

nrtb.ano a plrntmill fioip m tbc ar rre of tijt ?lpofilro. ?i ;"r f r 

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to tbc cinprrourZJD»«:;4«:^'o^pbc|iiobc rrtountcOafrce 

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tjattj a faithfull care of all our matters. 

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route in tbia our lafle nine, there be not a four founSi 
t&e befenee of tt/rp; errour .' 3Pjr <*3ofpcllcr8 tbem feluw, 
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than moulOe^lbclcne that«&obia amonge thoferbatQif» 
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I anb error mm, 0; falfe apofileo anb Iparo . t®fy en roe Oiall 
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IbebfrefuTj of Hebion , Ccriatbus, anb of QtbcretH Termtca 
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1 roinmaunbctb do to roatclje, anb to b;tue aroap tbe moflc 
ruell rooluta from the bolp Church of Chjiflc , roI)ithe ne- 
erthrlefff bo fetfojtb notbmgmo;e than patience anb cba* 

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tfi»au nrif wljctof againe arc labours , rhoiigljtfo , rarcfulneo , toiurb* 
in MttrH.pngco.iimmeoto be fuft'rrcD fo; Rename of tJHnifi.anbDe* 
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of tlje .fpbcfiarw bebaue tljem not abln roel, in fo initrhe that 
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IhoulOc referee tljem unto t hat paticuce.roljctbp ruil mrniic 
arc fuffrrci) , ana peemm cb to p:oceQc in iljep; inalirr ana 
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fo; tbuo be reabcth,an& thou hafle pattrnt e,anE) haft fuflr* 
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tfairr.tjr alrereo the o;bct,anb ujouIO norfct, bafle fufftrrtt 
liefoje; but hafrc patience :lcfieanp mnnnt flioulOe unite 
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tljc arcampltOjment of euerp goob roo;hf . 

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anb onOnftanbr ttntb toljat tljingco roc mapc noror alfo at 
rbtfl bapc plcafe Cbjlft our ccocmcr.hing anb *iO)oppc, rf 
trulp roc maiHc in ttjr fame ficppco , luhctm toe fee tlje eoiy 
negation of tlje <£phtfianato haw roaltteb. 
>t folloojctb rohat thing be blamcO in the fame dpirrbt: 
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wcepHrt t§e $ofp ri[ bp ,f.iW»antt after bp Ubn> ana 

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rosining of manrro . &ut lit piorrfrr of time tbio beate toao 

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C &te feeonbe patte of tht epittfc to tije 

•fpbefwno roljctc 10 fpoUen of ptuaiintt AnD of tl;c 
The Eight Scmeni . 

{jj€mmbttt\)txtloie from to^cne* 
tbou arte fallen , ano repent , anb 

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'come bntotrjeeQ)oztelv>ano\PiU 

4J?TS^ remoue tftv <£aoelQtc6e out of W 

TPlace,ercept tJjou repet . 26ut this tfiou Ijalt, 

Ibicaufetljounatea rrieorDesof tUt&itolau 

tfaiicji^WrtJ oedes % Date aUe.&et lytm tljafc 


iilie consregatioiwJ. ^o Dim that ouctcometrj 

WJil 1i gcue to eate of t&c tree of life, toljiclj i$ 

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trtuhei, b oiiutlco , that men oucrratjclmc b tuub rcp;othcs might bf 
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map befaueb:?tu& alfo ocfrnlieth tlic r rem d Ifiruful pniaiiir. 
o f t lie fame, auD boru be fr h f di to hauc tlje crrour rcfo:mrU, 
ttcrelp bp repentauuec , to the torjiebc bf cruoncth . (=o; rot 
li ,mr I'aucD :h at t h r lo;o firuirtb anb delicti) : ebieflp in ibis 
raff . (i^^icbr Oortcmt furrlp 1? pjoprr ano pcrprtuaii ran)fl 
T&c mentionctb ehtctclp of tbjee tbingre in tip's matter, s 
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bifpurationo concerning amcnacmcut.ipMcflr^iJo the four- 
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inrr rooiheo of *6ob.Plot tbc latter, rutjicoe tlic err our of tlje 
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prntaunr roit t e.tbc atimonilcDgnig of t l;c finiic,rlje ton* 
urrfion omo >»3ob anb to good , anb a tourmng aroap from 
tlic 9rutil anb from cut II , anb ruojhuig of the firff goob , oi 
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fouOjp bifputationo of repentaumr anb partco of tbc fame B 
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The. ix. Serm$n. 

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congregations^ that ouercomettj Qjallnot 
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fecufion.ftcflc Efty the.iS, Chapter, ^econblp v 6. peter m 
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tbcfttonDttt Timbre tftt-wu Chapter. ?herfo;e let it br 

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ao tijefame being lofl fo? tf bnflroe mall teceuie eternal life, 
ano otbmupfcroill rue npll we muft Die. let uo tlicrfojr be 

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trtrj All men to 1} -rare ano obep Oiilirrmtlp, aub affirmed) the 
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tfjet 19 bonj an otbc; life ana bean) after wittt tbe life 
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77jf. jc. Sermon. 

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teas flavne among you teljerc &at fcjan dvocU 

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They'll Sermon 



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T/v. xV§, Sermon, 

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7T«..WrV. Sermon 

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Tbr . xy'nj. Semen, 

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'1 1 8 The.xv'tii.Scrmon 

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fcuer m the roo;be of tjjclojtlc. 

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The.xix, Sermon. 

gmtDatoufrcomffljtotl g mafic 
a piHen'n tfte temple ofm? <£oo, 
ant) lie (hall goe no mo ■ c out. ^ no 
"JtDilltozptebpoitfifmt&e name 
^ofmv©oa, ano tftename o£ t^e 
titk of mp <3ot>, nctee Jerufalc , tofycD com* 
metli botnne out of ©eauen from mv 0oB, 
anftStoilltDipteftpon Wntmpnetoc name. 
jLetteliimtfiat&att)e tares fteare,to^att^e 
rpirite fayetl) to t^e congregationff. 

^utlo;bep;otebetbuitatcomptpngcmucbt mo;cam* ' fcctuwb'-d 
pit teroarbro , rahttbr be iuouI jc gtut to thrm tbat ouci> 
ptrc tpue.tljia u;ome |f e not onlpr to appertcpitc to t i;e coif 
grejatlon of p jilaoclpfjia . but to alttbe COureljcs in the 
rofjolc roo;tbc,pfaanbtotuctpeoftbt faptbefull . 3tnb ao 
tptbaut ofttntpmco rtpttcb alreabp ' to: "i am not a'*nr.i- 
meb to reprcc, feprtge tbat the io;Oel;unfcife fo njeattlp 
»rgetb tlje o(eto;pt; agapnc roe fape, tbat tbofe ttjpngeo 
ate p;oin.feb lut to futbeao figlue ligbtlp o; negllgcnttp ^ t ^, au 
f fo; bmttfe figijiF , aub bp auO bp ruime aa;ape)but to ( tC c 3 *«» 
tbofe that ouectoinc anbpecftuet to (ijcciiCc . t-j:onr life to»>c at 
io a warfare upon eartlje: tubicljt Job alfo !ia;ii toiutfTeb. £l)MRus. 
^Q)e fMQiour [jatlj a fuve purpofe to oucrtoinc bio cueuiieo. 

H.i(i(, t&ijc 


120 The.xix.Sermnn 

rticft we muffe mtefrlp figtjt : of none ottjet mfmt , fort fbrf 
ttrmapouctcomr.anif Hpopifmrtjf*S.tortjc£^A<AOfffrt» 
bcO cbcttinout of rtjc faithful. *?n oictcip tljc.Sainett* wn» 
fiber fmtcrirfe anb intrgrihr ,tt)at tot lofr no tljpnn of ttjc tu 
rft i'hnoiurn:bntl«uorrtfpnftljf piicciuojOcof^oCi,anB 
finterefaprb.aiiblCtOfl Kept out boOico rourfoulro cleane 
from all pollution , unb tfjuc to out Imro cnbr . "He p;opoiui> 
C*if ma< o rr ij motfc ample reroatbt o bp pjomrffe . ttiMjrrbp be <illu» 
JSJouLm' Orrtjtotljf inanet of ^rrHro anb Aomaneo.nilp brerrrt 
• p ^magto 10 furljeao befrrueb mcl of rtje tomonmt ifci 
robieheatfotbrpiurotc thep; ucrtuco Jo; tuljofetaufe n>v 
mere fet op r pttjrt in the f our t o; martlet place o; t Iq rutjttf. 
?tjrpfcmcbbpthio meant to ortiuerto tI)rp;pof?nmrai 
1: torrcbp b/anbe tlje rjlojp of tlicir ctbcro.ajinrtjc tlirji nidOe 
f>uirr in ■' alfo .10 it mete eurrtafrpnn . iMlirruiifc tljr ufcoftljiGUOca* 
IfcnpiHwj.blf'Columnf, ojpillrt!0biurrfc./fr«mf io callcb of *ot)« 
pfllrr fojblo conflantie . ?ljc Jipofllroarc tallcb of S.V*aH 
in rtje i-to rtjc Cj/^.ttjicfcpiUcto, fo; tbcirerttllcnm , ,an& the thurcljro Irancb upon rlj em, fo: the p;rarliing of t&c 
Bcrirte.Zrje ttjurrt; it frlfalfa io calltO rtjrpillrr l i Uafr of or* 
tftt'r, foj afmuctj aott io nroiiofbopon ttjr furc corhe^IiafT, 
'( : i I !>e Stemple of fealomo* ftoobe tiro columnc a o; uilktu, 
lp ctmrtfte . jn ttjio plate a pilirr to ratten foj a man , in gto*p 
anb bcautic en ellent. >*d; br faprttj not tbat tje njiUmnri 
pfllrr foi a rjoblp man :but?tt)ii,faprtbbe, maht Ijimap* 
lrr.tbano tofape,>anlbeaMifie Ijimnwlj tjoiiouro anil 
gtoiP ruerlaf?pn0. 
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Che pdlcr .Sainctffl be famouff^nottn^OMrtr.oj marHet place: burui 
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fo:eflia|[K bciiitbccliurtbcof&AtiKtfo f afnjrlnutitaunf,M 
truimpl;aunt.?llbrft tberfo;rtbat trjt ocrp noblp bcocc cufft 
in tljlfl roo;lbt : pr t rtjio roojlbe 0)ali prcpfhctfmflc dial 
tfinne fo; curt, anb rbe i&ainetro frjall crinnc witlj t)im. 
ffljnr gIo;pe t'jru fftallrrmapne fo; cure anb eiirr. M 
tttjerc 6efapcttj,of mp «ftoo,?trctas erpounbttl) anb fairtt; 
£[jifl fatpujjc of mp ^oO, tahct^ uorawapf rt/r biuto 
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tfjf ronfubflamialitfr . jFo: it brriarcth tfjr onion of nvo nS' 

bio bnrir anb bumamrtf , rum aftrr unbrri7anbing , Pft not 
tonfufrlp.tobc inbiffolubk.^o; tbfp flunfnjrr mutualp on» 
•notbfr.bfraufr of tbc affiimpnfi of tbf bumanf nature , rq« 
biuine to rbr lyumane,«nO liHrwife rtje humane to $e btutnf 

fl>o:courr tpr prrprruftic anb fFabfniro of tbr gtoip of ^rabUt'i* 
the faiiutro anb faitbf ui io fhjinf if D.rohcrf it to aOOrb.nnO bf t 2 , 
Oial! go no mo;e out . fo; manptiinfepillrroarf byili? anb 
raft boron, unb teiioumr ouro fioircu pf nCi f th anb f&tiul) $? 
tuap.Aut sffbnff p:omifcf Ij to tlirm tljat ourrr o mr,rfjdt f bep 
fhall nnierbe raft out ofrtjc fclloroflnp of Saiiictf o.neprbf r 
tljat tbc niojp of tbc fatttjfutl moulO be obfeurcfl at «np tun*. 
3(nb tbufl farre of rtjr pilirr it fclfr. 

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tt flinlbc. ?b;r tfviiirrc t bieRp nrr m;prt ru m tbc £aiwtrs, prion of fe 
loroittctljenameof^ob.r^fnamealfooftbcatfeof^ob, piutr, 
anb rl;c nttu name of -6ob o: of vCb; iff. tOImljc me Cfiai bif* 
Ip.tbat i0,rbrp ttjem frlucoare callcb bp ttjc name of <tob,ji 
be tb,e clplbjcn anb bf icra of ^ob . U£>lji<1)c io bifcourfe b at . . 

larOf in ty faff of Mn, anb <&*•**>*• to t&etf mmwm. Mnb Cu ™ a 
irtjat can pou beuifcto be mo;c ^one^ble.t^an to be.anb be JUfJ. flf 
taiifbtbcfoimr.notofHpnano^mpfrour.butoff Ifuing £ * 
^ob^ur t bio fame noble grace die lo;bt nraumrtt) to tlje 
tbat ouertome jn tbcfitff of John tty.m. antj.y. Cb*p. j6c «<*(„„- 
conblp to trjc ouerionicro fa (nfcribrb tlje name of tbe nttr JJ " WK J« 

bec of tlje ntr.eno of t be eirie of ^ob, anb iBoere lp a ritrjm of ®ott. 

jnrf at matcrr in tpmro pa/7, to be a titejtn of fionu : ibut (t 

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of rae one. Auttbioiontfa/craiUiinoittbaiubatitcan U tilt rtBWl * 

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tour tlKtburcbe.iorbeatif of^ob: '(nbtfte title of«iob. J? to * (| i 
i^c^ffyMrrilc.U^Jjtc^cU^crcfccfoftijnjitrjt^jccpu^erfooj ** 

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tobot roc Onitb thmlif. rberof.^ljf t bureb ie the ntic of>6oo. 
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iethccbnrcbctbctommunionoffamctfG.Tbf Pnnrrofntf 
ioC^lifl.tljrlifaiJ of the cburebe. £berounbr tuojIOe it ftl/r 
toaaangurcoftbiacburcbr.anbtbcptrp frttingBp oftlji 
rrmco.i'n tftf mibbr-a robe cof raw fene the Tabernacle, a to. 
ticu of the bdtie pirfent , as it nacre a cohabitee, u. pot rt>t 
lojbe io in the mibbeo ortbe eburrbe.Ho rar baur tcb in tljt 
xxri.of Lenit.fitfiin the i. to the Corinth. tf)t.C. .Sftonfilji 
the riptrebeio tallr b nrro Inrrufalcm. f=oj the olDt nwaafi» 
jrure of thenrwc.ThW rotpojallehucrhc 10 ntro Tftlrnifjlf. lDbirhe.3.panlalfb affirmrtiiiii? 
iiii.ntytGa.'atb. iPojfti the 'ht'cDc plate tfl crpounoro that 
tmtmre . Jt io not uuilbeb of men , but corner!) Oonmr from 
Ijraunir.'jcm*. j'ojuM'fiTi'ntf be bodicfroinaboueoffpiiKe 
anbof febe immojtail to nmtc tljcwojb of -©oh ,njc cannot 
btmembetooftherini«hf--i' l i>n)eflrf bomrbpflfpirmiaH 
regeneration, tlje clnib?cii of *£lj;i/? i of t!jc church. UDbrtof 
$r lo;t>e btmfclfc btfcourfrtl) at large in the. Hi. of loin. 
i.Petri. i.Mnb&.paulfbenrfltottjr Corinthians ^jt.m,f 
of this bokr.&ut of theft pe una.- rft.mO e, tubar ie the ctmrtit 
of * b;i|r,tbe fcllorofrup of tljc fanhfull . tegtucratco op tip 
*wwc< /Pmanpindjemtbat oucrcorncis miyftcna nero name, 
««eb «c tiflnDriwt in DraeFiiftunamf of «fi:h«'f!f.' ftotonlptbattljrp 
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name to pjotnpfcD:>t foUoructb that roc OjoulDonDrrffonfe 
firth tlrerfojc a glojiftpug to tljf ^oOlp-lU"»herof lefpaH^la 
xofynti\\i\yt.xvi$M S. MubjXor.xv.Phil iii.*t\\ti£i:\xtft 
Otlofm t he.»V.Xhefi: mop ample rctoaroeo the fainctco m« 
totrclp lohefbMfthep fighc that thep map ouercome. 

■fteceunto io anncwD the roomcb acclamation , bp rip 
ttujicbeuatlitlHQ Doctrine is applleO anb comnumitatefrn 

■II fyuxfyti though out the wo* lot . Hub io Otfiatcb tli 







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rime not of men ao aapnc.butof rbc oerp fpittfe of ^oO 
uioftrtrue, IhiofPic'te^elojDtflrauntMo. 

CSncfcoiuxWamctljfojctgc cfjurcfjc 


7J*. xx. Sermon. 

# JD tonto the 3Eungen of tfjt con* 
greprion,tDhicfai3in £aoaice» 
te;ttc:iEijfa faith 3men tftefatt^ 
fuUanOtruetMtues, the begin* 
iiiiig of the creatures of <Bo&. % 
Jinoto thp tB02fies,that thou art nother colbc 
no; boat: % toouia thou toere coIDc o? hoate. 
£>o then becaufe thou art bettuene bpth,an& 
nother color no; hoate, % to?!! fpeto thee out 
of m^ mouth:2f3ecaufc thou fa?ff: 5 aw tkfte 
ant) incrcafeD tntth gootics, ano iraue neoe of 
nothig:3[nD fenotcett not that thou art to?et» 
chefl.anD nuferabIe,poo;r, bltnOc ana uaheO. 

^hefcucnth anb lafl drptf?Ic of our Sauiour <Ctj;if7c, io Che trjpij 
toritttnbp thchanb ot ,S. jtohn,to tljc^pfhopof taobitta. '"'nt o( $ 
?he fame is a gnat rep;othe of tljat nothing rom> r . piC I f ." ? 

tirionto rcpeutauncc. ^inb after bis atfufloinrb mance , he 


p:Dicberii.<.ue«/?pi(!!i'i3ii!Dite'iof'Jb;if]totbriSpQ]op of 

laobice a , anb to the robolc congregation . ? brrfo:c fome 

thing io to be (sib oftbclflobireano , ruhctbp the cr/icmap 

tljt better beuuberfianbe anb eonfibcreb..; 

laooicra the th:efe citie of<Taria, aftct'Strabo « piiuie, 

ftanDrthbpthenucrof Lycui. ^«r/«/j»aT*«;,bmlbeOtbc £ao8lC, •' 

citicanbiiamtOitafterhieropfr. ttroaotbe lucltbicfititie 


lj3b bp mahpngt of rooile n clotbea mof^c plcntifull gapuc. 


fpcl-jro; Ije mentioned; of XaoDicea,n;om ojijciueaifo fo;n« 



i'«4 T1>e,XK.Sem6ii 

* olDft * mm rtjutHe fie rajote tbe firff <£pf file onto ^Tim«f!iff7 £# 

trnlp it apprrctb that tbe laodtteas bnb recent cb rtir gofprt, 

«ftUiprtji*''Ppinh: 1 Uiitto;rup trip. J'ojtbcpiDnitflb out u 

tnatrtj* rtjr wojidt and tbe rlnnTbcjpijftJn.antito iomif n 

rjrtbertffcH'tanb rt*ammom3ndaaituiTapb;attb(o &3pf. 

CV "ant ^»ctfoiftl?fplaptinotantifrtirit«nariff,flnt)ri|ficimmo 

em? uoberatftTflffiehc^toufe moberatlptbrtrabe of marcfj«iun6ife 

•maw. nnrbont difte iprfulnro , no religion d o em fojbtb )an& mo> 

bmggreatriotanbpndc, ncptberfcmeb rijfptoro»TUff«ip 

t Ij i ng.liut to baue ano feme ro baue a'! tbingffl , fo; tbflf rbrp 

tucrrriebr.Sgainft tftefc me* tbr*r,o;dimirigbttb gmiouflii, 

declaring tbcm to bcucrp mifcfable , auD moir itjau nr&ii j 

Elainrbrpgico. f ojaomrlitemrcebc of Philadelphia!^ 
lamed t n tljic Ik eemmrnbetb not huig at all. 
t ooftict > ■ . Pou Hull finer at thio dale inanv Iphc, to ro'jomr rota la 
dgutror bmmonaridrun m their mourn: Mbanrlrarncdbotytoltt 
mMf cQaragofpcncr l aiibtobr , afou!b:our,rob:inHr l FopIaptbcnbo!tf 
(htBoi ftiongrr.andliucatpleafiirr. ^aufliiUlfinbctiltfrfflirrtj 
r*u> o*p. fftuinH both ^TbitflfliO fTUmmnM , o: inantidunQifr, itfr 
elms.Vcnuo anO #ob of battel &oth tfjrp and a! rbrfrljrr 
arc tonfuted.and aw calico to rcpentaunrc. l@birf)armm& l 
tbattbcmrtrpof «9abtonrrarr(?. notfotlahiitgnoircirci 
tmglbfOKuptrbuttb«,«inb men ful 1 of |o great filtbutfi. 
IO o be to tbrttt ibat tor nunc rhio mil nca finable mrmmni 
pooanrt of ^oDanDlotigfuffctiug.anD tontine DJftn tint 
Cbtbrftri •rbiifllebfreagaiiifmofrplertfifuHparfrribrt.ujliobrig 
piion of ,10 in tbcfourmrr title o.'Scrf ro it map be gartjrred of aliljal 
Mitt, tbisisibebcflanbmoftc prrfitDefcription of £btifr. tyi 
there fa no nede to begge of ami otber , to rufctc of tjuinaiit 
mattere.lw fcttcrb fojtbbim frtfc truth a nrro uamr.aiid tal» 
Irrb bfm, lao amen, that ?tmtn. Jbatfameioan HtWnw 
riallp in Tobn, §. Paul in the. it. to tlie Corinthians tbe M 
<7'.i/':.Ci);iff ttjr fomic of ^oo.fai til bcirbirb up oo » ujW 
Cbe6amongeopou,bpme s 'lbp6pIuiH!uo^ ^imortjcctDM 
fiotpraandnap.butmbunftroaspea. /.-oMiitliepioniff' 
fco of <$od arc in bi'tii pc a, and tntyim are amen to tbf ptffo 
cf^oOUpuo.iic.iSwtt^lo;Oeffpowibcri/l;inifei h >.oJ^ 

r. h 

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l^W tbeJpocalipft'. tl$ 

ni^tmranf tbattruf.icoifapthfullo; ronflynt ana trur. 1 ...*~ 
#W^tPtogwenoooftbc fatfjcr,dttt l>c AiouiD fcfiifie 
of t bcttiill of <6ob tbc fatber . 3inb l)io tcfhmonp.afi be l)pi« 
ftnne ,conItant,furt,certain,t true.baumgno falfeticOoubt'; inconfhncu.ttiib tbefe rl)ingco actojdc right rod 
to rbia argument , mbcrm be repjouetb riff laoOietana of 
finnr, aiio rrijoitrtli tljem to rfpentauncc . Jt to a gteuoufl 
mattrrfoitbcfleflitobrarcfuebea ftottrtnc.but toberetbc 
certf iitic, affurrbitfo, o; nratir of. tbc teatber to perceiutb, (t 
ruillcommoiilp mow menompnOfflif tbep btiiotaltogc- 
tberabiettaiifl oefperatc. 

bigiuii*. |?oj becallrtbbimfrifr tbe beginning of tbrnrea oinaofelj* 
turtaof^iob. ficptbrrougbttbcHrrianato fchcbrreanp (H !' ,I " S 
Ocfatfcfoitbcm fclnes. f o;neptbccieit mctebpanpon«°f ,i P 06 ^ 
place,nmctjeletTc by a lir ie tuo;or, to fubuertc tbe robolc fcti* 
tiOTofrbrSpoftlefl.^urfauiour^b;i(Trecoiifi&freb after 
Ijio bctric ana after bio Ijumaiutir .Hfter bio Dcitic.bc Ij.ittj no » 
bcgtnmng.but io rattier rfjc begininnp (ar nuelp as it is conu 
monlp fapO.notpaffmelp of al! ttnitgco aiib ere amres. &itp* 
tb?eiolicacrcatntc:* : o;alttjm[icgacmaflcbpbiiH-U^l)tcr) 
Ibingbotbtbc yriungfticallftHpofJolicaU fctipturts p;oue 
lohn. i. Cclof. i. anbtbc//^'-. i. iul)ctct!)cu baft places rrpo 
ntoueooftbiofamfonf.jcfterbtobumaiiitiebE iseaiieb rtje 
tcgummg of the creature of^oDiiiamclii man , rubiebf io 
taUcaacrrflturfbprcafonofbiocrcdltnnc, anbfoitbatlu* 
is tbe iojDe of; robome all tbinges mere made) 
as brio called tijc firfl begotten of tbe brad . f o; m^b: ifie 
nianlipnbe (o rcparrd, tljac it tjatl; not periflieO : «^oO lotted 

fo; <Cb;if! is tbebegummg.tbat is ta fap,tbe4)irierucr of f 

fcumanr nanire: Ha u tjatb do mb ere btnctold you at lartje. 
IC|pi %ubertomebaucbadtb£Ocfcriptiouof«Cblifr,mbitbtoc.U« 

mJ0 6erefpalIthm0rsaremaOc,niIncr;i0ocrpi:ttuc^od,UHtf 
rt:' r: :iieffcoftljei)mmcroUiof^ob.jc 

It 6 • Thejcx.SSi'tnoti 

ftoro V ttlfcrrjtlitrijurrfjc mljat oplnioii^c^AtTf o^tT.j 
toi;at the uvbat is to fap blamrrt) lurr .3nb ao Ijr IjAtf) b rami 
II c to ttnO aifo.iuio f trfl lie fliertu uj, tljat be luiouittti rbtoof 
tlje enurd; c of laobic ea,ano r fpc ciallp of rtu-i&pffiDp tbmrf 
ft»erfbmcr,tftb,outortt altogether roiDr, o;dj;ou^i» 
ftotfri&ut now ttjouattc Irwhr bloub roarme.Sji 
?i ilr [)o;ic ratten of incno mcatr, o; of color , burr, a; nunnc 
Cent, ilj.uepcuipfoitnroctrjriie roojloc.bcimg rojapptb ml 

pug , o; ojpH fr me to t)auc anp tbmgto Do c ccul) tlje true 
toot*; firiWoiuftfioftOM,n^ofrU|f^etitflam«Unar^rI;eWB 
gf)o|f .cBtttrmiirtt) the roa:l&r,lourtb, rtjc tetter ArtigioncP 
ftDsrmt 01 If a0m tP' n » l, ud IpwMb, w bolp Ipfc He lemannr oj beinmi 
tcitttrw botb,mt^K^*l)nrptIjeffc;f.'lifntlien)Cijt&e,l)»cnwri; 
| H|. nub fpimco,iio; l;a til fullprccepucb <£lnifle > bte owne a* 
^outrwrOcrtnmgrQijc fl]cnjctl)bpmfelfctobfft^tj;ifiii 
an.mrefojtfugto t)otp afftmbleco.anO ccecwiugrtje ,&srw 
enn«C0,butintoJtblpbctofo brfrgcQ oftbtroojibf.fyubi 
Ipurtb. a wo?lblp Ipfr.ratljer than a £\v.\ fiuiu . &urtjeanitt< 
loaf, j ture tlje t o;br aUoiuctb not, wi;irljc f Is mline fojlnoOctii 10 
plouic roir^ an <Ow anb an Hffc , aiib to malic a gatmrntof 
to paetlje an oibc garmetit raitb newe elottj. 
? rSSS 3*" SrtiBimw anO cptee that ligtnuca and mitturt tan He 
fitia of cot Wu-allamcOof-Sob. ^ojpouchall baue, ttjatrapateuipn 
tu^t ano together fonb;p Arligiono , anO of manp compile fome on 
a»iioie. jRaboinctfompofcOfjto flrhmonoftbc;taupfr)tanOrt)i 
ftMfl rtcligi on.fh anpat tbw bap mane an tjonrpottlpofp 
piflrtranb tl^e^ofpelf.oi batira cbucf;urnullio ao tbc4n 
tnawcoraUataHeoffantypgtapnco. Ifapapiftcfct tl 
ftpnbtoffcruicr.rjfUuowrtbttnof foitna: Ilnoif ttjt$0» 
fpelet fee ir,b ; Uncuurt I; it fo; none offtio. i-oj ino aimtntt 
of wbj3lraubco;rupte,'uiljcrctljr found part t/atijnomW 
ifrrngtbf^ecajruptefo-ihrinoflepaet Ijattjttjr greater. 
<>f fiuljf foj tf are- tlje mafffB t t}&t arc ufctj at tljio Dap ofin* 

iptt thJpocaVtpfi. i'27 

fv.ttrrtfcfr altogrrij'rr papifucan, no; pet ttirjolp -£uangeto 
tall./oj rtje Xojbrafupper appcrrtb, not in tijem : Zty po* 
pifhe maffe alfo is cut of aub altered in ttje fame. Jfroc brie* 
tic roar Ctntfl fct foitb tbr bcfl rule of ftrlifp'on and Ipumrjr, 
wbpfolloroc roe nonpar famronlp ffiai/irr.' <6ut roe frt 
mo:e bp tbr fauouc of men , tobiebf in no mpfc me roill loft. 
ibat fapuig of tbe Mpofiieto metno;p,if j QjouiO pleafeinm 

<6utbeaceniliaf tl)r1o;be fairij to rhr fc m»r:fjf rrffeff . '/t -., a( ^ 
roerr be.tbounwrf rpn>er colbr 0; Ijotr Jt mere 
brrtrttbouroere afpnner ot an beatben, tl;anan liuxmre, 
aub a mongcreH.lrOj 10 migbtrft rijou be mo;e rafelp volpr, 

I ecco;bing to that taping of tlje I o;0c,1 f pou lucre btmOc ,pe 
tar: (houlbliaueuofinne. ^oroctobcrrpe frmrtopnir fruits 3ofa>i> 
15CB hi/T aub fuffirinitly taugbtanb funiiQirb ivitlj ^oblpritrs 

1 ano rultc 1 bat pit afe *ob,pou leaue no place to Further in* 
tit tfwmon,buteontrmn(iiffti;ert>a;&e of «6ob,ano «ffbuftra 

: infntunoii,pep;cferrcpourmtrturesbefojeailtbt luftifica* 
tionsof^»ob.Tljcto;t3r.ii|oin:I)r ^of'prli faptliontoilje 
inontjarlottrago bcfo;epouinto tlje Upngbome of ^ob- $9art>.B4 f> 
3ijf otb." metnujt ioplapnt tnougl) f ttjat ittuerebrtcertr;ep 

j rorre bott.namtlproitb. tbe fpiritc of ^ob»rol)itljc n;mB tj)e 
Mpofilereqmrttb ui crjt*xu.C^ tlje Romtins. 

>= urtbrtmwe bctb;catnetb to plage rtjem, if tfttpcowti- 
iiuc,ao rbrp Ijauc begflnc to be ncroteta: uiMc* « i^sa.^ roil *** l0J * 

-„fpcmccbeeoutofmpmoutb.^ptb,troblcbernaI^erQffpea* f ' >ttt . ^,, *, 
H!iigtroott;inBefl arcfigmficO : 6ot& tt>rioeljfomn3rotnccjc ,%* "^ 

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; a Domitt.UflbcTiuo be apperctb, to baut allubeb, ao IiHcniift 

' to tbat oibcpbiafe of fpeaiuiig , tljt lanbe ban) oompeeb rht 

^ Cbaiiaiutea^b tbe fame aidlluomire op pou alfo.ifberfo t 

tljrfecomporrro 0; moiigccrllcstott^ tljcir tiitnirrature ana 

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iort)fomnra,bcuutobpmanabljoiiim.ition, tbatfuiallp be 

-» -; f OuHrtI) tbciu of,tbe fame njennberfianOc of tbcm tbat iomc 

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liS The.xx.semm 

to to bf no4eb,*vrtf; 8n iioro tI)rrfo;f,o; fo fojafmurfjf M,e| 
noro friitfl it (ofo, |ic. flftojeourrtbr longaminmcrn ton 
(Itffr cinu of ^ott io Ijctf notcO , tvt^u^c plao? tf) net im 
BnlrtPPr T^crrptniiiQfrtjmo;cfullpttjcnmito(ri)clflotntfaii 
*>fw nrtjatfotI)fC'i"ftoftIinctciJii)lttc;j6ffaufrri;eploufri(l)fff, 
wtjrriit tfjcp truffcfuppofmg tbrm friufo to roam nortji 
"ft ielt1fr,Q)I)n tbfP fap.roe are rictic. ffioic that foUoan 
mucfje nrtjrfff .rtjat 1 mant noting. 
iattMtt* ?:f)atfaimljfiiorocoufutrtt|,flnOOimjctbtfjatrtirparf« 
• , * , * rttlpbifceiucb.flnbtobrmifcrablrpcoplr . ^ojlfrrrbiiluttj 
el)t m grcuounp.nnO faptl), tljou hnororft nottljar tljQuna 

Stieljr. ae rtjoti art. Zl»at iguojauiue , ia a grc atruill, anO tlji 
irginning of befprrate blinbneo , tuben a man tfjuihrtb to 
fcaue ,tt)at bcljatl) 1101.1*01 futb pnfeurt in tbrir trrour, aid 
abmltno counfdlout.7f)crfo;r faitl) rijctO!0,tl)ou hnoMf 
niojnr roitb cuilo. jr o; tljep arc topleO toirlj maup labour* 
tljatfmie tliiorooiJOc.'^' £>.( Avo; miffrable . ijtyoufeffliwrf 
tftpnc ottme mifnif ;Otl]f ro tljat fr , drc nil fo:p . Tljou ftrf 
tiotiiinil)aftafctliouatf.<"l)ii3tiiiii0offpc i icb(ign.ficiii.'. 
ttjuibcfi rfjp fclfe urrpntljf.but tijou art a fiarHcbtgurcifffl 
urtoufr nr^r men,aw poojr iZlif l 1 arc poo;eaI|"a in orrrun. 

gfrjfptoplc of laobirearoc re blpnor, ao tlje J9banfr'o at 
fallcb bfpnoc in rt)c.»x.of M;;.»i>ell ftBbtcO inrooiDlp niJi 
roojhrs. l&opDfoftbprarobuig garment . 5f Ijrp tiomn 
(taiibinna»rrfrptt;rlparapcOt»«boartnentco ofmoftfi 
launteo of tljio rooilbc, o; pioubs urcothcf 
f atl;ce. jo njcllcped.aub ga;gcouflp fl|M 
parried, tnarlic tfjcfc ttjinnro ruel. 



Stpon the Apoatlipji. 1 29 

CCfo&otf* gcuetft ftolfomc cotmfell to 

tfje laabicrano,abmonifljing rtjem to repent. 

Tbt.xxj. Sermtn. 

Counfen tbee to b?e of ttte fiolfte 
trieo in tije fier , tbat tijou mateft 
.be r?ebe: 3no ttftyte rapment, 
s^tbat tfiou raaiett be clotljeb , tfjat 
"*£Mi£tIjc fbame of t6y nafcebnejs Do not 
appr re : 36 lib annopnte tbpne epes mty epe 
falue, rbattbou mated fee. 3gmanpaj5l 
Ioue,g rebufie anO cfjatten . »e ferucnt ege* 
fo;eanD repent*. 

rather tfjat bf fioulb ronum and Ipur Tbcrfoieafter a ntc (oqnftu, 
rounffil,abmoni(hin0(T rrljoitmgtbefamera rrprnrauure, 
nub flgnifirtb roitb all rotjat io truercpentaiince. 

Tbcto;bufftbtbeo30iboftoun[cllmg,nof oftommaun« 3 eonofta tljintf t to confounb tl;c inabneo of tb cm, tntnrbDn- Hire 
lelff ttjcp fir oiolfnrlp b^roen.tljmhf not tbcm frlursabma 
fiicb a iijammg.ttjcp neolret ,il gobo roiinfrU, : fall from tlir 
trucfa(uation.«6obtounffllctbl]to elect furl) tbinrfeo aoare 
bolfome: iTIje rbofru obep good rouiiff Ilea . 4&ob roucljrtlj 
rbfirbartcoiumarOly, aub outwarblpbppirafbuig of rlie 
roo;Bc,anbbpfoiib;p abmonitionobcpoolctb aub bjiurtlj 
man from mill to goob. < hio couufr(of «fiob io not to bebt' 
tooib mufl be brart.^o bap.faitl; f p;opI)ft, tf pc brarcbta not hacCirii j>our hartco . lOljf" tijc lo;OrcoiuiT*I- 
(jotl)attb;ounbtbrirorouc fault, anb arc maorautt)o.; v '-nf 
rceruiebttnotbptbcfoiccof free mill, but of rtjc grace of 
•f ob,uil;ic^wo;H«^m«otatvillC(Uibtopcrfoiirmr. 

\ Sljcrfojc 

l$o TJx.xxi. Sermon 

?!;rrfaf ttofjrnt^t lojbe counfeHetlj bolfome tbmflfa.rfjf 


iljem rtiimigb Draw, obelpno rijr counfeffeo of <»otr. 

Chi fame anbrijcromeoftbebolfometounfrllistbuj: *te of me, 

otitic tioi-faitb tbeXojb.golbcmcomtbeftte, that rtjou map btrttbt, 

nine couh m atrfl bic apparel, anb maieft o*t rir fame to annoim djpm 

*"* f icfl. Wc fcttctb ttjcfe rbuigra as a mrOicme agafnft tljr bifra* 

frfl.toltftlj Ijcoifcouerea bcfb;r, talliiigttje dwrcb afdjclao 

Dicrat ic.pooir.iuhcb.anb blinbr . flora tljcrfo;c Ik tear br tl; 

tbem bora tjjep map br riotbeb, a map rrrriui 

ttjrit epte 0; fifl^t again.ii ttjrp petefp get ttjem frtuw golfti 

inr O.o: concoct 0; pueifted. 

*oio tn.-n Knb gold tried m tt;c gofOf mo(7e purifieb pdeanr, 

Ijauinrje In it no nroffrrtro o; mrttall, tout pure anD drain 

polDr. Vjercbp fa (ft ab oraca tfte ruojoc of «*3ob , rotjrrof tt)i 

p;op!jetfanrj:£b^roo;dtoftbeToibr 1 ieapureroo)tot # fpl' 


tftrecnlp rijc roo;beof <$ob is iigljt, romming of njeewnal 

nnbino|(cpurf ijiplK.IiaiiiiiBnopdrteafbuiiiatiefilrijiiifB 

c; affccttOiifl/.iuOuciUit of uonf ecroure, tMc!;pitftnotWitg 

tbattacoKupt. Ijombnt of itfrifrit rballpjofitamanno« 

t Uing.unlf ijc it be receiucb roitl) a true ,* fintcrc (aitlj . 5!jft* 

foK bo > not feparace faitb from djt mo;br, anb fap t'jt tfoje 

that tljc pure anb fmcere faitb ie flmiifieb bp oolbe. Itfrjcic 

£. pffcrraib,tI)dftIjcfaitI)ofouc^artcourpoi(riJcb. foj 

rtlrhouglj tlicrc bein uo fpotrro anb infirnmiefl ( petiofait^ 

bp rrafbu of tljrfubirtcuilKruponbr crfle tlunoftr pure. 

3:1k mo;bc of p;ormfTion, and cut n •CbnfUbjim fclfeto $1 

ouirrtuffairii.iubldjf in iljr ocrppiireiicoltfflfc. UiMjrtfojt 

tljrlo;0e tounfellctb tljat rfje tfongregatton of laobicca, 

flioulb bpegolbctTied,iKCOiuifclIedjtbattbcp (houIBbcae* 

•©oborooj&e.andbdeucttin bcrbe. ^0; t[irlo;oruftr!j 

tl;e raojde of; rrcciupiifle.bcacpneje, anb oucpinfi. 

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V(l. 0CODC0 




The t xxt t Sermon 

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Tbc. Ktaj. Sermon. 

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fitten totth mp father on fits ftate . let h?m 
that hath eare&hearctohat the fpitite fait^ 

totbc congregations. 

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fiiintro.attOtito moft rcabpmiUalroaicoto receiur tljcfamr" 
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tbat tbcp migbt hue. foi tbrloio flanbert) at tijr bo;f ,*6 
sfroapo p;epareb,aln>apo roatrijerb ourr our faluation. f=« 
tf firretb not tfpll , not lirth not on e&c one (pbe IpRt a flufj» 
0aror:Uf franOctb bufrlp to bio roo;fic.?lnO j flanb faith be, 
not ? tfobr.o; thall ffanbr: due ? fTanbeniermoje rra&p, c* 
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bp rr)e pjopbeto.againe bp figure^ alfo bp foil* 
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robidi roil not ^ afmncr flmlO Oir.but rattier eonuertd bue- 

be arc tijr tinoehmg S noife of t be Imoebct ,? djat alforoc ope ' e i ( ?v3 
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tuerrequtrerb euerp roljetf bcanng ft obe0ience.U3e hnoroe 
tbat tliclert ace oulp faueb, i rhat tbeleet m vCf);ifi: Ti i *Cl!:ifi 
10 he tbep rtjat be leue : ^Ijat faitb ie of bearing, bearing bp p 
roojb ofgoO.^becfee fainj 5 J9;opbet, t^io bap if pou beace 
bis ooiee.TC.5lMo famcisretiteb of rbc itpafllsJIe^. ZUt 
SpofHeatfo.t.TT'tf.i-Jna great boufcrtjetc be not onlpwef* 
rbrcfojep lo;Q fairtj.H hnoelier^t thai be tbp part.not to Oif» 
pife bim tbat lino thctlj, but to ope unto bun. !l nO li r center Ey 
m OeOerwo beare.robicbbotb in tl)e.-s..ix;. of i-Am 
ope n,rhai is to eeteiue t'uc I o;0, o : brlcur, ra obep, ; to frame 
them felueo after the roil of ^ab, i to bo penaunce. rtoiiuubj 

Canblng roe muff beer beroacc, ttjat roc tUmlie not that man 
irb poroeroMiiNi I'd" to receiue tbelo:0. ^.ne Xo;Oei!bimi- 
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not tb:ougb. anp faulte of <i&oo. 


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initio to fap, to fucbcaoreeewe*Cn;ircro criiefaitj . S!>r 5*? flC ,? c 

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The. xxii,Semon 


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tbjongtj fairi) broellctb in tbe Ijartco of rljr fairljfiill.Miio fof 
lo;b cuttctb ttjeljartco of trjrm tljac let bpni in.teot the Itafl 
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(amiltacutc(fo; tbe table ia ronfrrrate to amine) but radjerf 
fruition of rttniall glo;p. fat bp djcfupprr arc figmfuo,tije 
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foulco tbe 4&ab!p ceceiue immcoiarip after oeath:6nt mo;r 
2lirrfo;r is it not appltcD to a burr r , bur to a (upper , tie it ts 
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linn oroellmgm do rannuallp.rohhrfi roc hue in ring roo;IO. 
3tno in t Ijr mo;ibe to come me thall banc die full fruition of 
al tbe iopeo cr lrflfall.^efr ttjinrjra bcrertam anb true, fof 
otberropfc in rt)e life to torn* rtjere thall be no ciotoufc ban* 
— teA Hettco.futbeaflttje^urheflftolmaBim?. 
of «oo 10 Drannerethalfoanoibcr general! pjomrlTc.rohcrbptje 
pjcpaito ertajtcrijanb mouetb to rije fiubp of goalp religion (i tote* 
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ourut. borne of beauen.Jlnb b* faitrj to bimtljat ouercomertj(ioljfe 
of ? Ijaue fpoheuin tbortjet epiftlee)not to turn f fleet!) o; to 
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<€ii:ifi. |P o: me nuift oucrtome, ao lie tjfltlj outreome. Drill 
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anb ourrcomr. ?uid ucrelp tlje mil uicio;p in oo, is f liut Ip 
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Quidieb tbemojlb j tbebcuttl.aff enbeb into Ijcaurn, (i fate on 
fyt lirjytfjanb of rije E;cp}omifct^ ub alfo ouectom 








mfrtg.tljat t>e mil geueoo p feat of bio fattjcr:not y mefittina 
onriirngbfljanoeof^oO,tr|oulOtubgeouet'alnrI!i I bepit0 
m \bc CtwjlcQ : but tbat bepnge mabc pe rtaliero of tuerla* 
Ping alejp.anb Qcliuereb from all iuogement, me mapeap- 
pert in ojoip.mljcn fte Ojal romf to iubgt tjic quithcanb rije 
fteaO.Uilc rcaor of a like pjomifc maOe to p bifnpleo AUtth. 
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berc tbat tbirtg,ro ludjc in the : o .ofMdttb. %t Dcniett) tbat be 

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phett j thie cpiftlc to al cougre gat iomo, mb afftrmeth it to be 
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Hetnctb tl|e faineao hpng anO pucft.bp bp bio fpirite.bp bia 
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cburc b or*C t); jf7: rabat ie tbe true anb rigbtc boctrme of tbt 
fJ^urrljc- opmido are miclicb. tUfjat is to be bone roittj 
antj afflitwb mapc br repaccb: mbat io true repctaunee, anb 
U)l)at arc tbe ourtitt of tbe goblp , anb manp orijtr tr^ingea 
of Uhc fo;te.*o «ob tbe fatiiet bepjapfe , rbanUcs gtuiugr, 

C Ci)e fcconDe Uiion i& ©etoca to fe.3oBiT, 

robmnbe fee rb ^ob m Ijio ^h;onemin) ^Ibero.mhomt 

Tbe, xxijj, Sermon. 


H>e,xxiiLSermcii ' 

'f CtrtlrfstS lofiea, ana betJoIBc i 
Doze toas open in ftcauemanB fbe 
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me,t»bicbc faieB:come bp bitber, 
ana g toiil G)etoe tbcr tbinges tobicbc muffe 
6e fulfilled berafter. %nb immc aiatip g| teas 
iu the fpiritc-.anO bciioioca feate toasfctm 
&e«uf ,an& one fate on the fcate. 3na fte c^at 
fate^toas to lofit bpo iific a lafper Sone. ana 
a £>arBine ffoncrana tbere \rag a rainebotoe 
flboutc tbe fcatcf n figbtc lific a ^maragBe. 
3 no about die fcate . ttcre rriiii.featc3.8na 
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tftea in xotytz rapmente, ana Jjaa on tijey; 


31je tfjirOfpartcof rbieroojKereatlirtb from ttjf brain' 
tiingof tbe4.rbapfer, unto tlje beginning of djr u. chapter* 
Xnb tourcptirrh a notable uifiou.moflr (jalrfbine.fliioof 
murbefrmcte.3T)e firft mfion. tobirb me bcarae rrpounorl 
fa the j. ebap.etbtbttctb a figure of <Cbl'ff ,arto ofbw clmrrO, 
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gouctnemrm«©ob goucrnetf) all rbpngro bp «Sl|fi|f.cubi(b; 
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met of tbf njojloe. ^ntbrftarr rcbcarfrOfbcinoftfojrouifulOcliEnm 
?" nBt Dli rf *e cbiircb,calamtnfe,plagcs,aiib ocftnitriono, fanunro, 
pctfrruriano, truolitngco, bctcfico, renflictte , anb orb re n 
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The . xxm;. Sermon, 

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The.xxiiU, Sermon 

t oinc upon tljr e.anb tt> parorr of tfje bieft fljal ouermaoM* 

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v/>o» the Apocalipfe. 











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77<r.xxix. Sermon. pijpngmgrljiofameplatCQfSaiiiCbctbfpHOtal.faoKbhf, [p^.,,,, 

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ff'ff Tke.xxix. Sermon v/xw the ApocaTtpfe. 1 77 

ao bio mfofff ew.Hnb HKf ao no man rfjat ie mri m Ms ttrfrfc ^ f | An ,foi f Q attribute apiop!^ncu>o;oeUHro4$ob f !]t'tGDf* 
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honoured), callrtb upon , anb roo;Oiipprti> Jluitge to foj tljjt f Q f n jp C to tljouab tbrp tbcmfelurs t oulb ftf 
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orjmrui. foianbnmrapnc^djoufaiiacrljotifattDca fo: mmuncrabk, tbefttihfr. liMintrftrrarrtb&atamonmutli.&ptljioruife* 
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piapfc to it, lulnrlje 10 fonge togrrbcrof fa nuup blcffrO (pi- nro . mimIIp fhrugtb to ocfcnDe l)to ,auOto fubbnuc tYx ab> 
ntrs/ unfan'ro. iro; bcioaiimnbric. .Sucli tbtngeoaofollonj, l;o- 

^ 0* after tbi'o . rfjcpiope r burtu* 0? office of Xungrntiii mnir,oto;p, atiO rijaimro gciiing , ate Occiatco befo;e, robot 
toutbcfi:<.bciirmgcp:,ii'fco to-j6oD,cinOrouienoc ttitlfli tbrpbe.anoof mbatfo;ce:faupiig rljatthc tbmg be rolled 
of^oD^iiDtiwrroitnaioiuDfuoicf.lifhrtirrlingrgrtmli fEtfliia^'^al]r(alIctl;iiomiv\r / w ) blttfing,p;aprc,anDgc' 
mlietr e nittb A loror 0; ait big!) uoprr tliou fiugc ft p;dpf»n upitg of tbanKro. 

j- lo»0:but foj afmuelje ao tljep ttjar rrpcuitrb a lotuoe uowr, ?hia X)pmnf fapeb in tlje pjaife of -tbn'fl , tear b/ctb. rljat c&uot u 
atr fo; the mofU parte fo; c moticb , as oiicmiljrlmra top: 1 £"b:ifr io urrp<$ob,of ctjc famefubftaumeanb rocqualrottb, 3f "am tii & 

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toe p;apfe J&ob tuitl) lom&c ooprc, in raft with j (TauK J./Wmtljc '*" ln * of 
fpintc , auD tottl; tljcmroarbe affection ofttie hortt mcflj* mo tbe tfrir.batb, DrtUreo . Here tbanarr ronfutrb rubo fo 4unBfl *' 
pjapfc 4*00. per p;rfrrrr ?{ ungela to <£b:iff . ?l}tl|ctrri(u e are ronfiitf b 

fht fiiinne Cl|f aungclif al Upmitc ic noro anncrt&.ioftirti Mco$t% {bar are callcb roitre nioifliippeto of Jlungrlo. 
orthr 3n^'naltbpnecon;itl)tbclMmitrooftI)c^eafIc6anti^Ior» ^eaungrlfltbrmfeluco Dobfrcrcp;oue tbciretcoutjtbac 
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m £ pupftro Ije io tlje fauiour alone , fo Ijatlj bt Qefrnieb tomcptif i\ irrrrifteo . J»f ciebeffe, g(o;p anb bonour be ocme to <&)u{l 
ofjCfncft- ponietaiiOnfo:p,ttonotirini:alt!jingeG:floiofaprtl»# 'one, anbt!jatbcci'cc!irr!jt!)nn,iulierfo;earf tljcfiimceo* 
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17* Tle.xxix. Sermon *pon the AtoM 179 

* nmw oucr of Hungenrealfo , faiHb onto C|piP out rebrmrr on| hmmt anft fhrr M » *'"» ?^ 

•f «n ma. pfiurr. Snti ptt iiacn»rt| fUefr wtifrntrtljralrtitrtj mosonc «Krow!;ictirlj.w«iuihff f Do after efteirmai«w»ff*eft. 


rrramira tyatate mli^ Bmomci 7 i „I,a?nmr&eparemo«rt,i»o/hftDon&erf..l(p i 

ST^li*!^ . *rtiolirt«wii.aotl|fthingw«e»ittoHjepacfappomctea. 

inio!frtotUrrnJojnerue»Heo^oo,rbe©ru:IUmit6Dl ra MI frt,,„mo,molrf]atiomfnefl|caf(itIri)farcra.^oioljfit 

roirl)l, l otHb0emn.troanbflouemcmntte8 to cotnsUuiuI jbfrntljatrtttnbimbetbpiir, aiibtb,cIambrtO0rrbrt,foac< 

Wmanmntt hnoiuicbgtng tbtfonnctobeeorquallroitbtljefarljrr.anti 

*otbt!ctt PouiuanifU,*raoctt^l,botMa!rrM^ 

■rtitffl«iioftbfmbeooibeofreafon,anbmfrnfiblrcaiip;apff«« to^frotolifcclrij;atcbant)fomtiiOeb.^bcpatmUutcuccn- 

ptm^mmamt tbio figure ptofopopna tbar is tljf fapnoRfl"! lurlprotbtlain'jc^mpireojhuigbomcfoi^athcrfcriHcij 

pfrfoaeaiODCTpwmmoan)ttgal^fp;op!ifce8,anO(bi 1 ttrboittoftbefatber l ao»ftcfiarrtiUffo«;toroitalpou)cr 

Kfrta ©auib , p;apfr pc bun£>uimr anb fWoone, fapr iflfc juio autbojirir to goutrnr at tbmgc a. 


tmm *««=!»-- ei'-^'-gg^-wMi 

I So The. xxh. Sermoff 

arcmo;couftconfutcO rtjrOeffrnfiono ofmni .Sljfloitial* 


Ott trip, rfp trial I p in pjaptro anb goblp pHpfco . f o; bi to* 

maunbrrlj in tl>c «$ofprli to lapt botrmt tijpuc oblation, 

nftlrljr tbou tnouibtff offer , in taft tbou Dorf? rrmfbjt aw 

Difto;Opbttrotrttt;franOrt)p b:otf)rr,roooe unto Ijim, anil 

to mirror amftit .anbtbanto trroutnr totbinr oftirmgt: 

u>!i:rli mtijr p:op!jrtro io eallrD an abomination, mrafrit 

be offrrrO of mpnOre poffrffrQ roitb rancour inaliitr. ,;:. 

JP^ ra fuwllp tljr riurrojal boune agapne anD roo?fhtppr fa 

noiflitjipt rf^it liurtb foj rucr, boubrlro tbat Up tlf fit oftwoojthipping 

•gai-nr. fl( rocm Cdrt |^ , m g| )t Uf mouca umo obtDientf . fo'. itrf)fft 

tfjingt o be Done in tjraur of the blrffco fpiritto.mbatl u: 
pou to metr fo; do to Do litre in eartltf K no mathr, tbat rt)cj» 
are TaprD to iuo;flup bim tljat Imcttj fo: t urr, tolio ntumbc 
lefft fell botoue ftrftt alfo br far tlie lambr , anO befojt rti 
Cb;one,out of tb. t mbicl) tijc fpititr piocrbrb, anb raqrnipfi 
fate h,ttl;atfittct^;nj[)rtofwcg<iri)rr, tljat tycjFatbre,ttn 
foimr.anbriieholp^bolt, arruiDrDeOiflnittrmyrrfonrt, 
1 mcMcf M tutr.Hnb orttlp thia notable mfion and tteatifr mapr be b 
■gapna all t'jt flraOe of a mofle rfftciuall remrop agflpuft foitoip pojm 
fcescue*. fouo of bcrefica, efptttallp of tbe 3lrtiane anu,6cninaiir 
ojrarijtr pttbetanro,mo;eoucragapufl Diutrft anb tuw 
oufc Oifputanona anb rrmptationo touchpng rl)troo;hff, 

obebiriitlp fubnutteonr ftluto to tbelluing «$oo row) a 
tt)rcrrarurrflaiiO&atnrtrflof«j&aO r nio;lhippni8l) Un ' ai 
toirfj tl;r pzopbrt tripng.tbou art iufl lo;D inal tbp t»ff> 
aiibbolpmal tbp tuo;kro. ?l,ou hafi cttatcb ao.althmgt 
art tijmt .£l;ou goiirrut flal tbnigro m bt|t o;0rr. IbouKP 
iir/1 man . < ftou l;ai? gewn uo tfjp fount, iljou bp tli* 
tonne our rc&emrr goucrut fi al tljmgeo up;igh,rtp. 
l> o! i' g:j oft, our otrp gob.«t o tljer 10 Drntf 

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ypon the jfpocnlipfe, * 5 I 

IT fctoo Ccalesare openeo, anD tht Dfrecte 


Tic. xxx. Sermon, 

-"* mo one of tUc fcales.anD 3 bearO cm 
i one of tije foure beaflcs favc-as *t 
toeretlje faofee of tljonoer: come 
ano fee. ano 3 fatoe, anD behctoe 
a ttbiee ijoife: 3no Ije t^at fate on #m !iaD a 
totw,antt a crotone tD3S jeuen bnto l)»mt 
3no ne ttent foztij conquering . ano to oucr- 
come.3nD toljenlje opened the feeonoe fcale, 
% ^earoe tOe feeonDe beaa fare:come ano fee. 
Sno tfierettent out an or&e r Uojfe tliat wag 
reD,anopoiBct toasgeuen toDimtDattott 
tiierc on,to tahe peace from tbe tarttt, a ttiat 
tbep QiouiD hill one an otiier. ano tl)crc uaff 
gruen tnto bim a great ftoojoe. 

uirbrtro barf; tljapofllr pirpattbtbt aubttouto to fjtare 
toi'Aj it quirt mmOr,tbr mbgemrntra of <?»oo anb fiitiil brfie* 
nico of tt?r rliurrii , anD patirutlp to be are all aDutrfttir , anb 
tl).it tor fliouio iDojOiip b»n in al tbingto, anD prut glo/p to 
bisnamt.Toiifcqutntlpbr rqjouuDctb in a mofl gooblpo^ 
firr tljr luDgnnrnrro o/<^»oD , anD Drftemro of rbr CLm t!i, 
Oirajpugbonitbrfoimrof •$»oDgourrnctb. f&r ojDrnafitro 
of -6ob anD bie etrntallp;ombtnrr . ;i no rljio toao it mrrr a 
P;oguofi(ratioii fa: all nmra auDHgta onto the loo;tbeo g totinvift 
ni:t.t=o; tor thai not tbmHr that beet are ttl)trfcDonlptt;cp>oBiwfiu 
acrroofonragtoitroo,butofal.?inOfirfta!tl;pitgtoatC0C' «ub cfat 
nrrallp OrftnurD Up panto , afttrniarat particularlp, rol;cn «"'» J l6 
tor roinr to rbc oprupug of ttjr fturtb ftalf • Zt}C fpmc io,t l)t JJ'L/J 
lo;0 fi nDe:tj fo;tb tar poaching of tb. c iturrb, ut:o tljeroojID, »'h ib ' 

W^tcy to(jf ji nirn wfufcana Otrpifc , tljtp att Diproprb roitb; 

0.1'ti. roavcio, 

1 8 1 The . xxx. Sermon [ 

tsartf o.nub otljcr rfllamitico innumerable^ _ 
attention *eut brfo;c al rfnugee $>. yobn io trriteb (ttxb i\\ Wm ail 
wa ton is wc)ro be ARrnritr.Xnb one,cqat is toroit djefirft of tljeuH< 
nccrffam. flcebo«Ijrrtitcr;im.<>ntofttu\Sabbatto feffonbrfirftt 
fiapemrljf rotlir, tljnt ramciaacrfUi tl;c fonOapf.<l)f Doirc 
cfrljcbtafho lihemitotljonact. Ui>Ijecbp tefigmfieon)at 
tjcre ie ttcate of grcatr it mofi ractgbtp matters . Po; mofi 
rjrcat anb terrible tlnngro follotoe , rorjirin* Oiahr tyc toboit 
toojID.s-iicrfojclct bb not plapc tb,c flepp fluggarbra, let do 
nor be blfnbr ana Orafc . "Ooubtlro tbc flougtjtfulucG of out 
tunc to fuel), tijar me little ronfiDcr tl;croo;lico of<*o&anD 
tobat io Done m out rimc.Jbc fio;Hro,ftoalloi»re 3 Suxtrla, 
•mo [Itc reft of liuing ihmgco pafTcoa, luljirtj fultitr! obfrrue 
t(;ntnmc.^Tjftfo;catctuctjftfioclflitcOup, rfjatrotflmlO 
not be ftouttjfu! , but fljoulamatncrol;atttynBcoartOetU> 

Cbc ftrftt - l|,i) i:,l I c " &•*! oljn baa oiligetlji marlub roljat teas ban, 

rrnu i9 o:b.ffc«IjtbclaiHbe,»rb:ini.mfaiiro«rKbcintc,opnioiif 

pence, fcatc, that to to faprtljrfirfi: Bub fttcigbt roapco camifd;a) 

a roln'tc Ijotfcourofjom Ijc tl;at fatr.ljac a borne bcnt,au&an 

?trroror in it.So Ijhn toae grucn a cromnr ,aub tje tomajtl 


frpofldontct;etofioraflr.jrojtlKXo;Oefapcrt;,tb / ar(>tiwil 

bctlarf ibr Ocfirnieo cfttjr rljurcli. 

Dotfea. t*o;fes of foub;p coulouro arc alfo b;ougty fojtlj of {* 



— .. eourfc to ? mi oeenae, purine, mcto;p,anOfrlitirie. *Ojctfo;cUprtje 
* iirobg nifjtwbojfclBfiBmfirtitljcluthpottrtauntcof^oflotooA 

fco;oc. o;p:ofprroiiap;r.Ki:iiinoftIic4Sofpcl. |?o;upoiiibr!ja;fi 
fitted a boifrman , rol)u^ guioctlj cl)c tyojfr , (t batfja bowt. 
Certcnlp t£tni|tbortb p;o(pertbcroutft oftlje pjeadHJiujof 
ftjr^o/prll. *i'iiotl;f.4?./'y*" fw -0ortl;afrabutftortiffamt 

3 """ * ftaftw oi ttrroruro. foj l}t ftnHctb bio ruemfc a far of , aiD 

bio mout^bffwbcju-0 robmit elf people anbiwnono.£/*j* 
in tlie. 49> bimjing in t£b;i|7fpcalipug , fapetb : KuD !jr put 
;r D me , .;i it tic put uuus apibsa Hrcom , l;c bribe me in b:« 


tytfw rfe Jpoealtpfi. ' o ? 



brm borne. iDbat fo;te fb euet tljctoojoe tjatt) , rtjat fame ta 
ttbolr Ocror to tbe tyo*frman. 

?o tfae fame is gruen a Croroiir , f o nrittt a hingaom anb fl (I0toBf , 
all porotr of rulyng. f o; ©auto p;opbrrtimg brfair fapco, 
lbtlo;0mall fenbe fo::lir!;crooof Ijioporoercut ofSion, 
torulrrmongrotbmcfiirimes. fWoieourrtbcrclo gnim 
bim a ftonme, tbat b e mine cr own c fuebcao fmie ijtm faitb* 
fullp.Hntiitioap^afeoffpeiUpng, anabewen«fp?tt;eon« 

quftpng ( tbat f)f migljt oucrcomerfoi rtjat robftbc ia, br tbat 
tatnt foitb io a eonquetour.anb to tiro enflc tor n t fo:tb,rbat 
tjt rnigb" ounxomr . poj tt figmfietb tqat ift»'f1trn[| a* 
uaunee tbc pjeacbpng of b^ouiojbc tb;ougt) out tbc toojlor, 
no mamic bepuge able to rcfitfe, auO rurn in oilpitc alfo 
of nrl gateo.f o; tljcmoibe of tt) e"io;0 inburrrb fat tutz. 

?lntl tbioplaec tfacbctb, , tbat tbc »Tburcbflialbi' alroauro *ha( iV 
(n tbc mo;lo,? liftawfr alaiapce t^etcuctb. pjeacbr D,tt> ougt) cbaub fsil 
tbr ntrmirs botncllra bucfic . *uc if roc rrabc ouct tb,c |Io»i Jj ■m-aiu 
oftbodjurct/e, roeflial bettetunDcr|tanbealtb.pngfe , anb ,n * ^JJ.. 
fhall pectepiw tljattljie p;ognofiicatimi ban) alroapco ben JJ 1 - * 1 
mortecmapnc.*Cl»;i(leroaoonc9tb;ougbrb'irum|lcricof e 
Ibc roo;bc Dtewcb to ttjt too;lo bp tbc Spaftlcs.anb tbemat- 
tcTp;ottocb mofte luthrlp.boroc muctyc fomc euet tb,c mafS 
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trrtfull , tii cafe tbofe fine bonbjetb p«co be couftbereb, 
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1 84 The. xxx.Semon 

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prcra after tbcinraniation of tSbjtfl.tbt#ifhoppro began 
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ftlcb botmuca of faith: but roliar'tpiai'cpau bibtbro p;t» 
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lip tbiiirico: but 111 tliofc rfnngt rohrrm roitb the Scripture 
tbrp ronfrntr agapnft the Sec of ftomt , > affltini ebai rim* 

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'•The] xxx. Sermon 


1 85 

too»be!p m'fittb of rtje rtomaneo anb biflroptb. Hnb tfrja 
tiling is in ttjc rooilO perpctualt,tbat tljrp tlwt tufl nor obrpc 
tljat toil not ftrarc(f)iifl,mufthr«cJlntich;if?.^ijoumaw|I 

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founbc , rolicnii mm Iiaur flame rljt mfrtut s tnicb immufl 
luounbro, ano baut mlltb oncan otfjrt Mr bratfeo . If pan 
HJilrrafcrljrroaniKXVormB, anQorljrrgooOljifrojiogr* 

Ebcro.i'ou m,\i)cf!nac tluti'icCioiu.uic-irnipcTQurs luat 
en troubled itmb niof?f (irnioiiff; noiitot&tt 
caufr,rban rtjat tbtirrfuft b peart offrrtb to rtjem bp tbtgip 
pell, fro; none ortjer raufctuao Home it ft Iff at tbr lafl utoa 
lip t1)c ttiVf]gor!jiaiio, of rljr <?aflrror!jimio unrntranQDi' 

ucO mojr ?0olo. fo% ,Simnucbuo goiicrnotir of therm* 

ipao fo bolOf to require a rr|?nunon of 'jBalarm\>fpttM 


tvarrco.Hnb rohat tlmr tbrrr n>ao a rooiiberful firifc rmoji 


op nnb brtame migbtit. ?lftec tlje €l;oufauDe peer tirgama 

tijcbolpiuarre.tobitbcaauiuao mof[b!auOi>,fan>i»t[of 

longrfl ronnmjantc.0tun onp furijtroarrt toaa mabeinal 



be firne of tbr peopir bod) popr ;: •£mprrour.ifi>ut tbr fame 

ptrrofarijoufaiibanD tb;rrbon&;ctb,n>brtm btbiO 


toman.rUt o;imnaI of tbemp tenure of* urhrs atyrtf rope 

at tfjia O.ipr. jFo; fon*fen Salomon bupiorbpiarro of?t»' tnemieo fp;ang op, ojlnrb tuoiiOcr^iiipucceJ aiil 

affiirteb tbr tausbom of Salomon . H9bat maetee arr null 

noma Oaoea, aub iof;at be tbr raufro of roaccto, alniife mm 


t(jcrfo;e,tbattbe Suthiffli JtrmiroaioulOmuabtno.tbatroe 

maprbotb fclr *tntirt;n[t to bea fammmtw, ano nwi 



I'ponihejpocalipfe,' _ t$J 

♦uttohat otbffHiBfltemaintftft b.ctf,ftahftaf bepng 

fp ncrce topeb , «nb holp puretic /foj tjxept roc toiuwuc , flj* 

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rfobrdarrb rob* d>tK»tsK>a!ail fuffetQfboiigtrantt 


£D toiien fje opcncO tftc tliir&c 
$*ale,9! tjcarbe tfte tftfrftc bcafte 
Caic:comeatiDfee.3nD? taurine 
anDlo,ablac&!jo?fe: anD&ctfiat 
fate on jjim, tjaD a paire of S5a» 
Iaun«in&ttfiante.3nD!Ifceam a borce 
in ci?c mfobt* of tie f otrre beaded fa?:3i mca- 
furc of \Dl?catefo?a pennv,an&tl)Ke mra- 
f ures of baric? fo? a pen?: atrt o^Ie anO tcine 

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of tbr foucrb btafl fapr: come anbfee . ?(iiD > loheb , anb be * 
bolbr a pale Ho;ft , anb bio name tljat fate on t)im tuao 
©tatb.anb i^rii follorocb after ftim, anb pomrrmao gc* 
uenonrot^em ouet tbrfourtbpaeteoftlje^ hpll 
©itb fajojae.aiib xoitl) l;oii0tr,anOtoitb, bran) of ttjebcaftro 

Ctj;i(t rraltrb about all tbingw, anb Io;b of .ill m ^cauert _ 

anb bi rartb.opt nrtlj tbe fcalto of tbt boUeblmne, tbat lo to s "t""" 
mine bifpofct^anb gourmrtb.mirtjgtratrig^ruou&itB rftc 
nr urnj a p;ofprroufc roucfr to tbr p:ratbmg of rijc gofpell, 

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pciof riir hpngbomt of *6ob, prate, anb tonto;oc . ir-mfo; 
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Diligent bear: that rohm wt frr tli cfr clmigrs come 10 p.ifc 
mbicbr artbrtc fpohrii of brfoie , roc aioutOecoiifiorr from 
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fomr ajj tpnc (a rtjc natural! caufrs , of ^ob , ana tljcauitst 
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ofcrlj natural caufeBaftrr bio coocipitar.Dplrafute.lnBi 
watflit , ,jrrfo;e,loKf anOcoiifibcr.aiitiUiiomtbatrbcrfliitu' 
anOthroumbjotor of Ins enemies. SbatblattirbttfrtDuIj 


_.. . fo:tuiutco;fo;ro[ufulltiinr of icarfrric, famine anbprraini 
bait .so- of ^ tiJineffl. jPo? »io a ttioitb, tc ano a cobirmc pimiihmntf, 
penfo. chat thru that oo nothing e|icmc jb;cabofliff, no;bau 

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son («. Wljubroccalapairc of wcifibtro. ?lrcraBfa,)ctbfbatalH> 
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fojaprup. ynothiomcafurrb callfbOoinir Jignifictija 
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notppoiithprccafure. £ljrfamcm hie annotation© opou 
tbio platr: Cboiinr.faprrh&r, isa meafurrofrohratr, o;o» 
tlirr b:rab£D:nr,n>birh io fufficlntt fo; onr Oapco mcfltr.Ba- 
rf*wrt)inliftb, Pollux, m. ?bf 
tuo;dctbrrfo;rftgiiifirtb,tbataocrp little mratr fhal roftca 
grrat p:irr,anb prt not to br gotten fo;^btcb djau* 
crib in rlir tunc of famiur,l£>I)at c'ic fiomaur penp is lye :') 
?tittfo;rra)o tilings atrrigmficO,frar|itifojbrrrijofco;iif, 
aub famine© rarrtj rnfrrij tbr p;icr brponD rrafon. fami'n 
bath nothing to bir. though br b ■: th nrurr fo muebe monre 
lipng bp bi'n:butbongrctb,tpauntrth,pintth, anO at the lafl 
mifrrablp, ronlumrtb to naught ; roljcrut urrrlp brant) anD 
famine Do differ . Ihr Jft re manrc Otfc erne rfKmbp frtierall 
tBo:brs calling Dratrb, fcarfrtif.anb fainmr, Ijoiiflcr. pet arc 
tbcpfo:rtirmoft parte inQiuifiblc. 

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romnnpte oftfjepjraching of •fiobolarac, .uib tbrbjingina famitw. 

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bcrlarro mthr.j.bohe 0f/C^«t4r.i7.a!i0.i8.CW.?iira 

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mpirc:njbicbcri)mg j-.L^rclirefctb in the^fo/of the 


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lograpljcrs rccitefouOjpauO muuinerable famines. 

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1 90 Tbe.xxxlSermon 

mojp fn trjaft wattcfl of rniiian anb ela tubftc.ft fa no m W 
to tcbetre.Tbcp be pet freflbe in ntrmotp.auD rDiiti rnfn tiji 
(lo jt'ro of CateMut CaptlU, u$c felt foinc p at tc btrof aifo in 
rtrpcrc of oiitloioc. fn. ©.£*!*£- aub rbepcrrafol. 
loropnrj. 7b,t iufle%o;D puniffiirtrj , ana mo;r mill pmufflit 
ti:c rrreateiugraritubc , nut) comemptr ofljio ^oblji tuoaor: 
no I: r bib in rlje o qi tuition of *f ct.iCilf in , luoulic <6a& u 
woulo i ilcaff tljr mo;loc mofic 'ohiiae.tbjaugb rcpriirduiirc 
rocniwmc»mo^aorat}cnljrpiinif!iftb an& to trb tenant 
milling muibeoimb;atc t!ir nio;Qcof ucnnr:fo;fofljoutfl 
tbrtbrniojrfrlitincaiio icfft imferie. 

0oo tti|i noui t-bn t f o; a r o rnfo ; t c at tl)C rnbf of tbi'e Sralr id & 

or teritt not bcb.aub Oplt anb UPmeftr thou hum not . ttcnamtrtjojt 

bia uirtCF HmoeflmofTnifeclfancfoj rlirufcofiuaimf , aitO incinrnj, 

in punifc that -£ob bortb merciful!? rrfrruc fome ebiitgea, tbat bt 

9foa. rtjicflp ncteffanc fo; mane ofc.cfprriaUp fo; the electro faltr, 

tijat all flioula not prcftic aub pmr in general). USbctuii cot 

oubcr fianbethat tfir io;0 r fo;gctt etb. nor Ijia mrtrp, cumin 

the mibDcoof afflirrtoaiib plagues tbarlje frnbrtij. cljuain 

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*•"*• anb lactbca. Salomon in tljc.i j.C^r. of tcctef. caltrd^tqc 

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*0olben lieout, Jill poena call Ocattj pale. flub thtri 

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courfc of tl)c plage to\b of all fcifc.ifce , ano eucii of otato it 


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u bete roitb (icltcueo confuineb , trie toirb out faptb anO te* 


»tn5 tbat in be oe plagueo aitb prfiilcV r a rnofTmoital bAiie pisBise $ 
fat affhcieb tt)e flomane ^fnipttf , Orofme la toittcnee tn eiaaft*- 
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pimiiiifat.iyCbtpttT, of rbe.4-«Sohe of t^tEeefefisfi. flow 
teller!) of a marurloufe plague that lafirD about. 50, peteo. 
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rafc 7 rooulb recite out of tiiflonea al the plague anb r nla* 
mitiro of all nmea . IClbat 10 bone at t bie bapr, anb !;at!j ben 
bone in our mrmo;ie , pou pour feluee buorue bcfTe , 7b. ere 
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|;ere,aub after tlno dial burnrm perpetual toutmeneeo. 

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nienbr auib funplc Calamitiea, tfte ruillea 0: plagueo of a S auitt eftl 
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anbf^fc/^uitbe.i+.a^efr.^ojtbepbf rtjcfe, §too;bc, 
famine, ©eatbo; Pefrtlniet,anbbrafico:foatc tljepte- 


im.partcooftljcttiQfla, ^obmoftriglituouft crcrutctbbta 
(uOgementtfl. ^ v 

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long tan'ctt t&iw JotfcttOfrlK arte Dolp anti 
trc w , to f uDge, anD to auenge otir blouS on 
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esarmentcs were geuen bnfo eticrp one of 
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imngro of all tlje fattbful to batt ill anb panrncc. 5 rjr- plates 
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t94 The. xxxti. Sermon 

brntoetlmqio raittce.if anp ma rbanfltoulb %m fafcfirtfll 
of it apprrrtb.tbat t'ljipoflottral not tbc eburr bflg 
tlv.tu lofnbirtt to aUbrmorlirncG, nuiinro and n,;xirH)trr» 
cfalmcn.'rabtcthanboeracnotarhnottjlrbgcat t^isOnpf, tljcp arc f ooj!p Bifrcaucb , tvhtcl) mcafurr rtje rijutih lm 
tljf Quiro »irGcprarrdiiQ rraiifii'illKic of iliuujeo' ?-« .'-/w t/rj- 
fi*t in t^r .7-bohr of btflonro ractomptctb trn grruoufc pn> 
fceunone,repfcbagapnft tlic ctjurcljfro rijcMmc ofdjcJlp* 
fllca until i^ciupcraiicCojiaiuinc : robicb ttmr bib not fuiip 
net amplify tlic (pace of.f cr . iierc o. < be nrfl roas fticeb up bj* 
AVro.a monflroufr man, tulKccf alfo Tacitus mrnrioi; 
lno£!j:onicleG.<:ijiofrtmr rib out of tljeraaie pctrt jpjiil, 
ttjc mofi IjolpHpofilra of ^j:i|t-7 be ft tonbe beftrunii 
tbeeburebbjougbtuiL>wMj:j4«, aiiiirijuittycfaim lu'Bprtft- 
cuno ino(t greuouflii affltctrb botb. tbto our SAohn,ivbti}t 
tufjolc ehurttje alfo; anD tube n Ijc tuao bjougljc to Some, b* 
rufhra ftitn into tljr *^lc of patlimao.^bc tbirfcrraufrB 7;*. 
ij'j.-.iu'Krof pliiiic gourniour of ?ifia niatictf] mnitiom tijc 
lo.boKe of •trpifllca.f n tbis roaa hmtittt an IjoIb *6tnrcpDf 
taftanbaniQUcraofmilCJcbraftro.Jtn?) M.^nttniwrtnt 
mole (1 tO tlir clr-icf !) w: til tbc fourtb renfumto 
Hurl; fttcPolycdrfwt abiQiop mofl loatfbir.Apfiiw j fi 

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ftrn bloud.tba anp other of thj Aomauc <£mp recur o.firafli 

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grounbe wwetc rmtb, tbc bloub of tbjiig* 

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anapAccrlpofmcnrt;. lo^afcnacthDnto bio tbc*ffro(fc cccntwn. 
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mutc»dolOr.^o;fo ttjc Scripture Orfuurfj m tbr. n.thspt, 
of DanUt, art-) ftc Jlpo/llP, I. PeterXtapler. 4. <Tfa,n(1r tbcr# 
fo;r not to bifiroic.but to trie, prrmtttrcl; ocrii manp tlnngo 
to ^ttaiinr agap.'ift tbr Cburcfc . 3"br eobfp men alfo p;o* 
cutttorijrnifciucaibc!)ra , .ip[jai , .acof rhcto;ar,nit>t[cft in 
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oulp of ljunrbut ncurrtbclcffe arc tntanflleb roitb fonbjp 
And rail! affrrttono, ana commute fntljc artra as not beta* 
inrrbtbrm. «I;io inapcpoufcfOcclarcbatlargTin tbebe 
pmnpng oftljc rigbt bohr of tbr Etc/tfafhtalfioip of£nft- 
Iw.ra'iicijc? latrlp allcbgcb . ilnb tbc ^iraraico tbat pcrfc* 
tiitrb baQ an orljrr Smathcrtb and Antiocbm jty&w 
ourl&if(l]oppfoa:iap;mec6 baucattbtobapr. f^o: tljrfe 
1 notot arc nioucb raitb tbc Ijatcra of flcUgiou , anb arc p;ic» 
licbfaicraacocof &iciia;i.<l;cpiiiilil(aucin anpniifctlicir 
jpbolatcoufc religion maimcpncb.anb tijc rcllmou of tfjc 
tfiofpcUDtccrlpOitlropcb. ^bcpcannorabibrtohauctbnc 
JjOoIIco 0; tfjcr fiimca rcp;oucb:fo: tin's caufc ace t^cp mab 
at tbr falcljfull ana (uebcao franftclp (peaHc agapnft $, blame 
tbrr 1 Jollco anb rattlicOnco . *ino tbus doctlj t(f r pcrrc rat to 
flrci'cbopic upanap;ocrac. 
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uaumco be femctb utterly to fo;octrhcm. f>citbcc io thnx 
imp Ooubtc but tbat manp bp murmurpnfl offenbe tlje \o;U 
Mnb at tl^io p;rfcm licauen io openeb to ug . anb njeweb 

*& 59 

Ip6 Tlx.xxxti.Sermon 


lach (hiB«mpctfrcut(oii0,aut)ro^at(8rtK^n atc ' fll ' ftIaTCll:mo ' o|| n', 
aa arcoprs t |j rtt ^qq foigcttet^ not to be re ucngcb: tob> alfo Ijr t)i 

iilJh' M rftiirbcf(«nt»iubl)oailono.<tTcrctt)ingteatcfpotifntoti)e 

ftaie confoUtionofflltljffAitl|Mitljatarcnoaiafnittt6ttiitbp(t< 
frcutto. (Parte otljet ttjmaco arc ei-InbitcD Ifcrrniiro us.ttai 
pauitrro inffcuctcb o: rartjet tojtuprtb of roitb monhro «no 
Jrrctco frtfo;tlitQO0:tomium;cattomparip offRtmhia 
fliiti Oumifo touctcb in lirauni mitt) our laOica toiile ,« 
tbough tljr gtratcfi parte of tljcm moulQ be faucb . S.lotyi! 
flicmcttf no timer a f : tcrc,but earlier mAnpmarnra,iomi 
f o: r. ,10 of rhr bortrmc of omrie rue flial'iat f< 
Degree io mop plenrifull in Ijeauc, not ri)at *y c Aioulu cbin&c 
no man but ontp fttartito to be fauco(r oj fo minors I 
bclmcin»Clijinc, aiiBfntnfiethnrflrOicnJitljtbrfonrupif- 
muco of tbe faine.Qial beaflonatco imtb bolp fftarnnMiil . 
tciopfc roitb ^b;iPfojmct)but tbat ebitflpti:. I 
tiro arcfaueo.rolionif tbf maoDnuo:lo fuppo|.-t:. -al^H 
ftonlf 9 ft: *$ut Al tlpngto litre rnuft be cranimcD of us mofi Siligri* 
ptratcti fro lp. f oj tlno place A0 it io moft mamfefic, fo io u ful oft: 
«h«BoD?fct^oitfomtftacrrinco.^itft 1 6.*JoImferrlj..inOihOTctbDBai 
imaio)iai, jtujccfpopntiiifl wirtj^Iofmflar.tljffoulco.iTtliatoftljBlt 
tijat rocrc flame, to ton tbcfpiumal "inunoualfuuffaiiiKti?, 
niljiebtbcboopbcpnglap au& coit|umrb Oorrmaiiiraliuf. 

< ijcboop map be hillcMbefoulc tan not be lullco, Uitydji 
ouc6auiourl;art)liuclperp;e);Vtffr. , 'Jn^ 

bobp,anb after rino bauc nottjmg tijar t Ijcp ran Qo mo;f, t 
Zffttfo;t tiranro migljt roel in! tlie boDieo of fRnrtiro , tljro 

fefilp,tbefouleoofmennotoitlptobeimmo;rall I butalfiili' 
uiug o; roarffjeful , not flcppnglb rcmapiic d liue inUrwi 
Jrojtbctcur rl;.it tt;mUc tljr fotiTco OcpartcO from tljcbtfj 
Cbe cauft t0 nepcrorjiel) tljmg io mofi uapne. 
mahftfj ftorocalfotbceaufcioajnofOfojtljctD'iifljtbeftVicHn 
inatipis. flrcnapne:foitbcroo;oeof«6ob,aniJfo;t!;ctef?imoiiprta 
not tbe pa; ri>p bad: ttyep mere not put to acatij fo; rtjeit roiclif Onto aj 
■rtbtmw. cwUOopiisf0,bHtfoitI)etteTOcrciimou,tD^trbprl.ifi'^ 

| vptm the ApocaTipfe. . >P7 

miming , anb roao mabcflcflic: ano ttjt «6ofpcll roljicb tfjrj» 
fiab tomm*m Oonto tbem , ttjc tepimoup of *oO anb rter* 


tff-6obano tcflimonpof >cfuiffb;(p J baucfpoHciiin rtie 
ftefj C Ubt. fo; no of bet raufcar tlpo bap are flame immme* 
table of i&ifmoppce, Iimgeo aiib piiiieco. Pf tbep mere a&» 
Koiitercro.ufiief eo.UfafpIjcmrro.imifheO boero , rbcp ffmtO 
be in fomreffimation: nomem^rretbrpp;ofc|fr rl;eoncIp 
fonne of *oQ,anbp;e.irbc the-dofyef ' , tljrp arc murtbercfr 
tnttbourmrrrp.X?ctcbaurmca!focrrrm!jiormirQ, mljobc , m - t J - 
nrrp fRamte mOrOr, not ilje p tbatfurfrttowmemcaibue * / 
tbrp tb-it are tourmemcb fo; gooo mo;!)- j?o; tfjc aufe nun * ■•** 
hrtliihcmaitit. "' ' ' 

i6ut mtjert are tbt fouleo of tijem tbat arc flapne foi tljr w>hat tbi 
too;b of ^ob 0irmeb onto no? miber tbe Ilultar , trje »(ultar P' a " ,s of 
ioaftermtbe.S.f^f. fctmbeauc,befo;ctbctbToneof"6ob. q,' , ?!'* 
flJbrtfbic tbcfoulro of a! Saineteo arciii ftcaum, Uefo;e tbe ^|, 8 to A 
<b;one of **?oO, mbitlj rpa» alfo ftgntfwO bffojem rije Sip? 
oftbe.rruii.^lOero.?be«o;Obatbfapeaalfo,roberr^am f ' ' ' ' 
fo:etl»efoii!c«ofcIicfAitbfuI,mbo(ebobicobauebenftapnc F c, ' ? "'"'• 
o; burieb rotrb out f(augt| no rohcrcrlo bur in Inuucn. S" ,!!, * 
j^uertbeleiTe it mauittreb not a lingular mifteric , tbat tbcp * atiai " 
ore laprfl unoer nnbrr a fhabom,rli;ougtj rotjofB 
brnrfirttbefouleo map be tori at earc/^rotDpoubcfo;e, and 
^ereaga[i!errpetr,rbartbeaultarr!gmfietb'ffb?;fl.if 1 o;beio 
alfo tliegolben aultar.tnterecffour, anb piopfctation fo; oue 
fiiuu'a. f : oj ttje ptopiaation anb meDtationof Ctmfi toe are 
rerenieb into tlje >opco ecicfiial . ?lnb^b»'fl «o out life $ fai« 
uatio.UuOecbim roe (irbii)be,a&uiiDrc a coiicro: ,1(11,11)0111. 
arboiiiasofHqumerrpountnngttplo place oj S.hhtr.hp tbe 

toe uioulO offer to rlje fatbrr.mbat gooo fo mtrroe bot ; ana 
ttnougb bim to m.ibe acceptable, ruijat fo euer to pleafaume 
eo-^ob.Bnoer rijio nultar,nauulp nnbrr cb;ift,bc j> fouleo, 
liotonUimtbeflate ofbfc,(totoi«cmbilff(tDe Imrbtte in 
fcitrbjbur alfo in tbe fjate of our rouurae(to roit m ticauc)ao 
piiOcc Vim of iub,omc tlj tp arc coucrtO , ao uubct a ajabotot 

p.m. asainfj 

I ■■. 

r<?8 - Ttie.xxxii.Sermon 


rt)crc to an o(!j cc tiling alfo fignificb , tba t marries are matte 


anb tftcefo;f to rrftcnoro under tljc MiiltanSbiffi'. fro; tijcp 

that arc pcrtalummu'.) iHmiiipaffion.botcoiminteatralfo 

Ctir oiiitc t roitb dimm glojp.jro; hlir ao the oofomc of iib;aba , it cal* 

■^^° r ^ n lc6arccnJtadc,auotljatpojtraiiDhauQnof.SaImin6,imo 

ot»oiaija. rt, rn ,|,, t ^ f ri^ c f 0UlC0 f tbcarcrrceiucO.rubieb bao tbcbwb 

of?lb;aljam:fodoror uiioctfiaiiOrtljc.iulratro bcapl.urof 

blcffrbneo in ijcaueii.tobenn thep rcfl. oiljicb toitb trucfoirij 

rjauc aclinorolcbge a tff hjif? tb. canltac, papulation, fanttift 

cation anb fatiffaction : and tunc mo;courr in furfcnngofff 

reb tUcmfrturo to >6ob m*£tj;i|? , f li;ougtj patir nee, aiiao 

trptiLilrfacrifuctoooD .Unbcr tljioHultarwae gatbnrt 

rtje fitfi martp; ?lbel : anb after ao inanp ao bade OtcEifoite* 

hgto.aiid niai bcgatljcte o.roba fo cure in bearing tbe ctoffc 

ttyougb tribulation enter roitb Cbnft into glo;p. 

Cfif Carte s 0ouj io al(b betfarcb uibar tbrpdo onQn tbf h"ul«r.?fc 

enrrbnDft ncrpmarfiro^ (ape.trpr.iiottbeUrafleo.aottKptjflurfloae 

tp auiict, d^ mo;an i, tijpp [Clf om turn, a | 0tDOe uopf c\ 0a maiiftil 

imagine, that tbe blrffeb fouleo m l*eaucn boe romp! 
be fo;oniful!,boe aceule anb be ttoublrb . Shrfc ibmgra .itt 
fapneb to an otl)er tnbe,to tbc intemroeujoulo gather tint* 
of,rljat <6ob fo;grttctb not hto.tbat be puttrtb not out a) 
tirngtinrnt, tftatljefeetb, felctb.anbregarOrt^cuiumM 
jmaoratbcoofbiafcniaimtco. lOljctctbr utngrapiitt tol* 
lowrtl) not nmnrbiutelp, *6ob w tbouQljr of tnnup [flflfpe, 
anb to bane no refpert onto bio. l&ebcare therfoje , tbadjt 
boll" fttattiro trie, anb nuti) a foiuDe uourc . lit W 
tetijtoirauealuibcbtotbatfame in the. 4. of Gnt/u* i 
oopee of tbp b;otljcro bloub rrietb unto nrittr folia* 
gcauntc. **o; tbe ©tuiuro call tertcn finnro cnpng,ao ilwft 
robicljeare reb mrljc ^triptureo to trie onto <<oo, Mwat 
ty.o. ofG«/f/.ttjeopp;effionofDJiborueoanb oipl)aitre,UI 
tjje. «• of£*o.&j, toagrofojnjo^icoctcpnto, Veatenn.i^* 
«nb/j«« tbe-5. Hou> longc fo cure tljrtfajc <i&oboi|i"nTCtlj 
cciiBfawc«bcit«cMn:fornaiu»pcrfo,pctifl not tb,cWw& 



ypon the Apocalipje. rpp 

bf tfte iufle fojgottfnbefo;e t6oa v 6.paule(n fftc; «. (a fl;c 
Jltfoeves cnetb out and fapetb, that tbe bloub of Hlicllfpea- 
herb tnt^r.i8.ofL»^ftbeto;afapetb,tbattlicaff!inebba 
eric barfer bape anb nigbtc fo; drimerauuer . ttf oulb -6ob 
thfbrbloub .-6ooroouloiiotmttmeepaf?ebe merrtfuUto 
too; that much innocent bloub roae 0jtO emongra 
tbembp tbe mranr of /HanalTcg tbcpjftingr; ao apperetb in 
tbe^.TjoheofAV"^'. $Tjerefo;ebere b;etbrrncletuQconfi» 
fier rod at tbio dapr,rci)atroebae ( anO let no not flu-bc rail)' 
lp innocent bloub. 

tffenenlprijeroo;oeoarerrp;ffrrb of .5. Torm,cobicfjra»fjcthet? 
tbffRarncomebtotbeIo;Oc:ljopelonge/apctl)ep,Zo;b, Jbmmtam 
ruliiclirflrtrboIpatiO nrcmr, tr.<lirppnt «6oDm rrnifm- brans ^rft- 

tjiunrc,nDtaoigno?aunt,ojiiKOnnaunt,butacHnonipng, « *t&ac* 
anb mofie |icbfa(iclp ininotfull of ftolinro anb tcuttb . fo% 
in -ifinutiir ao tl;rxo:0fio bolp . bebatetb all piopbane anb 
Biideanc p rrfonce, anb fparetb tljnn not . /=oj ao mudjc a« 
iicigmic^eiiiaimtrjinctlf anb befrnbetb, Ino rtjofru , an& 

pwimffnrtl) anb opp;c|i"rt(i bio cnrmiroao be ijarl) p:oiv.i» 
ftb bp hiauiotbr. Ciino tlie tcfo;r tliou arte futlje , fape thep, 
O ^>oQ,m!iu Oocfi tbou not iutigr, anb aucgc our bloub, of 
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Ji ThexxxYm. Sermon 

anorocftesfcEal fepon fes,ano rjtot W from tfie 
pzefencc of Wm trjat ftttttr) on tije fcate,an& 
fro tfte tojatfc of tije 1ambe:fo;t t&e great Dale 
of his to;atr) ig come.3Eno toDocan inotirt it? 
3no aftert#0fatoe3j.ttfi.3ungete Bano 
on the fourc cower* of the earrtj,fio!Dtng tic 
fourc tofnots ofttjc c?arcft : tljat tfje tointics 
©oulo not blotoe on trje cartl;, notljer on tije 
&cc\noj on ant tree, 

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urtcc Cif Mtrtjqwahr tijciuifrc remourb from tbnrplatc. Jlnb maun* 
* radio ant) '(ItQootirtoliC:!, rrUiuro, 
fir in faith , ttjat ao moiiMmr a ano lira br immouabif, 
C ate not fljahen toirli ttjc ftojmce of rijr £ea, fo theft mt$t 
feme to be immutable . rteuectn tiro at tlie alt ecarion aiio r«f 
nipring of Donrutt.tbcp arc nonicalfo rnnouetl our q 
place, inuitf oucrti]:ortiei!.?inO fur tjaare.iiJclii(To;;c«fljalI 
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rruoirrb . fro; feoHcmgc id of cmtanrir namely in fudjtM 
nome begin to flqipc anb flibc from ihc toiHcof tbrrtjurilj. 
CVp W* ^' ,0 ^KP rbatbrpngnjahen, are rcmoutafrom rfrefure 
fbcm la founeartoii.get tbem into cauroauD rotiieo of 
Denote . io; Ijim t bat if oloctli nor Clmf? ro a furefjtftjt, 
of life .nor her committer!) tjnn frlfero bt onlii ruled bptt) 
£tTtprurro,tpatl)c miggt tjolOc thcecrtcutie, he is coHttntt 
to be le b of rucrp one that tjc meter!) rotrf; . IGljerf o;t m fi 
c hcm.tmto iuIioiii ^l);ift alone to nor all, to fclie faluanonn 
pilgrimages, m toonlirric, mnio;efeuni 
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gro on trrto.nj^ictjc Ijaut ImeO fome time a monaflieall life? 


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Whet Stdfi itepe ufipsUom me yp,tbat I nolongtrb'ule. 

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"2 ! 1 Tlxxxxiiii. Sermon 

Caaft* *t fRojourt Uk taufco of tbia fcate.bifpaftc anb hibing or, 

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lambc.anbfo; that tljcp prctciuc Ijohj faep can not obtOt to 


^brrfojc tljcp flee from the face of «6ob, tljep flf r from ttc 

lambc.djat tljcp might cfchctue tbe ucgeaanec,if tljcp coulft 

* &^grgy^|fr» tfcap g it. £ljc fcare of <$ob (a eommenbtb tons in rtjr fm> 

m^T^t *; j n turro.anb thn whirl] fciirc nor ^ob art coubcmncb:but tlj» 

**•* ^ (capture fpeaUetl; of a fcare iopneb mirlj true faith anb low. 

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.Scripture p;cachcthtooa <£obaoiuffc,anb(hmicn) dim 

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nigiicanb merciful to fucbaoatliiioujlcogftt)mfnin«,.m& 

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to mauHmbc, bp ruI;o ft mcbiation roe inape come to ifjc 


*%\ p;caeb,ctt> £h;tft tlje fonuc of «6ob to be tlje lambr , tijit 



(et|j anb offetctljuuto ttjinao of life anh faluatioiL <to 

robt rcao cojniptr B;caebrro, J?rerro anb popiflit p;it(ln 

tjaur fo;fahcn ttjia fimplc anb moff pure Doctcmc , bolrfcmi 

anb ful of confoIation,Oieroe ibat 4?»ob io liUc to AW. 

tus aiubgc inerojable, anbfet fo;tb Chuff ratbetao onrm» 

rjric than fauourablc,thep boe alfenarc boubrica tbf minfire 


(a m o; tin c to come into die figbt of ^oor no man Qjaibefii 
neb befo;e tbie #ob mofi fcuerr.aub bie fount atuOgr mo 
faluarion ttjrt rhoufe them mebiatouro anb intcrer ffmirtbi 
lobofr mrtMatfon, mranranb merifeotljep inapt rtt)cm< 
fljcfeiuro the f.mourof tljcaunrn beme. iD»t fuiQtbatun 
<Soo the oulp mcbiation anb intcrtclTioii of tlje fomir ij 
fo;«tbcfrro;ctcljcoaeebifapouueOof rtjcirpDurpoo.aiiB 

tin: length fall into that fame befperation. tL3fgca tfjcp pft 
bffo;c«doO / tbepflccfeoratbefarcofi©ob:anbtoin:mfiui 
nntb tlje p;uhcoof tljctrronfacuec hnomenotruV 
nxAfit Do,ttibjrb,cr tljcp mapc tout tie tljein, rul^rtc to the mi 


yp on the Apocalipfi. z\$ 

t»birbrtb:ougb'Cb;tfiatHno:t!rbgc tbefatberaea father; 
anb though Onff baur ateeffe to the father, ae fauourpng 
them : louing t!jc»i : arhnotueleflgmg uerrlp in cfti fearc of 
<Sob their fiuuea - but pet iwttb a trcroc faith hoping fo; x& 

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monhro of cine our nme , in ruhomc me fee ahnofi no coif 

frtenee at al, no: orbcrftttrat , than to be abbltf e to ^blenea, 

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mm ful of confttriitr.entrlng tut o celleo anb tuooOo , fo: non 

orhccraufe.than that tftep mtgbt fobcfaueb.-®ffuche|paKe 

tVeIo;b in tbe jofpel: ro^cn tbep mall fape.fapctb tit.&j'.ifi 

to in the tui'OernrB,r[ot not fo:tlj,,.:r. ?f nb 'I bouhte not , but 

that fomefitnplc alfo at tbia bap fo; tbto intent tahe opon tbe 

rte monajltral life: butrijep fliall fmQralfo, tbe fame tijat ,6. 

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Oioulb aftec the famefojtc be rrpounbeb , ao tt to . ^urtlitr' 

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214 The.xxxilii.Semon 

the towbeflrtjattbtp tbouibr not biotoe:an tntmmtuHi 
tompanp to brfealrh in tbemlbbr of tlje romipt flat; 

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the piMnf.urall Doctrine , ant) litpocrcftc fp; mppii[i ihrrrtf. 

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Cjiet^oathfrrtb. clomDco, mhidic caput anO m'aiif ibcctBtl 

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of 4»oD , anD rb;r fouuDr Docrnut , lubicbf io o| tljclpmtf o| 
4&00. ^berfojewtt one minor, rtjcfpttit of <6oDiu^ira( 
fpir«tj:ano tfjrrr br fourr rumor o , rtjatio to twrtcituinJ 
r!ir to; lie re of Ijcauen ouo partes of tlje card), charts to 
p;eaeljcro DifprrfeD rb;ough out tbr robolr roo;IQ. Wcr 
rl;r bortruirof tbc<&ofpr(J uifptrcD fromaHp«»ofip 
tuojID bloturrb.o: 10 p;eachrb; fo tljat itjcr br inanptowBr 
prtalip;acrOpimofom\ > r o;tb«ci8onranotlKfjinrfc 
nrr.robichr fpralirrfa bp thrmuii/lrrB.anD gturtlj tbemfu 
b;p«^.i2.*&;irflp, bp the biatfrofmmorcBi 
UHOttftaiiO tyfttt p;cdrt)pi!o tdbxii out of tljt b,olp.W 
cb< p)to; £cronDrIp tue niuffe hnoiee that tberebe both goobaiw 
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op mm 111 al placro of the roo;lD, in the tfourtco of femora, 
in thrplacco of fuDgrmcm.m 5cholrs,m £o!lcOgce,uiCi' 
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biting tbt rraopntf of ttjr i&iblf , f be p;racl;uirj of tlje ^of- 
places, |(tb\»brrrfidta iMrncbanOtauobt out of the (&mt. 
Zbcrrfo;e^ifo tbrpp;ot)ibitriinb couDemue tbcii&iblr.inO 
tbr bolico of tbr OofprU, of ibe pna)o;tbinco of the nibirije 
< !kp Do ibefame rtjat in times pafle Antiochat , Epiphana* 
Diat^f,*uaotiiftmenof the fame fo|tr arereb to haue 
Donr . <T)e rypofirouro of tljr fiible in rimre pafle DtfrrurD 
erre&viiff oreat p:apfr : Mother toon there anp faptljfnH that 
fapeb the hotp hohc to be co;ruptcD , foj that ai ttanfUtiona 
nrrrrcDnotrmonnro themfriue0.1ldeUucthrrcfo;c at thus 
Dape in a nmc mo(1 f o;ruptan& inoff onrijaiihcfuli. 

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the -f artlj be onoecftanOetb men bncllpitg in 4E arth:bp the 
fieaaiiD^lcs, men of ^latiDro , aiib that Oroell ourbrSra: 
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neprfjrr rfir f.irrrj roareth nrrur. <ljc prophet Mprth, frnOe 
fojetj tbP fpintr , anO t!»ep Oral br ccrarro , auD thou (bait re- 
nruir tlicfdrcof t^erarth. ?tuD erfeptrthetuo;De of<t5oD b« 

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thefruutrs of Booh toojhco bjougbt fojib of men. 

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Tbe.xxxy. Sermon. on(l:mf-icfo,.iiiEiroo;fliippcO<&oiJ,rapiiifl^ mt '-^' , (" ll ff' 

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I Weft bao the bale of tlje Ituins ^^*^ , 9^£ eb %5f J?*^5S I S£ ™»« * 

DOpte tOtnflOUre aUngCUCS^ro f ij fr o;tuprionofODCtruir.?trD;ron)fn!anOaffaccfulmaitct 

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X'%9 Tfcf ;xxrt>f. Sermon 

^©boneof tfce doers aunftocrefc, 
fayfng bnto me; tohat arc tljt 
. YuUicli arc arayeO in longe tohitc 

fe^Jv g atmentc *' Whence came they? 

£**k*^ JnD 9! fayeb bnto rnnUoj&c thou 
tootcS . anti Dc faycD bnto tncrtftcfc arc tjjep 
tohf ehc came out of greatc tribulation , ana 
tnabe their garmcntes large ,anb maoc them 
iDljite in the blouO of the Jambe :tberfo;e are 
they in the p;efcnceof tbefeate of©oD,antt 
ferae hf m Daye anD tit gljt in his temple , anb 
tie that li e tctli in t lie fcatc, will DVucl cmong 
tbc. (ZDcr fbai bonger no iiiojc, notlier third, 
Hotter Qiall tbc ftmne light on them, notlirr 
any rjeatc : f bi thclambe ttiiiclje is in m 
miDDcs of the fcatc, thallfeDe tbenunti Han 
IcaDc them to fountavnes ofliuyngtsatn: 
InO OoDftall toiyt atoaycoU teares from 
tljeyi eyes. 

Cbc otto-. i&.^oljnfara tb^fouffsoWarrirorrftmffOnbrttbf duf* 

flonofihiaf«>«urrctiiDtt^n3hiwoannmtco.^l)pfclff fdmctaoran 

■xpofiiion . mfmtt r imilrmior of" .Ml nations anb people , faurt from rtc 


rrb n!fo roitb injiff garmentce . »pon tbio ottafton tfijct 

tijingro dial norobc r rpou OcD onto oo.rohat torp art raliul) 

nee clot^c&tn rol;irc g.irmcre^nitjri»cctt>rv Ij^ucrlwt tohttf 

nco,purcnfo / AnOfalnatloi^.* T i!!J!IpvcljfltiorljrJia[to;fril' 

nrtr ofthcj'r,o; roljatiotljrtrerue blfffrbnrfc' 

Chr&rah* HPIjatrimefi.JohjibaOfcnefbcm.hcmarmlcfl tuuljont 

nr« of m.ifl a * &oubtr .tabat tbcp urnr .ncuerrljrlrire be ie rrO to tiauc uv 

*:it)rraaD : qmtCQ nothing, ^ut of bw onmcacco;Oeonroftl)C.< 

bmgr ■« <&IOfta,off>~rnb him frlfe ro bim an erpofitour , Doubttcoin 

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ufi&iuuir. j^r^riflnojdumeofmajioniittG. JFo;litu aatyEuwch 


^^^^^i ypQH the Jpoealipfe, * * 9 

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ttacber rorrr grue Ijmtfo M thia picfoif a'fa blcffrb fc- » otm 
him rnfc brpng be mannoco , ruljerber be hnrror we m ttjat 
roecc apparclfO m robitceonfcffrtbhie want of tmomlcDgr: 
pet fie afmbetlf to bio trartjee flic Hnorolrogr tbctof, bp tbta 
tnranr tliioimli a mofr bumble mcDctf ir rrmiiniig a furnjrt 
beetaranon. i=iiiallp btteappcrttl) tbr onmrafurablf gooo* 
nco of ^oO.rofueb talsctb in banbe to f eatbt uo cb,at are t uar 
anO tntrootrif p - tOr bane manp eraplr o bcrof euerp tb&ete 
(iitbcp:op!jefro,anbmtbcbo!pftorprlof^):tfr. ' a„i, M . fc w 

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jQbn,anQtoaHtlKfairtjftamrtjeroo;IO,n.I;aftb.efcaTfrbac^ r lU . ( 
arrtlort)cfluia)lmr:?lnlJtrpouiitietbniitliallfromniljtntf (0Ulf£W(lli 

bbt!) mo. iicfapetljbjicHp.rbatthettorbel) twitbuibite in 
liraurn bettjc goblpproplcof alltiinffl anb flgro,mb"I)cat 
elje Icngcli hauc efe .ipcb( in" «f $kij*vt ) out of nrtatmbula* 

fion . ^ntiulanon ia founQc robe fonb:p anb Oiurrfc. foi 
fnrf?it m mbiilation.uibitb cornet^ of laping tuaptc arO pet* 

H£>f)tcof roc bauc fpohtn in rijcfi.tbapt.ttfMnrbc fo; aftnut^ 
aotn tins roojIOcttjep roere ouccroljtlmfD ttttb rtpiotbco 
imfpfiiMrable , fottljcroojQc of «6oo , tbcp^ucbi anotljrt 
tao:lD terriuco robitcfrarmmteo.JbJaniatliercan otbet pev 
bulaciDii,u»Iiid( arrifctlj of tl;c feace of -ftob, atiO 10 a care of 
olifrpimi-j faliiation . <h\$ 10 (o;v fo; tt]e uiinpli tiioufcntB 
dnD ro'.cuptton of man. Jt io foip fo; tb. e greuoufe abomino- 
nono of Xntitbtif } . ?(nb rijcfc a!fo , albeit rfjcv bt not inaM 
0^arf>c6,Det are tbri m an other life cIotbe3 ro»rt| robne. 0U 
nalhJtljriibaiictnliiilatiooan&are molrftcb after tbf flrth, 
fo manp ao rao)tificnjeir fleHic roitlj rije contupiftetco ttjrc* 
of.?lnb brtaufcrbn mournc bctr,m tberooilb to comct^ep 
Ojai rrcrj>ueEoinfb;te anb coiifolatton. 

HOflpnelffpfanpmannioulOafcribrfifeanbfaluatioiito ftomhia 
mamcDom ao to our roo;lie ( anb to crptntaQcc ao to our Of- •• ipf« ""» 
fettr.rheloiO mojrourrQrtlarctb bo tbcIOrrerp;rffeip , fro ftuwiwn. 
ma anb pnrttic rVauncrtl) onto os. «nb tbep Ijaur tuaftiieft 

A.m. ti)tit 

ij© The.xxxri.$ermm 

ibcfc garntcnrco , faperb t;r , anb mate tgcm rrijfrt bp tbi 
Uoiib oftbclambe.Jtn&Urrcio founte a burnfe rrabpng. 
3Cnb (*xsTwaMtWtie, tljat tt^cp bauc inlargcb tfjnt gar» 
lira of gnat pjuicco.robitb rift, fo; tbe Irrtpng fo;tb of rbrit 

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mrntee . tout in mp opinion iljc eomplutriifiait topic mid 

Sirrtas feme to nabr mo;e rigljtlp anb mtnr fuiiplp o; plain. 

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fcatt; tranflatrb it . Jr o i Up rtn'o rrpofition bp t t bp follorortb, 

anb bauc mabe robin, jajimafiuarcabcrij.mibbaucmatu: 


(•fiBniftcO,tbaftl;ff.iluationanbpurififanonof i^Efn>n> 

hoto btouB full to of tbe blouD of •Cbfiff.aitD of non otljrr tbing.Udfjrrr 

J^jingif b ocrtip bloub fpjmglr b tutyttrtb not, but pollurrtlj. «iljrtfo;e 

noon Pu i mufIn]tDnDcr(?anbctbffrtb.ingrafplntuallp,toanttftI« 

"* ' rijfUfrp ( !uturaianQb"inancUlouDof^bJ>n»0"toc'MO" 
tijr •Scofff.bcpng fp;mrlcb aponnofpitiruaHp(ae S.P**Bn 

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tbQiiQlj it rem be uo nor naturaltp anb t o;po;ailp pourgrrlj 
be from al ftnnra. Hub thcrtf o;c roe rrabc in an other pf< «Cb;i(T pourgrtljuomttb liiobtoub. Iro; bprau|c (AitctH 
fifatioiiiotlKonlpwoMvr of<SoD.<b«fo:ctubfnf6nwi 
nt fapeD now to bauc roarflicb.anb ivtjicca tb'it garmmta, 
bp ti)c bloub of the lambr. It figmfietb tbat tbrp bauc tnri- 
trine io fatbolicKc anb of tlKrigbtf.iitb,n)bitbbatbfonuap 
anb fo gnat t r fiimoineo in tlj r boln Seriptune. fuuOpmc 
pcrcrpucboro tbofcroUlcbr an (aucb from tbchmgbouuaf 
?(»titt;;ifi,anfaucbbptbcmra[cof»Cl»iftalonf f( :bpnone 
orijrc ? I;aucalfo flictotb pou befoje . fHojouttttp 
anb bp ia inferef 0-trjcrfo;c be tbep in tbe flgbt of gobs ftatt. 
jFoi rub at tanfe f p:auc tlir c i bir.iufc tlirp bauc roaihrb ana 

ttbitff fo; ttjcuiCTitrof^bfifibauctbrprutnb into licaucn, ana 
rfic iutt or r&en aniuuitonncb o; eiotbcbnmbcrrriull light. 
&i»c.*s • iFiiulIp tbe fiber brelarctb mofic at large , rohat (be f&tt 
ihf ran* of ,6amctco ia , anb rotjat is the trnuc blc|fc of the fjptijfult. 
Wcffibiiu. jinb tijeft tljuigffl occtrrtcn tafleg , fct tjen fo; a cofolannn. 


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tbatfamchatb •'ftob p;rparcb fo; tbofr that loue bim . Hna 
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3Tb;onc i* tbe maicftir of gob to be roo;Qiippcb fo; run anb 
rije Weffr a Irimnr.Mno tijr &auirt ca ftanb befo;r tbe fcatr, 
notaa tbci arc rooiinrc tbat tarp bcfo;rtbrgarco. foi aa n>r 
mofl inner frcubca of ^ob , tijrp an altoapcetn tbe figfjt of 
♦ob, i biiuc die fruition of bio beinr. iUlicrof tbe lo;Q Tpea* 
hmgin tb, r *oiprti:p;,ipc pe, Capet!) be tljat pe mape efcap e 
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fauiirrntoiiirhpngbrba'^bf fo;nm.;iiibtbereioanncrfbf 
^ob in bis Temple both c bap AtitJ mgb f , That fennce barb; 
pleafun anb uo painrfultira.ttnb rt)r1 fcruc <6ob in tbe trm* 
plf,iio«6oaiamoiuctobcfffuf0mrtjc«.e;nplp. £aiti)tp 
hrpcbolp bapea.tbepangtab.raopCcbcmcTp.pjapfe: anQ 
fo rbrp offer op fatrfficro, anb are rrfnfthcb rout) bcaucuip 
crpaflr. SiibrtpfliopcOialibcfunlafipng anbperprtuall: 
tobicbisfigmficb bpbaieanb mgljr. Cuijrrroifc ui ihcblciTe 
furrlafTing tbenia no migbte at all , no; anpe tbaungcable 
courfeofnmc. l^cnuntoioabbcb, tbatrjttlwrfittctbmtbe 
ft ate , tbar 10 tbe bmiiicm.iicff ir,?*™v- 1* it «ww, roill brorll 
in tbcjn:n>at is to mitre , ^ob toil bcal in al, o; be roil Icane 
oner tbrni, anb aoie rorrca rente o; tabcrnarle,mill ouci* 
baDoror tbrm , brfrnOc anb Hepc tbcm , anb geuc bun fclfc 

ro tbem.fnojcauer tbcp (ball bongcrnomoK.uatljnMI 
mrptbicfie. j?o;ail uiftnmtieanb nufcciriotaHtn aroapc 
from tbe blctTtb foulea.aiib bobico glojifirb , Thrp an fillrtt 
rotth al goob ttyngra mitbout anp lotbfomneo .roitij a mofi 
lopeoufr fulfillpngc.fjouic rtjc fuiine fallcrb not upon rijem, 
no; tbe bcatr.rob. icbr pbjafc of fpeaebe bctoHr nrtl),tbat tljcp 
are put to no trauti uo; pauie.but arc beliucrtb at onco from 

1-aII bifpicafun, anb allpapnrfuiiico , anb to be at moitr ulta> 
fi.utn H&aptie 


The. xxxvi .Sermon 

Drib a.ift 


ttgapnc ie fee in tlje canfe of fo great f feHriric , «tf);if?(&# 
Umbr.tbAtiotofjpctflmit mtoiatoiiran&trbetner :mn)e 
imaorooftbeffflte,tbatte,Detp-6ob. j=oj Ijr, aa both 
f ' ^/.in,5* f/'*f r.nno tbe lo;0 alfo liimfrUc in / 

peiac , and no a «£aptanicof lift mill If aa t tbem ro the fmni- 

taiiies of liuelp water; that 10 to luitte.nnli qinrlien rljrm fo: 

fucr,iipjrfrnifall!ji0intl)atfcliritic.l9fufft!)mt^io rrr# 

tifr tuojbe a of the pjopbetre moft accufioinco^ao ofro n» 

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rotiie fo;tc cficincljeaufiiU»oifteo -lictruntofjf topnetb aa 


rhnr epto . UPtyefj uio;oro he hail) bojroujco of £/ 

.SainrfeonitbtoroojIO toiicinopleD louh (onojpfui! 

flieo mofi plentiful te areo.but m the djojIO to comr,tbelo;o 

Jacob. ia thee geupug the at anp tune anjt o ttaiion of grrYc. SnD iijn> 
Dial moutne ,but pout mourupng flwf be touuice into tope. 
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tbe faitbfull oot knoroeta roftat enbc tbcp OioulD tahc tljofe «tnlire;> Ijaucpjapcb fo; rijc c prtcc, tbat tbp faptbmoulo 

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*4* Ttejcxxvlii. Sermon %fon fa Apocalipfc. 141 

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mratic anb fuggefiion of fiathan , ttjet roao maocbapUo* i uitimateO in foure ndpeto, anb in fire lilirauft . Jlnb it fc- 
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fiunine:!; ibecefo;e rt;atfome notable man Oioulb fall aroape 
from trjr treroefairb iuto berrfie, robeerottb, betboulb infetre 
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founbe bortrine of raprb. ?inb tbrfc tljmgre feme to be fulfil* 
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Tl>t.xxxix, Sermon 

rlnngre.ano tioro ngljtip rtjcp ate al fiilfiflttt . Oo final p«tl 

mour is often mueobp rt»r in(u8'»»6 of iftc otuiicriiciuto. 

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tbe Q9ocne , anD thftbircc parte 
of Qarrcs * Co tVjac tie tbirD parte 
cfthctoaflDatfttiKD.inDtbebaye toaafmit- 
ten, that tlic JbirD part of it tbouID not Glint, 
anD UfictoiTe tijt night . 3Cna 31 to ftrloe , nnS 
fcearbe an SEungeU tiipng tbojoto for mtooetf 
of9ea«en,anD faipngtoitlialotoDc bo^ce; 
to 0, to o, too, to t lie mtiabitcrs of tbe Car th, 
becaufc oftbebopeeoto come of the rrompc 
of tbe tr#e 3?figel& toDtcrj tocrc pet to Mow. 
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rt-plm flam fall from 0eaueri bnto tbe <£attbr. 
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jfeunne anD trie apzetoerr Dar&cneb.bp toe 
reafon of the fmofie of the putt . 2tnD tbew 
came out of the fmo&e focuttes bpS trie cartrn 
ano bnto trie toas gcuen potter as trie ^>co?« 
piono of th* <E arth bane potter . 2nD it teas 
fapeD bnto tbem that tbcp QjouIDnot tmtte 
the graffe of the earth , notbrr anp grene 
trunginottwr anp tree.bue onlp tbofe menne 
telucb baue not tbe fealet 11 tbep.i fozbeaDes, 
una to tbcm toau commaunDeD that the? 
QiouiD not full tbtm ,but that ttit? ftjoulD be 
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as tbe papnetnateommetbof a ^cojpfon, 
toben be hart? Qonge a manne . 3nD in tbofe 
oape K fljal men fefte Dr3tb» anD (bal not finbt . 
it : anD (ball DcCtrc to Die > anD Dcatb ©all Bit 
from them. 

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The. xxx'tx, Sermon 

to hisvomfrt : 3«uifljr trgiflrr of tjrttfir , Hjl. SS.^mfic* 
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that the rattdf mammto rail 10 free Ito 60 gooD that ir muflt 

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The,xxxix. Sermon 

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The, xxxix, Sermon 

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Hereunto to abbeO, tbat ttje antra of tfjc locu(lroBmnu(i 
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C CClie X-ocuffes are Defcribcti by a manic* 

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m f&e tinu'tftu&e of TLoculteJ W 
h&ebnto ©o;fes p.2C|ure& to battel, 
anD on tl)e?i beaocs ttett as ft torn 
enflpnt* , Ufie bnco solfle ; anb tw* 


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faces torn as ft baa ben tbe faces of ntf .2n& 
rbep t)a& Deere , as tbe beere of ttemen . 3EnO 
t heir tetb xocrc as tbe tetfj of Hto*.3na tbc? 
and tbe CounOeoftbeir tofogestoas as tbe 
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together in battell . 3nO ttyv baa tai les lifie 
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mvi tailes . 3na tiitn potter teas to burte 
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3baDon>bnt intbe ©refte ^poliion. 

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%6o The.xl.Sermon " 

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Ip tgno;afit of cmcrfion, tljar ie of repentance. rfo;.6.3tolw 
(emrtb ijere to baur allubcD unto rtjrfcroojbcoof lenmn 
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Tl?c.xi t Semon 

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of all mtniit , rijrp will be mabc p;mk to all tinngca , tbrp 
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The jclLSemon 


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\fon the Apocalipfe. ijf 

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bifpattbrb bio matters , anb o;out manp of rbc.Saraccnco 
our of Hfu,anb the Jurttro began to reign e in 1 1) r <i\ifr . ?i no 
Ibc Saratenrorrpulfdloutofthofr partico, came mraBf* 
■frichc : from thence fapling into ■oicihr anD other 1 (anbrs, 
■.tbrppolTflTcO Spaine aJforanbouer robe other natidoncre, 
^■nQ tnuabeb "I ralp.fp oiling Some, ani coufummg ttmb fire 
nrnanp goobf p builbpngco.Concerning the toh. icb, matter PC 

HhiOic eniucrouro hab the p; bemnmng of Ottoman, mho pop 
rfirffc at tt)io Oapr a great parte of ft fia , Jlffritttc ano >fut ope. 
l^jerof hatl)tu;iieu6^.'n?- Igmtiuf m tljcnCic of the. i.bolie 
,(fj3f tbcQomauc emperouro, anb /W«/e«»i,tf>anp oftfie 
j^artartaiia rfceiucb the religion of flfcabamct, cbauc in oft 

i^etb in 6armatia of nfia . ?mb Ooubileo the people of flU* 

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anb <rartan.ino..D.1'Obu abOetii, that bchearBethfitnfipi 

fptbrr fo; that be rooulb fo confirme,that he hab fapeo,l)0" 

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fiffmfie, cljactfjcp; mctojico alfo wcrr nomtyeb , orO tb*" »acc Ctfn,ir ^ 9w(Kd.£H* 9o»fto b^wttjeb out ot thtit mourtja 

9 f*'i 

174 The.xli. Sermon 

firt.fmohc,* biimfloiKjthe rtnrbr parte of mmiam flaunt. 

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people to rftfputtlifp;Mlco;anr:aiiQmo;routtnil)iu time 

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pjopbrt ia aiailr)rr)rD plapc the frrprntr, anOmftttr meimi 

nmij t'.jc moftc cojmptc poiifon of doctrine. -Out of tijnr 



blafpliemtto.IOl)crf fflBctbfp.iowoiit cb;ii1mfairlj. J oiiE^ 

ligion of f I: aljomft aurtomrrii aLHl pout tbingo arc imfc 

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brtrer.aonbtleo tlwe great felintirlioliietiiiiunp/iiUiiirt' 

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of ebus tooiib 10 of fo great fo;ee in maiirr 16 al incn.Jin. 
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eieo.^br jwabamctaii« burnt with fire and b;im(ione,ea; 


*f>ott the ApoatUpfi 1 75 

at rbmgea bunicrrmtj a Iigl)t fire , all la full of fraoUr . Sfjeii 
p;incco.urlioiio,irbcirgoufTiif incut 10 liticliona.altljingff 
nraniral.Zljeptoinaimbe cruel iljiHgto.notbereoinrttubtc 
arm other tljiuge out of tljcir mou the than that 10 blouDbp. 
£ficrfo:c baueniaiip of them collcb tb tmfeluca tbc toiarb of 
^oa t the rabtppr 0; fcoutrre of gob.MnD octelp cIjig m: .irU 
of the! o:b folloinctb ewniptc Oocerme anb fawruing frfirbe 

(faittj. UJ»ith theft tbjrcpiaguca fire, fmoaranbb;u7tflone 
th e cUirO parte ofthr mo;IO 10 flapneanb OtftropeO. 
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.iMuebcltueO tbep;p:omcl[efl anb flattetuig roojbeo, (i banc 
itrquireb anb bib apbe of tbem.ljawe iiutnOjcb a Serpent in 

teerof eeinai'nf rroo notable rramplee.?! biTcojbearrifing ciir apbt 

:^ermene t beemperour of Conf[antinoplc flllO bis pjmtn . inb flat ;e. 

J rjiObilcfl A/*rc«ilo.:Orof S»/^rr;\r[opnebbtni feifc ruitlj tlje hiibca of^ 

pp;liicro,o; Io;bea of •fireet , tijempctour roae topcllcb toa* tut*" at» 
(iqmrcaiOc of vtmurotbes trjcfirfi of that name tbe.uf .turHiU) ^peewetoua 

f<f inpaoutaftet Ottoman, anb bcapbeb ttjcinpetourgertp. 
fjro; b, e ftnf into ^re(e. 11000. ebofcii turato, toitb rorjomi! 
ftflie nnperoiiebcpngapbco.lic biftomfiteb anb put to fligjjr 
Xftima him fclfd the ttfl of thercbrtito.lciut that Ctmrairu* 
^DnOre/loQcbpfbefoiOtoiirotrbiebeterowrncb borne, 
artM^ 1 
B^rcafon of rtje Oi|"co;bt ? biffcntton of ^lncei3;bf Oerermtnea 

o-tlng tijfprtouro cneratea. Jlnb lb begau to pfflfcffe ^rect it 
^rlf.robu^boTb iHBfounce.Titepbfto co toltb itt an. C.pereo 
fc>;ongbt robolp into ttjnr fubie ttion . "in ourrime orrofr a 
j^tfeojbe fo: tbtrxabneof Uogartf bttmipt / r <r4*«?i6,tDl>irr} 

B jAOincio^rapftour,ajib/o(l«/'<«>Mi'(if|»;liitfof liongaricr 
tjjSljitlj bepug not ablem pnrengtb to inatc^eivniDMirda, roaa 
Ifc^iWii 10 cwuc apbc of Sotjmn ciuprrouc of *urtito. 

9& ?4< 


x 7 6 

Tfo.xfi. Sermon 

flcncc pUcing^obiuiibionmgoomc: iiorountwrfrt .that 
immebiatclp tjc utpng rtttnctr.rtjc Zurbr iniopro tli c hiiig* 
aomr of ftongarie . I©oul0 4&ob tljcrcfojc ttjar Cb:ifim 
nidilffitlKfnVioiiirMitfl.wnliriUupoiitlif ^"liMfiiannitrtt 
a frrnbtlp countcnauner.licnutuorili to puta Srrarnt imo 
bio bofomr ,ant) to oUrropf fjim. XnO wc art alio at tbio oap 
intbtofictr, ao alfo *n tljc fiftf figfjtc , m ttjc jaajii piraii ,inO 
fWatwmr licall wruption.withfbnra <mb tit3np.7ljriort 
JcfuQ Orluirtoe from at tlirfc fuillre bp luo glafioufc torn* 
nipng onto iubgcmmt.;tmcn,?lmm. 

C^at ©outo be Bone to tlierettocttieof im* 

prtricr ntto, in tb. io mrane rohjw: f rtpng none cuiU , of tbt 
lonifiro anti ijo;ffo. 

The. xlij. Sermon. 

i ; 

hF<T^ fiDtftctcmnauntcoftfietncnnf, 
tDfticfj lucre nor billed tottti ttirft 
plagues, repctco not of the orfcrg 
of tlje w fianOes , that tljep Qiouto 
not tDOJtoip otutUe&anb imafltf 
of golDe,ana tilarr anb bjaffe.anb Rone, anD 
of tooou\totncrj notrjer can fee, notlier heart, 
not &er goe . 3ifo Wcy repent eb not of t&tfl 
nmrt&er>an& of tijew XDitccjcrafte ,not&erof 

C'i* toaGi '(rtofpohfttabofiaantln,[)oipritMtctirtamitirfl].iltotn( 
muftbchiionratbfaiwlOoftOf totuj?«flnbl)oiffoonOrctbtftfttaBl 
ftiira in K nwft «^anOwbcw*tiofuffiflrntlphnotDe,rbatalI<itfi 

tnten. |ublrc«rotb'r lotufleo smU tjojfre, nrpthcr to be puimrfl 
of rfjc"i.robirb neurabririTrcommittc tbuigrs aifo wo;t& 
ofpjinniftimnit.fomfmanmigbtmarucl.roljctbfr tbrftlM 
jmg ftf c and rrrmptro from tljcfc plaguro, map fafelp Ita* 
»intpmumeiifcfljrp;ciirtftb, ano fapcrtfcano rljctrfitie* 

>/>o» the jfpocatipli. *77 

«uo pet arc not flapnr wtrh tbjrfc plaguro frt fo;rb,mapr not 
(blithe to rfcapcoiipuimiriirb. fo: mm tbrp Dial br putmif* 
(hro alfo of <6ob mofl tufl. |r 01 tbr fpracbr io brfrmur. ano 
thrcfojf tobf inabf op.botb bp tbf trnurf bftof, anbatfo bp 

tbc ratbolihr fmfc of tljc mbolr 6tnprurr , winch io tbat all 

tmpnutrnr p.-tfoncofltcpimnifhfo of^oo:;T tbat fa mud) 

mo:r ftrfuouftlp,rbcmo;f carrlfffHptbat tbrp baur abufra 

gobs longammmr , brpug notbmg mourn with anp rram* 

pirn of -SoDo niogrme'rffl.pct fapctb br not rtjiabp f rptf|T« 

i»o;otfl • Jtroao rnougb fo; Mm to rrbrtfr tbr tuithroiico, 

tobmnebmrorrrOjownro. )Po;brTofmaprrurrp manga* 

tbrt.nibaTtobrmttofucboffcnbrrs./fn'Mf a^rrhcrrpofi* 

tout,ctooimaing tiyoplatr ,Z\)\q fpraebr fair ft) be. Oirwctf) 

an rrtrilmricofmjrimbinnrjbatiooftbrroamonnroan& 

lafciuioufrnro of tlicm , which baur fpcnt ttjr mnr graunrrQ 

1 tbein of ^o0 to rrpcntriii , atiouir oainrp.rljat mm fo; tli* 

! ioo;tl»mrooftb:ir|lougti)nilnfo i^rpmigbt rftrpuc tfefW 

I rrnjatOr : pea rum btfozt ttjr tpto of itjc vugoDIp ttjr urtp 

■ ttroacOr to put in tffcctf : pet tlj tfr mm not onlp bp tljf figljt 

[ of fbrfctrcnblc tbinBfo.tDtnf b tbf p \tab pj cfc nt befoje tbcpj 
1 cpre.torrc mao c uru t r a io'ju brttrr.but alfo w o: fr , i mo; t 
; anQ mo;t raiappci in fiiuur , b. auc (ulfillcO ilj rp; coutfc, $u 
« iTguflfarrrbc. 

Hereof rot mapf gatbrt tpat ft ie not fuffirfntt to a goblp u>r, M (f 
t «iO b rfTraiiff , rbfltamanbrnota paptfit.ojafVl^omt' rquitcBof 
k tan-burtbatof cufrponrofoo to rcquirrta trrrorfaitb, f i>f w*p 
' u>I)it b maur nunc do to tuairic in al the taitmwumoriHt ntro 90t><e> 
I of <&oD:dnO rbar uir mouio It now. rliat ai muft br grruoutlp 

I puiimfthf0of'4>oo,iomaiipafltranfott(fftl)rlatpcof'^o0, 
I o' wbat religion, tonoition, agr, fiatco: Oegwr fo nirrthrii 
I mm or of. i*o; <^oQ mofr lufrr batb no rrfprctf of prrfono. 

IW jo fo met baur fmnrOajitbout a law.faperlj tbe HpofHt, 
ijOifllprrujenjitbouflawr.-aiiODJbofo nicrbaucfmncD in 

, ttjf laujr.bp tbr law (ball br iuDgro. Ccrtc lp$.>ob. n ffinrt^ 

; brer now to b;mg fojtb botb tbr tablro of tbr lawr, fl tijfib^ 

* rro;ourtbrfiniira ant) wirhrbnro of tbrongoblpmcn.of 

wbo n br will alfo ttjat luogrmet br gatb.trrO.Cbr ftrfl table 


V.iit. *>e0. 

N T1 — 

J7? The.xlii.Sermm 

rcptro of Ijumg.anb tcatbttb tbc lout of out" 
bibbpng murtbtt, aauHmc.rtjcfrcano IiUc mifrtjiffro.§. 
?obn bjmgrrf) fo;tb tmo finnro,Qone agamf? tljr firft tabir: 
anb rtjjcr o; foutr rfiimttrb agapnfi tljr fcronoe . (>cptbcr is 
tbtre anp boubtt, but rljat Ijc r ompnfrtl) unorr tijefe all [Ac 
0) not online , mo:r o: Icffc offences agapii|t «5ob , <i;io fro 
tbc biumelaoj.tbou Oialt br puniuflif o. Pf tbou feme ni tins 
roo;IQ to ffcapc frfc,anO to flute from l)ciur ljappp,tl]t faint 
hIlIpc rbauiiff unto thrr, ti.ippfneD to 'liendic glutton; 
luijofntiOiTcmniria &rfiTibeOmtl)r. i^.of /-»^ , .«i;icRii|]( br pn imiiflir o.wbo fa dial offc nQc <$oiJ. -iioO hnoiurn) 
tljr manrr, lubrrtjrr tjc fnal punnifh brrt aub in ttjr mo;io to 
cornea; in tbc iud;1£jc tacomconlp : anb gcaunt Ijac .iuj- 
CftfpKt ?tnb wciraiflcI)tcflpobfcntfiutIjiot«atiff,tbatfirmm 
,r ^ cmwl Mnanbelaueb.<l;cpatrfbamncfltl)atQctnotrrpfmp,aitit5 
(ub, " bi> t !)c fpint r of our goo . Hub m cafe tlion Oocft bsubt 
zobrtljrr rljou inapt fl comeagamc into f.mout anrtj^oM 
tboubrpng onroligbcrb ana lufiificD. Qorjl lailagapi: 
fmnclrameoftbe fall and funic of £.prtrr,i!:act!|oiuna|l 
br rrfio;r b : anb t br fame ttja; air erase unutrii , bonufruni 
hinco failed) tljr tu(?,anO rifhlj agauic,ic<:tjrrrfo;r Irtttm 
,lf.uiicljrrof,l)utur| : ('ctnia!liDrcyfiit 1 «!:iiff .anOlioiiifprfiK 

Inn I.KHrofrrprmauucr.UffJjoubr.o; baft bniauiOi 
Ujou owgljtrft not to ei|*pap;c,tourneoiico tbr lojocai*** 
priiatuicc . pf tl)OU fall againr,abiOc not jtill m tl)P nwhO 
nro.AU-brrrof't haurfpoiirninojf Mdnotljrr plate. G* 
if.tbouroUc not tctoHcncunro «©oQ , no; Iraur Lbj.euiBff 
prptyin tbpfninra.- 

. ltLfin.^iir;i)i!jrfuucOfclaKiufnuciuo;OGtijrfauanrt 


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fySH fftt' .'fpcc.ilipf;. 1J9 

•f fufliw.frtfejtbbttr of J./Wn.wtftnthf which aa J fjprb 
farfojr, be bath oqubtlrfl rompjifcD lihe offntcro, tpat of line 


JanQra.lrojalbttttljatroitb tljioiiotc«marUc ibolarrieio of mra* 


fnuic: ,r tbrgooa roojltc to of the grace of«6ob anb °'J f B c / 
iteration. ?lno tljio 0f nrtall tljmgr onro fctfo;tlj , Mr aEDeib 

Biuerfrpartco hmora , ano fourmra, ttooagapnft tbcfirfic 

tabic ,anb fourr oj finer agapnfl tljr frtonbe. 

^ttoagapnrtttiefir|lccommaun6rmeut,toD}o;(1n'p43f>' ^o teoi< 
utlics.fojQurorni^abruillbaufbi m frlfr alone tahnifotyptbcbcj 
4So& .bouourcb anb a>o;Q)tpprb . iinO mlio 10 fa mabOe, aill. 
fapt |t tbou.tljat anil n)o;fl)ippr ©cuillrfl.^Brrrlp rbrr be crt- 
ten people in rtjc«t aft, lulnrij arefapeb to t»o;flup 3 tutllce, 
fo;uoucotbereiioe,buttbattbep(r|ouloilot Ijurirtljr\«tbia 
wa bacbaroufranbfolifgirproplr, tobie Dortbcp not rati) cc 
roo;niippc blm , nilptlic is onlp able to reflcepne r'.i r 33ruill f 
rijat Ijc can not c>uctc i If omebeit ttjis roicUronco ficctdjitft 
fatte. fo'rtbrpuiOcDc aio;flnppc tIir^riull,iutiic[»etuiU 
femeto roojlbippc «$obo. poj tbw mattct ifl cfjrntcb not of 
tljr opliuon,oj interne of ilje uioiOiipprr.biit of tljc latue nu> 
fcre.^oi tlje gentilco mouiO not feme,ttjat rtjep facnficrb to 
^9euiiies:uutnioulbl)auetaltrnumofiDifplcafautIp, Ifanp 
fliaulO baiirrapcbtbat!l:ciimo;nuppcO tlir^cuill. <lio-.i 
attcaniojluifcaubiiioiiciniimociitufltlctaub ftlauubrtcr, 
ahQdo. *ut .S.paulcncucnljclcfir, 'i fape not, fapctbbe, 
cbatim^oatlr, o; tbat iq o|fcrcO onto ^Oollrete anp tt^ing; 
buttljio J (apt, tbattbetbiugc6a)l}icl)tbegrnnlcoof,"crop, i,£o|f,i«; 
ebcp offer tbeni ro © etulieo. .; not ra<&ob . jro; rubcre : i i,\ c 

looneoiiip»6ob, :braUoiun!;oi»ptbrfcfatnficc8,tDlju^c 
arc ojfacb to lum.tailcrlj frrauuge^obOes btuilo, $ JDollc 

cf(cinrb,.|t not of tijc fonbe mtnue of ineu.liuig oauliuoulb 
baue Qft'errO to ^ob {• burnt* affcetiig of SmukI. but Samutt 

ralocbini,tbatbc(boulbcfimitiOolarn£,imagitHr, ( ie.5bi* 
iflatil;araefdipiuj t butpettC(n)ra^ccof>bdur(poUriun 

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l80 T&e. X/H.OWMI^^^^^^ 

of«©oo anQ of the SainticoiB agamfl the p;r ccpt of rijf (itfl 

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The. x!i;j. Sermtn. 

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Tl?e .xltii Sermon 

great grief to trjc tootfb . AuttJpfatc of rijta'flutKwtffrilfi 
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attgion: that nom 1 urbenorrttjerfe - flat ^UW natb m an 
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T!;c,xliii. Sermon 

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The. xtiiij. Sermon'. 

m tlje 3Pngel ttftfeft % fatte SS&e 

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The. xliiii, Sermon 

Wbflrfl al goob men rarer opp;r|Ttb,aii& Bifrcipif anft Hpnf 
wigiirO eucrp raijera , mains mm mill tbiiihr ttjat ttjrrt fliafl 
nrurt be an mbciiot^ne of dufr milks, no* pre of tlirroojib. 

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latter Daves Oial come mocheca, robitij rail roahf after time 

4-cbapt. *6ut to rijcintfiirrbf noobnea of .600 minln Ijr.!li 
eljr raoilbrs of n> goblp.anb inigijt auanucr tbrm in dir oo> 
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ounfiauiuw. |Foj it is a tijing of mo fle rariobMUofh ful of 
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of tbr §onnr of *6ob , anb of all tyt roo;bea bp a felmine 
crtjr eoiifimub r belrur rbcrfo^ rbr foimr of *ob frao:nr, 
brlnir bw ^ofpcll moflr confitmefl , altbouglj tbe fppc 
Oioulbcfall, anbrbt «6artb gape itrurcfo wibr.^&obcan 
lie , roliiebe 10 (be uecitir , anb that tbc rternail same: 
rabitbe iiotbexbifcraucti; no; is Otfr raueb : rabirbr 10 mrrrv 
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rruoirpng to amiel;;i/r,anO (otbcfikbirraoiioe miglu be 

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fub il;crolf«uierao;Ofagfrbefrawrtc.> 1 o J befapecl;,(>orar bwSS? . 

19* The.xliiii.Sermon 

wtbrmofkaunricmtitcandbolpcercmontc of frocanra. 



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Itallpt evnjtffcd.lac alone to tbe rreatour, be alone io luuing 

o all.Zb'O erranonurrelp and Diui/icatioii.ia not toinmu- 
ieared to alfo be alone hnotof tb tl)c baeta of mft 
Jjat beteof tucmap Icarueto fioeare bprtge name of«Cob a* 
onc.not to abdc to bim anp cttatiitco, roln'eb !"""« noctlje 
jean co, neitber ate tpfe of rbemfcluee, but ace leffe tban be : 
aOdealto ir ffc tban mm,aa tbcp tbat ace made fo; mcn.cVrt 
una «6od,tdcre io notbntg gieatcc than man. Zbccfojr let 
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rdcrb.?rn& in ttjt. w, oiDsnitt. ftcfroare 
1} «CTmo;e. nifb ill ^.4, of Irremu. JfuS 


T}?e t xHiii. Sermon 

a* are holpenanb ptmnifhrb bp rhrir nrrmtanb pomer; 

n01jitI)tfpcOo and atUnon)Irtigf f tljfrto no Ooubrbutrfjou 
coe (tc nrruoufrlp tranfgrc ffc ttjp fuircrc religion, ^rrtroif 
«joutoitfctTc-*oD l^rc tirfoicmcn.ljrixiill alfocoiiftiTechti 
brfosr hie fattjrr and bio Hngrto : pf thou bcnphf in , br mil) 
nlfo ornp tbe. yt. Sn otbcisaa itmrte tljp tonfrffton, rahm 
bprl;oiiconfffrrf?,mbomcrIioHOoffiaiHnoinlcoof 1 m6lir. 
tier of gooO.Pf thou fhalt tbe rfoje iopnc SamrfesBiito goti 
bnuff lft,aiiD matrb tbrm ana fap, fo br lp mr «do3 
anO bio .Sainrrto : Ibtfc fo couplcb nmb -$ob , thou ai.dtt 
flraunt to br cho -©obo , mined ran botb be Ipc aiib Ejuncbr. 
?bfrfo;ftahchractu^attb,ouOofft.acaof k S.iiu(lnim(l)* 
i45.«£pi|?lt to PuUicoU. 
3t>bof iJombntttifniiifTrffmoifoufr.ailiiUtlifMiiorifnMrrbp 
Cb»a did tljio tuftamt an a folcmnc rooo;Qco. (- 0; in tijio our ebpnge 
(wcact. roii|ifletb the toholr foinmr of (he martcr.< he ttnglUui rtjt 
ii.rftap.of DAnietQt fo;a time, nmnwn* 
Ijalfc a tpmf , anO in tb,c mpnbmgc op, to fcattcrtbcbaiiO of 
the tjofp pr oplc.all tlicfr tlimoco ni^iH bcfullp DoiW.^ottjw 
our Hurtntll brrefujrarcrb. that tbrrr than br uomojrumr, 
but in the bapeo of tbt oopcc of the fcurnth Ungt II, robmbt 
that bcffpnnf to blotor bid trompr, that the miflctu of^ot 
fhalurfiilfillea, but here Irt ho manonartfiana that aDrira 
Dttrrln . anOrljJf rufrl.ifluiflufoit fdftfhoutb bf aUoEiUjcb 
buttbtrcO)allnotbralO)apfofuclKatiinf t aenom>u,att 

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nraic alroapw , tftat tbrp fhalahoapre flounOic in bonaurs 
ano plrafurm , opp;rffpng the «6o0lp . ?b> tballuot fa 
fapttbljr, nothrrthall tbtrcbe anpmojc furhta timt ti 
CiallpenthtaiiD utfubirrtttocbaiingrablreourfc9.|*«* 
boutf r bf lafic luDflf mriit mail prnfthr , 0; br mirroro ,1 
theft rhmgrfl that mall penlhc , ano Ipft anb glo;p rurt* 
frpng thai furtt&r, ? mcanr the tunc of ctctnttic nun) aliW 
mofitrrplrinfujra. iljeTcfojefaprtbbc 
there be no ma;e tune : but aDOrtlj , m the bapra of Ac 
Bopcc of tlje foicwjj auuBrtl , tijat ta to witit, at tbt ufh 



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hib*fm«tt,fljflttlif mif?crieof «6ob fltoulbbcmabe con' coerfit.aitO fu'ip complrtMOhat tlna ff etrt , 0; nu- Gfrf m««- 
firtie of ^.ob is the Mpofllr rrpaimbrtb anO faprrb, i.O- not #oo 
fjnfAM^.^thoIbcTtcilpouamifTcTie.nicffiailnatalinfpe:"^" 1 *- 

anb tiiceefiormenjhirilf art Kb tbcrt.tbe mifjerieof^ott 
rbetrfojetflnoibpimrlo, than tbjdt thr ritor , of alt cojniptf* 

I blc rbpngro 10 at banOc , anB rije bappie anb rucrla/ipng 
I too;IOffhalfucteDe:fo;tbat»Cb;i(lma!tthanwmctoiubae- 
| mmt:th.tti(ntitIj;i/lbpbimthalbfabolifOiclJ,rhsfben)itbj 
I tftctDbolfboQpoftlieButKfDthalbrailjropeO.thf OfaDcfp* 

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I lu to etrnul lifrfo; that Qrarb, finncanbal tojt uprion mu|l 
I be taaen awapefrom tbcgoblp , anb be trobrn nnber fotr, 
I aubalmifcneHnpofeQtotbetuulieO,tbattbepmapbetoui> 
1 metrO roo;IO nutboutcntie.?! nQ fo; afmutyos many nmr» 
mninefloubrethereof.(au*f haurf.ipri) uotoc ofte)*£b;i(ie 
batt) foiojne, tbatall tbefetbiugta fliail affnctblp tame ta 

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anb rbartbcnwlicom.nibc coiifuinmaterottlj all hpnbeof 

toucmnittfl. *tna tr)toia tbar gHatmifltcu of ^ob , fo* rtje 
tohitbr ttjr uetvjdannr of <$ob brpngr mcacnate.Dcai), iinb 
ttprcfl agapne rramt^r BeaD afccnOf into lieaucn, that he 
might conuapeuo rljithcr to l;nu , h.mpng fubbctoeb lictf, 
<j.cbaptrt coaa fapcb to the fttar tiro , that thrp flioulb re/re 
fo; altttlc frafon.till the nomb;i of ehofni befulfiltrb:fo 
berr mc bearealfo , that rbe rnifime of <io& Ojall at Inigrb 
jbrfiilftlleb, ,tr. «iljftDhirt)i* lofpohrnto thurnOr aifo that 
jCbe gobtp OiouIOtbeof quiet miiibee, anb patieutlp abpOe 
beimaauiue . Pf rJjerefo;c eljio ronfuiiiatiou be biffrrreb, 

ana his «6uaiigclieall oeritte : asalfo the Mpofllr of ^hpfie 
.j&.paule bath taught us out of tbt pjopjjcteo , m tlje. 10 . 
I tbapt. to tb,c Htbnwfi. 

(Ro;eouft fo; afuttbec berlarattou 10 a& ^00 "Ctt r;o 
t ittTftiton njatiB, bath ruange lijcb.niitb, a goob anb a tuehp £ hf ls ~! ltD 
nicifagcljatbpjfathea, torottbpthefcruautBluopjophctca 'f u i„ "** 
a tourijpngtl;crnaeoftbeniojia,rtjeurtiuagcmcnt,of t$ct> TPlQ ,- VI 

X,iiiU glo;p* 


Tfie t xTiii't, Sermon 

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rtjan alfoto ttjr people of Ifutl.rctaurnr!) from ^aliplon. 
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faittjfulapOc it came fo paffr, tl;at tgc potunr of tljtir aoun> 

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•uOrrpareit, (ifliahf ibrmofi migimi power of Huncljjif?. 
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tl;cr'o;r a full trfiimonp, tuljidjc fljall Ur tonfirinro tpit^ tljf 
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utrfbflrfff aefeparate not from ttjctoitiicfffB. 

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uerp ro'ora in tlje -6ofpcl,anti mtlje.i.rijapt. of ttjr Slctrs of »«»«&« 
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QjQulofaitljfullp ottert^at rol)ifbrtl)ep baue (cm o; tjearor, 

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tbr ti/urcb of *«oO,tlje toiriirffe a of »6ob , tl;at io to fapemi» 

»f tljcir oroiit U^iiif, lionet put to no; tatie aioap anp tbnig 

rrQm-*oIioroo;Oc,butfimpIp Declare to ttjertmrtlj of <6oO 
etje rijiuges tlitp l;aue fenc in tlje flop of t^e -Gofprll ana 

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:t;c popto wimcffflMobofr bftrfto ; Drcrftaiiredjfp bjmg 

e nial iljofe ttoo p;opl)tteo be tuitnr (ft o QKtmft.ano- Out 

bjpng imtnro fo; <Sb;ift out of tbe inofi treroe -Scriptures. 
a«0 tijcbrmiuipiia of ttjein W Ijftcjeferreij to «ob anD 


j 14 T%e. xhii. Sermon 

CV afta » bio Cniff » «je angina! of antitWftfa rt bne A ft f OS 
mi of pjo-wil Wmftlf.Tiroilgmcfapcrtirijc lo;o, to mp tnotoimcfffr, 
F bra* «no ttap thai p:opbecic. Ctnif? fenbctbp;eaetjeefl , (i gniritj 
to rt|«n alfo rtwt fl^ep fan piencWije tbrjicb (0 a wonBnftiJ 
CTinfo;tc.^oiin»fA8tbebtu!linai!prinK8fcn6«l; t inprac« 
ttrt;,fflia^dprrt)l|tofairrpiopl)ctrti. ^60 <I Im'fi IraurcQ nat 
trio tbutrti Of fhttuc,anO geurrft to tins mjiiifim babiiinr of 
mpfco ano fapfie : J. toitf geur pou a moutb. anb rnifrtomt, 
«^i»gc ougty to tomfojteue, in die greuoulr r oufutrano'o, 
trapb<fo!K6(ra(TaulrfeoftbCfnrnHraoftbC'«orpri!.^ij; 1 ji 
ton not f oifalir bio mim/ rtjet lie faitbjm, ant) orprnfit 
Dpon«Sli;ift alone. 
Cfcr time flotmaalfaQcriatcbrberime oftfiepjeathmgof ri)egor< 
of £ picarb pet agapnf! Sunclpft, urttlp al that timr robrrui Hiimfciil 
ma of riic fliatrteaDc rtjelemptc anb tjotp eitic . (=oj a tboufanDrran 
PKpbctta. bapeo ituHr.rUi. nioncrtjco , pf pop put to 
ruerpmonctg.rrr.oapea. ^uriurbrarOr'btfo;:il)U?iim> 
( o;c ft a certaiuc ndltjr put fo* an ane creamc . 3 nb bnc ia (i* 
gnificb, anb rrjatnritt) amiftencia berebcfinebfbcnmf 0) 
Cairo, not of inoued)ea oj petco. j? 0; rtjougb, tbe runctutnof 
a$ob c omfo:tc ant) eonftrme ttjem, tljat tl/ep mapeappm 1 
tjauc fapcO tljar tbofcnotub;fO Dapco arc put foj an onm» 
efnnfofnmf.tljiotjatljinourDmf, tbatUpaiiDbplntbt.n, 
ttjapt. ttir faint nombie of bapre matt be aifignco: fo; rtjt 
ttibicl;prrbebatI;fftbrfo;f,ro;atimc, aiibttmee,anO&*lft 
fltimt . U^ljicbcappcrttb plapnetp to be when out of rrje.7. 
anb. 12. rtjapt. of Daniel.? hitomcrbat n> famcioctpoun- 
eb of m ai ip fa; t t;;e c pftta anb a gaifc; tba t tbe rime, fbouis 
pugnaunrro tbatnouiWeof pcreo , ifbe beat tbe Ittflcw 
ttyngfeneinftojieo. j|iitbc.7.of 0«ir/; tbe ortjet beafu* 
fiuurb. tyfBmwn tbe :v rule ,ouo fpwe of lifewrre gwun. 


V/>aw thtjfocalipfi:-; J I J 

•rt.fojarfme.anbatime. autnibormirerpoimbc rfjff* 
•tnngro of no at tea otrip: fine it \9 emoem.cbat the BobiU- 
turn, Prrfitni anb Macedonians reigitct) nianp petrol Ije fig* 
nlftctb t^erfojc ttyt tbofe hingoanica Otoulb tnrjnVfb 'oiin. 
ia <*oi moutb permute tlicm , anb geue djem poroct ro' 
rtlgnc . ODc fapt in Surtbt mbrrt pet roe appopm no t ftuc 
p;eficrb. Jntlitfamribapt-of Orfiw/faputfbc fanicpbjafe 
3f fpfart)f,tbar fbc.Samfteo dial be brfiucrcb into tbe boi iOc 
af Jtntirtjfifte , foj a tpme , tpmea, anb (jatfc a tpme . Jlnb irt 
rb.f.u.ri»apt.l)c faprtli t^at ^io pjopljrcie ajal be fuifilM) irt 
1 timr , times, ano balfea tune . *5uf ttb/o fTi all bdrue ttj.n 
^ntbmtft;rfiifTrPfliiQaiif;alff.i(f tliofrdiiiigcs OjouIDr be 
aubanb.alff.tfpxnaiip biopcrfeeutton^ninicfcctt)rp not 
;bc befiniitiou of JluricIj;tft,aiiO ttjc peace of .Sametea , ana 
^b.,tt;aftbebea(icajoutabefaftcOonntcbebroti0iiito licit, 
hal bcfitopenjitij bio tompKCj,anb tobo njallfljmieDnto na 

ilone .lettt djem leant thcrtfojcroft'ii ttjeir fupputationo to 
uViue luieb. il|e«6ofpclI . jt appceetl) rt)CTffo;e t^at t^c\o;b 


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gaur comaunot tt tbat toe flioutb nor ouet runoufelp feareijc 
:i)C uifeaut of ttjio rtme,but iTjoulc tartjet petmtttc it to cfti/i 
bun felfe , m an otber plate faipnge: ^t bttmigctb not to 
pou to Unorae tunee , aub tbe momentcs of tunca, roljielje 
tlje tittirt I; art) rcferueb m qia oronr poroer : but roarrbe, 
iuben ibelo;tie tba!l come , bemapefntbepou roaati- 
pug. £frccfo?rttujert)ctfQ eucctIjelo;beftaiIDiffme ^10 
60 at tDto pjefentftefapctb^tjorpetfje minifrafiofCtjme 
Mp^cJ.Uehattpmc,n)ljfccin ;inticl;;ifi Oialpccffciire, 
nnoomfi> if tbau tcabc rU.e floors, tbcru ujaJtfirrDc.triaxtbe 
TOgja Ctoiaiifi 7 brjl tcarneo lluriobap? m att agro>oW fo^ 

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Cbe awB-^jntrtjnmojralfo theapparr! of rhtfrpjopljetre to flimv 

wt of the ft^athfeeofairamapebcgatbcwbthernanerafoacmiif. 

PW»™.?Ijfp thai not b> elotljeb in fofteoj pjcrfoufe apparel, at at* 

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■ao i5.Jobn ffldo rourfrip apparrtrb.anb p:rarfrrtrrp& 
* tauwf.£emaltbrfra|fomoucDiitarcp?taunttano uram- 
fitment ofKfr, anb perfrpabr men to frugalltir, anbriot aft 
al ontemprraunnt tljep (hal perff tute.£erttn(p al gooCmnti 
nothing ele of thepopeanb £lerglc, anb of the people but 
riiidlltljdiiHcdttljeirljdnbffl. t^rabatrfjeapparcflo/ 
Jtimtb;ifIlaitt0 io.tftfrrioiionian igno;auntatdjt« t. 

Cc«Bi'ofttB(|fctctO not miul) from roljop'Irjr.Conf^um^ 
Ip he brclaectlj mo;e fullp anb mo;e at large, ofroti^fxtr 
t\) c i fiul be,ano alfo cljtir mtuifiertcrubat alfo Dial bf ttjt tf> 

cytt) anO accIacrt^mitV fontjfp ftjiorco taHfn cnitofr^e fen* 

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pucks br beraibo]iueQ,iic.roitboplfIio!jtfoareimtrirn;eb:opfrn)R» 

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'ffdiiOcl/ticheo bearpngligbt ro , are p;eachrro, fljrffl 
b;oabr rbeligbt tf»tb;i/r, anb of bio gofpm tbjoui 
lb ojl b. hub tbatp;fdrijp"0 of It'gbi ta tdlirn out of 
*o a npeof rijebolp of al bolp. l©bctfo;c.8. joljn tallfdj* 
fot^ebo!pgI;of? ) Bncrfo.^ectfQrbeljo!pfh , ipnirf,isrtitiii' 
fulratloH of the bolp gljoff c . Z here fo;e thofc p;eatbcrg(in 
ace fdpeb to franbe befo;e the fight oN&ab of (be earrtf 

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riole eattb : Knb theft be tlirtruo rfnlotf of ople.robuj 
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tlwtgsbbart^ aeatf of riirfivliiaraitr^ootbf ?o;b of al.. 

■ 'rur. tl)^pbenotl)K•abluea,noKd"blf('^™.*"» , 
g tbclinbt of fbe<6ofp{i, fo mantras of ilittitbjtfres parte 
.ggeeanb Doling of men, in tbe plarr of the opts of 
olpgboMiOporort tocra alfo into cbtnuiDie :no{bet 
croc tbcii unp hgljft.but oarhenro, ana opinions ofinofle 
I oj;utnifopou,fawrbbc,oftbcfrnjbittiOiftrmepou. 
nb r'br miction tubicb pou baue tttrpurb of him , abpbrri) 
;0 pou haueno nebr that anp manmulb traeb pou: 
ii IpUr ao t brum* untnon teachetl; pou of al (a 
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ijfftcmffl; ibrji map bcfenbebeir caufr, aub f pgtjt agamftc mu« of 2 
ifitnmnLto.^faiu>mdnroUlburtettinn(a<i»x'-*i)<pjcef«ppjpi)« r *- 

J om of tbtir mourtu-, anb Ocuourctb their crmcmieo. 

lib tlp'o <Uutn iijii .ifictli , raid) a p:rtcnfro mallier , anb a- 

im/i mfiuc to burt 01 to miune : anb firft be fape b to buet. 

13 ttmfo:e of ibc fbamptono of Snntbjijl, mall aflaple 

je^'epjrartKta, anb fltdll blame tbtit bottnne anb, i> 

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fr.ibat fdinr ebieflp p:ourr!j , tbac bu ahQ bp roc Qiali Ueare, 

gatrtefe pyiplima Dial be oaunquifmrb , anb put to braib; 
antttbyjt; teiuitteeo;po;a!ip . lUljoriwn tan not gather 

Sif,(ljdt rfjr»tf tcp of p;cdcbcro to fbintuaUbat tbeir ao* 
ur [i^DugbtbeuerruroftUeucnnctlTcpmape feme to be 
M^il*nuc.MiibitKtefo;rdB«itxrfUpanmtcrp:ctation , ,. 
I«0bf0^jno if anpiutl intune the, fo muft he be flnp^e . 60 ? '" ?,hr 
Uape.bpftreDerelprobKbegoc^ our of rtjnr mourb. Hub p w „i,c tti 
ftOWiiiQipe, ti^tinatetuuidnbndtMrall f«cc 0)oulbeomc m UU ,uct, 

■ * 

^\S Tbc jclvli.Sermon' 

ttnurtto ,t ahing ibt maun: of (pcalung of t/-*y*", rMfomng of 
<Cb'.»fl fi of *lmirt»;ifi:roliomc tjc thai hill.fapnlj be, ratrfirtn 
b;eait) of tjio mouth. aechoUit &.paulc MPttbft n> b ; 
trftlje mow*), rouirijt ^.1 obnnamcb nrc.Ufieteaor.n 

muchc jo pou fpcalic tbiamojoc .brijofOe y null make tn» 
reo;bto in tbp mautb fitcanft rijlo people moot), art) tt (hi 
confuinc tbc.Of HtluirxKU&t in t!»c-*.of /(ugff.i.rta 
tbat callpng ooroncfitf fromljMucntiPboDiliibumictftc 
Hinge* femautto. lOtneb trample roljcrt rtje olfrtplc* W 

tnoinfh rljrm of ttjeit Auction, to mittc tijar (tjrp nuiftrfigty 

Bnrtj long fuffcrmg anomtrt) the ruojo of rtjt omiic, UdEnrlj 

rtjapofiic uianotrierplatefoni.mnDctlicrpjrHrtii, ro 


c b;i p mufi not Lie nanqmfuicb nuitj co;po:dl njfapoflDprfte 

Qofjirl.tfi tljat mofc (harpr fmo;Q , (tfal boiDifffltiittf mrtjt 
t;rflroofmcH,tb«bfiniipbEUttcxlneonrrmnrii ? iRiwmrn 
10 be anncb:ifr.?lnO ojljfte manp cdfouiiflf rtjt lriaiflrcu of 
iljeroojCJirtjepouirrofitif nugtpratc f > fo: rfje faint taafe 
tahc cljr ftoo;oc out of bra banoca , ronuunDinn tl 
u(t \j e map nor flrittt IjcrcnHco and blafyljonrrs, affit 
njo;0;let djc m learnt to oifccrnt bcttct betroirtoflifri 
ro gene f librnu to Wafpijf mcto , <i to all manet of (tfum*, 
$ eo fiiclj do baumgbrn a djoufcmo nmro twiitt of lire. 

trnfcfTr rt/rp br flraite Ippfmi/Hicfl bp y nugijlt*r Attmnji 

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fljurbcauciiefjacifrdpiifnotm ebt Oapeoof their pw 
jMg.&uD yc aiiuOro to rbr f?ojp of Heiut robirf/ifl ret) m tit 
l*i Vi£"f(W.'7.f*o¥.3n3 tbcpmu/, farfpirituiiKp Jff** 

tyon f le Jpoeafyft. ? * 9 

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oO.bib pjoljibitctbat K mul& not tamrfo roal tbcpjraftj' 

t mojO,bm bao rarfjrr be froutsbtoith populj abominati* 

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ie time of tl(ne p* cofuulp trfiifte.r tljei ate 

Mr eelefiiallgtatr.Ua'"!' hfc ^ ™ lW v flB W wetitt fjauep 
•oprob;arrgTB rfjan tbemieb;eai> from beau*. S no agams 
coiiafc(JaOtbatibnbflurpooieescuentb.f toopeubcanc 

» y brlnifca.lObRof berrio iionj no place to Jpcahe. frojf 
mu?oarfniojfinaiii(ep,nibiebarcnj;ieirinf gofpe1corei> 
ngf licico off hingbom of liraur, ; Umnuo tljir fl p bciog, 
. j fliulb iioroc crbrarfr cbc: |iiio 1 bauc botb at oriire 
.^CioiiDlplwalhibetbtotbc Hojpof Afo/r, j fapcrt),tljat n, t ( ftnmrf 

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ilnrti bl(co;bctli uoriimg until tbf f ouemcr incb;e . ( = o; tljr to bio no. 

f :Iir (pinte . iiloub be tolienc tr) offence anb puniufQuncnt. 
-o; tbat fmcnice of cbrlatpr aub ot efiapofilc 10 toel!mo;w"; 

hrtfo tcfr«if ? fljnr^cO batb Berclpffirt fu'BUibjDe of faiiia* 
.6,'ofauealLielrut[j,buitl)ruii)!ulh,Ubcto tljeonbelriicre 
mndjoncf of ^octfiari^.aiO bclcuc it not, Ijeare 
ttotbWo^ucroiiO^ttand.ilHiifbrarljcgofpflact^u* Oatf 
-S.rAcIjcj) to nvmppjid) ouc ftulctcao bey ug £o;rupteti tuul^ 
jc p&ptOi gocrcrn* ,bp foicc piiftiot br \s:(z,it.. . 

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,Upri ( riofhrtert^Urp!i3i!iftfrebm!0in[lriictrDaK^pUgiu», 


^ to TR.xfa7.Sfj 



prrD inrfjr. «6.(l sH .of Center. IDberfoje In raff rtjcp f 
ten totmpr mtnu prrfono ro« fiitcmc famiitr, n rhriicf* 
fro Airi) ot(»cr cdlamitice, <QQb null fepbc rtjem to fatljae att tljr lo^D fapcrtj oft him (rift in /nrmii-. ?i tj-mnr 
t!jorrt«i.trobiptryaootneiO J rolp**tcimrtlKJ ,f 'i«i[n>rnjrfa;rl) 

^.Ijue matlic bad? !if IpoUni Ijirfjirto ronerrnpr. 

fame (halt tbouarunouilcogc foitljclanicfull piQpJjriroef 
<6oD.Hnofljalt actuiOBJltbgc twrtj atl , ijont great i bratftt 
of >4>qo it io. to Ijauc trcmc ano faitl)(ull pi'carijrw of Gobi 

C £>f tlic crucU fight of 35ntf cn.n'ff agarnft 

tflr p:opt)r tco of *oo , njiiomc b.r oiicrtomnui . 
flcpci^anO ajamefuiipofttljtljem. 

•*■ ■ 

The. vfovj. Sermon. 

#& tol)c tftcr hfltie ftm'toti elicit 
teflimon^tbe be afl that cam one 
nam aga?na tycm: anofcallo' 
_ uercome the m,<* ftflle tfcem . 3na 
their boDies foal lie in tljc aretes of the great 
ctttc , ttftich rpirituallp is cafleo £)0Do 
Ecgiptctthcre our Io;o is cructfic&.3nDfoni 

of tJ?c ucojrfcano bf nreDDc&ahd toguc&anJ 


^^ Vpi rff ■ ApoeaBpfi. $$*- 

f nartons.foaUfcetheirbotiws thacrOapes 
nDanlialfc.anOQmlnot ftiSrr tftcp* boot rjs 
o be put in grauts. 3'no-tter tftar attrt! top* 
in (he if art!) , ©all rriovee o'uer them aiurbe 
UD',anDflial!fcnScgiftes ottic*:-. 

n the earth. 

6,njIjuli0i.iUolnctfttbfmfcliifotoaiititl);irt, «to fjioar*; ib; ifico uctittc.aub tbc tbuteb cf «tjr famuli » f tbac 
11 itjc tunctbat JtmitbjifiOiall trcreifc mamip agam/l tljc 
mctfa flj.iiftgjir.anahoair ?mnrh:ift Ojall iiKounrcf ujii'j 
rin:robicb aljoapprrte pnrtb to confolation ,<ianc«ffanc ^i, r prtffJ 
imomiion.lffrtiiiiiiiHiimoalObciJiriO'jcagfDtxiitbc'jcfC'ciKian of 
j cahnb t&rcfoic erpjeffrip of tb. cgrcuouft perTerutio of an- 
j (l),u tunc.iuljctiutijcliiniQpofriomclj.KljufurpciJ,: tahe 

do ijiin authentic ourr al rbutriica) with fomr filial fpacra 
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mitt; riic opening of Deaurn. fot tlje louing lo;be optticrtj 
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Tbe. tit/. Strmon. 

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10 a place of tefl liope.not of bebate jilS tontrwtioit.Zbere* 
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$5^ The Jiu, Sermon 

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Xiigcllro ate eallcb tbe ambaffabouro of >6ob, {■ tbt faithful 


ft the f ait Ijfuil membjee of <£hiiff, fight agaiufl the ©ragon, 

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Cb;i(i. 1 n .111 otljct place Ije fapctb mofte opcnlp, J tttHtie* 
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»auiQ te callro Cljnff, in Ibc.i4.0f Eytbitl. ChjifJ ifl there 
fo;einocrp BcOegoiicrnour of hio people, roljittjc licuettqc* 
leifc w orfcHOpug mb Dcluierpng pio,ufctt) the miiuficnc of 
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glo:p to *ot> alone. fRojaucr ri;at erceltent oicto;p, ca not 
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tiiaugeL^o; to omitcing our fRcffiao *Ch;ifi,U)C thoulO co* 
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fonge.rtoro 10 faluatum and power, jr. Jlno tljete 10 aoDct): 
fo; ttw ©euil 10 caft out. 3n0 thio faluana hath Ch;i(t alone 
acromphftheh, mbcrfojc it is neceffarp , tbatCbnfi tlje can* 

HnO theS^gon fought hanbe to hanOe agapnfi tbc!o;b, cbc tmo 
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p;incM,ro"-clicO p;ic|lca anD cruel men, hie Hngelleo whic!; 
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rute.inb oerr the djurebe in tljf power of tlit tcb 5Et:agon. 
j&tonca Declarer fainrrobc Oone hefo;cCb:ifJco tunertbc 
rbeaftenfion of Clj;ifl into lacaueii , unto thio pjefcm Oape, 
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the whole feuirrc of thio Oifputatto. jro; bcrof ,\\ C oblp map 

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urn. *nd it (hall be raficfo* do to Oiurtc him out* , wtpebbe- 
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fo fuliit uanquulied of €l;;ift , that he was alfo O;tucuto fo;* 
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tort "I rfuo »Cli:ifi . in rhc miflcrie of our redemption , and in 

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urn no; in tlje ibofni:fa ocrrlp doetli lie mbabitc all canbl p, 
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rbc oldc nuiiue of man hiiioc.tyc fcrrtrr) lnmfoo;tlj witlj ijto Wul1 ,9 "' 
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0*m* fignifte ttj to aeeufr o: blame , ano »nBo).> 10 an amif* 
tion,anb <f ia(3oXi* a triinc o; complantrte. 

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